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A couple of days ago I came home to find a complete slew of packages on my front porch, one of which contained the review copy of this book that Pam Krauss Books (the publisher) sent my way for review purposes. I'll admit, I was surprised at is actually petite size. The leading cover points out that it contains more than seven-hundred simple recipes, but what it doesn't say is that these recipes are packed into a mere 300 pages.

The good news is that is actually bigger on the inside.

The minimal design of this book packs multiple recipes on to a individual page—it's the most successful cookbook design I believe We have ever seen. You start off with a master recipe, or as the cookbook calls it—universal instructions. I will use Tomato Sauce +9 Ways on page 237 for example. You have a master recipe for tomato sauce and eight other variations all listed on the same page. If you feel like something different than basic tomato sauce, try the tomato sauce with fresh herbs, cheesy tomato sauce, or use the recipes as inspiration to come up with a sauce all on your own. The Kitchen Matrix product is meant to encourage creativeness with the food prep and I think it does a great job.

As much as I love the book, the layout isn't quite perfect. It could use a little fine-tuning to make it much easier to use. The chapter indexes (you know, those pages that let you know which recipes are in each chapter) are a beautiful dark orange-red with tiny black text. It's incredibly difficult to read in low-light and allows face it, most kitchens have poor lighting.

The other issue I have with the book is that you have to physically turn it to see some of the recipe generators. The layout for items like vinaigrette or sandwiches aren't meant to be read from left to right as we are familiar with, but instead top to bottom. This is a huge pain if you have a tiny workspace or choose to keep your cookbooks on a stand. Thankfully there are only a tiny handful of these webpages, but I still find them annoying.

Even though this book has a few quirks, I think that is a great. The recipes might be a little minimal for the budding cook in your life who may need more instruction at first, but as they develop their skills they'll find this book a valuable source providing endless amounts of inspiration. For the more advanced cook looking to shake things up a bit, this is the book for you., This is a great book because a) it's beautiful, and b) it's also super practical. I already own (and love) How to Make Everything, How to Make Everything Vegetarian, and Exactly how to Cook Everything Quickly. So did I NEED this book? No. But all the books in Bittman's How to Cook Almost everything series are extremely text-heavy. It's not a bad thing, and I've gotten well past their dollar value in ideas and ideas, but I love that Kitchen Matrix is so deliciously visual. It's glance-and-go inspiration. The way Bittman writes in this book is the way I want to train myself to think in the kitchen. Now i'm an experienced home prepare, but I still depend too much on recipes; I think this book has a good chance of changing that. Together with one quick skim-over of this book, Personally i think confident that I'll be able to bring home just about anything that looked good at the store and translate it into 10 scrumptious versions. In brief, this book is, to me, not so much about having an exciting new volume of yummy recipes (though it is that) as it is about learning a new way to think about food and cooking. A single thing that I think is weird about this book is the infrequent inclusion of more complicated recipes like Whole Duck Cassoulet or Knafeh i smag med Creme. I'm sure they're delicious, however they seem out of step with the rest of the shorter, easier recipes in the book., Amazon delivered this to me can be it was available. Pre-ordering Bittman textbooks is almost a no-brainer for us-we're longtime fans. We have long appreciated his laid-back attitude and encouragements to improvise. This book just formalizes and simplifies that approach. It's filled with lovely photographs large and small of all the variants. The text includes other suggestions and recommendations on planning plus some anecdotes and it is a really enjoyable read. It is really an inspirational cookbook first and foremost, that isn't talking any specific diet but he is certainly emphasizing healthy ingredients and food selections in a painless way.

This book really concentrates on getting an pleasant meal on the table day in and day out. I think he does an admirable job together with his " matrix" expanding concepts past individual recipes. I've been an improvisational cook for a long time-in fact, Now i'm not sure you can really call yourself a cook if you aren't improvise. That said, I think this book will take any cook further alongside that path in an easy and approachable way. I haven't made any of the recipes yet, but he's inspiring me-I've even been thinking about ways I want to improvise on his recipes already.: )

Besides the matrices, he also includes recipes to mix your own sauces like ketchup and teriyaki, and also how to put together your own spice blends. Really happy to have those easily available and findable.

This can be a lovely addition to my Bittman collection and I think it will be really helpful on those nights when you just can't think of anything at all to do for dinner--or anything you're not tired of cooking, anyhow. Very delighted., I enjoy the way this book is organized, and I love the way it gets one to thinking. The commentary is intelligent and interesting. The printing is almost large enough to read easily, and, thank goodness, it's in black on white (instead of the ridiculous gray that some recent cookbooks have adopted), and the photography is excellent and well-presented. Actually I liked it so much I purchased two more for presents.

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