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It was the only Fantasy/Science Hype book offered this calendar month on Kindle First, so it was a no-brainer for me. And I actually must admit i wasn't disappointed.

A lot of action, good World Building (yet maybe not as complete as I could have desired), and decent characters made this a hassle-free read. The main characters were appealing, however they needed a little more depth--I needed to care more about what they felt and what befell them. The writing style was competent, making me wonder why I actually hadn't read other books with this Author. Although descriptive in the way Epic Fantasy usually is, it wasn't overwhelmingly so. That tends to make me skim.

I am not generally keen on " Prophecy" as a storyline basis, but there was enough separate movements taking place that it wasn't bad. The storyplot rotates between the Poor Guy, the Hero, and the Heroine, as they are all having their separate quests during this first book.

One thing that caught my attention was the characters' names. Some were ordinary names (Carol, Jake, Lucy) and some were more consistent with standard stories of this genre (Kragan, Arn, Kaljari). It actually made it a lttle bit much easier to remember the characters.

I did enjoy the odd species, the wonder, and the Elementals. The finishing, of course, is not resolved because it's a Trilogy, but at least it didn't leave off in the middle of an action scene. The three main characters are ready for the continuation of their missions, and hopefully the next book will have them interacting more. Overall, I actually was pleased with this selection, (3-1/2+ Stars), and I look forward to the next book., Looking for a fantasy story with an intricate magic system, a solid plotline, and of course unique names body fat hear anywhere else? After that this is a good choice for you. But if you need heavy characterization and powerful emotions, you likely won't find it here. Despite that, I had created still call it an experienced, quick read.

For those concerned with content, there is some violence of course, but it never moves into extreme detail. And I believe the only execration used is the ones made up for the story, so not too much to worry about, unless the mere mention of something being a swear word offends you.

As for the story itself, this one took a lttle bit to get going, and definitely enhanced later on. But I actually practically put it down in the initial few chapters. Right now there were so many proper nouns after the sexual act that I didn't take the time wanting to keep them right, and there are a lot of named characters I'm still not sure about. So if most likely wondering those that actually issue, give attention to Arn and Jean, who are the protagonists. It generally sticks with them from a third person perspective, with infrequent visits to Mr. Not A Good Guy and a few randoms as well. And because a lot of names appear upfront, I was surprised when one of the guys who seems like he's kind of simply a terdmonkey is actually THE BIG BAD. At first I figured this individual was more of an expert like Jafar from Aladdin (Which I guess if he's THE BIG BAD this individual really IS like Jafar... ), until it became clear that nope, this is THE GUY.

Anyway, The King Joffrey of the story decides to be a buttmunch and starts an extended chain of events leading a group of folks leaving the location and going... I am still not sure what their goal was. Honestly, I was slightly puzzled on what the key plotline obtained started in the first place. I felt like it was rushed through significantly too quickly.

And for me, that was the overall theme of this story; important events were rushed through. As this will be a three set, normally going quickly through most of these early events isn't a problem as there's a lot to cover. On the other hand, setting and description was crafted with great details, and I could have preferred less setting and much more give attention to the characters and their inspiration. Life-altering judgements would frequently be made in 50 percent a page or so with minimal discussion, sort of like,

" Hey, I actually have this idea. Nonetheless it will affect the lives of thousands of people. "
" Hmm, I'm not sure about that. We should consider all our options. "
" I already did. This is the best. We should get it done. "
" Well I'm convinced. "

And I'd be still left scratching my head thinking how such a huge decision was made so very easily.

This a sense of being raced through made it so we don't get as much insight as I'd like into the characters. This particular book is strong as it pertains to the storyline and action sequences, and if that's what gets you off you will not be disappointed. Nevertheless , It felt like this series was actually going to be a book or two longer but was slice to fit into a three set. Usually, I have the opposite issue for Illusion giving too much, like side characters that avoid really matter getting one hundred pages of useless aspect battles. But for once, I would have loved MORE, as I was frequently surprised at how quickly battles and escapes played out, and exactly how the characters didn't discuss them very much.

The magic system was definitely unusual and something of the strong points, but I'm still not sure how powerful means can actually get and the effect these ultra means will have on the caster. There are lots of the typical stuff: The Avatar selection of Earth, Wind, & Fire (But strangely, no Water that I can recall... ), but also some MASSIVE spells like changing the elements in September (Ha! Just like the song... ) and practically insurmountable ones with a huge area of effect I'm not sure how they can stay managed. I'm assuming this will probably be covered in the sequel, however for now it was a tiny bit perplexing.

Still, I did not have any trouble reading to the conclusion after I got through the first section. If you love Fantasy and reading for action sequences, you'll probably love this story, and while they have its flaws, I will likely see the trilogy through to its end., I really enjoyed this guide. I looked forward to each time I had the possiblity to get back to it. It had a little little bit of everything fantasy visitors look for., This book finished way too soon. It had been well written and easy to follow all the several characters and unusual places. Hopefully the second book in this series had more action in it., This is a great book to read. Loved the characters and their stories as they continue on their journey. Properly written and easy to follow., Great book, preordered the next 2 in the series!, It was a great read that had me hooked right from the start. Offers a lttle bit of Game of Thrones feel with magic mixed in and interesting characters. I am quite anxious to read the next ones in the series. Would recommend., Rich Phillips is fast-becoming one of my favorite creators! Prophecy's Daughter is another sort of great story showing.... I couldn't put it down!

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