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We stumbled across The Industry Gardener while searching for ways to (organically) improve the yield I could get from my tiny back yard vegetable garden. Although I knew the book was geared towards someone planning to sell their produce as opposed to a home gardener like myself, We decided to buy the book based on reviews and what I could see in the book via Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature. (I acquired it from a different store only because I had a gift card that needed to be used. ) This particular book does not fail.

Keep in mind- this isn’t helpful tips how to do permaculture or lasting agriculture. It’s about maximizing earnings and profit on an organic micro-farm. Thus he may well not provide information on everything you would expect from an organic grower. With regard to example, I was surprised to read that they buy their compost as opposed to rendering it themselves, the way every other organic/sustainable novel reader seems to do (or at least claim they do). The impression We get from other textbooks and articles is that you can totally sustain your garden forever and ever off the mélange you make yourself, and that may be true, but Jean-Martin states that the time and space they would need to create and look after compost piles is better employed by growing more produce- as well as the organic mélange they buy is expected in conditions of quality and composition, which are both important. It made sense to me when I read it. However, this individual never suggests that it cannot or should not be done on your own- just that it makes more sense for their farm, all things considered, to buy compost as opposed to make it.

Jean-Martin’s writing style is also relaxing compared to many organic growers. Too often they come across as though their way is the only real right way, no matter the circumstances, but I found no such attitude in The Market Gardener. Jean-Martin discusses the various subject areas in a matter-of-fact way, explaining not only how they do something on their farm but why. He or she will describe various things they have tried, why they might or may well not have worked on the farmville farm, and give the pros and cons to each method, including the method they use, and the effect I was left with was “Here is what is most effective for us and why. Your position may be different, so I will provide you with all the information I have and the reasoning We use, and trust you to choose what you think will work best for your position. ”

The practical advice throughout the book is stellar. Presently there are no photographs, but honestly the book does not need them. The market industry Novel reader is about substance, not fluff. The pages are packed with useful chart, tables, and relevant images. Whether they’re about harvest rotation, crop planning, planting, insect management, financial aspects or anything else, the tables and charts are easy to read, practical, useful, AND (for myself, anyway), easily adaptable. We spent a lot of time before I acquired the book building spreadsheets that would provide myself with a good “at a glance” for things I wanted to find out, so I was happy to see information presented in an identical fashion.

This book contains, completely, THE THE MAJORITY OF useful information on harvest rotation (and how to implement it) than some other resource I have found to date. Before buying this book I had invested literally weeks on the web, trying to determine out the most effective way (or at least an affordable way) to implement crop rotation and not finding anything over and above very generalized advice to “rotate by crop families” or “follow heavy feeders with light feeders” or “don’t plant the same things in the same beds every year”. Attempting to discover if plants needed a two, three, four, or more year rotator was difficult and there was clearly a lot of conflicting information on what plant life were heavy vs. light feeders (or in between), how much time rotations should be, and so on. I also could not find details how far move plants for the next season in order to avoid diseases that may be present in the soil. One foot? Five? Ten? A whole field? I never could find that info. This book presented me with loads of actual, practical, applicable home elevators crop rotation, the whys, and how they do it.

With the information how to run a successful small market-garden, I honestly do not expect a segment of the book to be devoted to different vegetables as well as how to grow them, but the first appendix is devoted to just that. It isn’t as extensive as some vegetable-growing textbooks and guides, and the varieties he prefers are (obviously) more cold-tolerant than the types I would choose for heat of Texas, but the information he DOES provide is fantastic. He gives the common name, the plant family and fertilization needs (good to know for harvest rotation), intensive spacing requirements, days in the garden (which may or may well not be days to maturity depending on if this individual direct seeds that plant delete word, but it’s easy to inform which are which) and some other various bits of information and notes on the plant involved. The rest of the appendices are also jewels and contain, in a condensed format, information that was otherwise dispersed throughout the book, like the different tools they use and how to source them, or other textbooks to reference.

All in all, I can’t recommend the book highly enough., It's a excellent book with detailed explanations of various crop types and tools. The division of subject areas into chapters is well done and the details are good and thorough. Presently there is a lot of give attention to the author's own farm and farming routines, but he does discuss alternatives and why this individual chooses certain methods for doing things. The only reason I'm giving this book 4 stars as opposed to 5 is that the tables and chart are not very legible in the Kindle version of the book, which is the copy I purchased., I purchased this for my hubby as he wanted to add produce to our farm in the next couple of years on top of grass raised meat, pastured poultry and bees. I used this to help educate him on what all is necessary in raising produce for selling from deciding what to grow to ground preparation to harvest and finally to promote. There is more involved than most people realize. I have to admit until I took a pre/post harvest class through UMass there were many steps I hadn't considered not to mention the variation in storage environment between products. After he completed reading the book we've been able to discuss different possibilities with both sides having a bigger understanding of what's included., Dude is sharp, a must read for any gardener. I will continue to watch for further info posted from his farm. He boast 0k per yr production on 1. 5 acres. Using what we produce I consider it is completely feasable. Has great ideas on keeping weeds down naturally and contains great info on tools which make a tiny functioning a ton less work. Just the introduction to the few tools of his trade was worth the price tag on the book. The info on crop rotator, crop planning, and settup... totally invaluable. I work for an organic farmville farm but aside from that I would honestly suggest that everyone who ever plans on vegetable gardening shoulf read this book. Yiu probably will go smaller scale with higher production and alot less effort., One of the best books around for small/urban based farmers and larger market gardeners/farmers like myself. Gives great info that any newbie and seasoned garners will benefit from. Its always great to see other perspectives, ideas when it comes to gardening and farming! I woud say this is a must have read! inspires and gets you excited to try something new these growing season!, Fantastic book if you are interested in gardening on any degree. I gave my spouse this book as a gift and he immediately started seedlings and have tomatoes, watwrmelon, peppers, strawberries, herbs and lots of other wonderful healthy things growing as we speak! Lots of practical detail by detail instructions on soil mixes and what, when and how to plant almost anything. Very recommend if you wish to feed your family or start up a business selling produce. We all plan to do both!, This book provides an overview of the process of small scale or market gardening. The author really does an outstanding job of describing the strategies and skills used to create a profitable farm. Even though my own experiences with gardening are very limited, I had been able to understand almost all of the concepts presented. The author's love of working with the land lights through the whole book. However, he supplies a realistic view of farming as compared with to a romantic view. Work, proper tools and techniques, creative problem resolving, and commitment to high standards are major styles of his success. We would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in transforming the love of gardening into a sustainable career., Probably the most thorough hands-on cutting edge gardening resource in my library. Jean-Martin has shown me how to consider the puzzle pieces, I possess accrued from 35 years of gardening, and put them into a time-table of efficiency that works! - Definitely a must for the serious gardener. Thanks Jean-Martin for taking a load off my back again!; -)

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