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Numerous modern scholars dismiss out of hand ancient maps of items that the mapmakers shouldn't have known about. Basiclly they may be saying, "This doesn't match our verison of history, even though the maps are certainly real and not a figment in our imagination, thus we will ignore all of them. " I realise that many of these folks have not studied these maps in the depth of which Hapgood did. Even the history of maps,   The Mapmakers: Revised Version , completely ignores all of them. The detail of analysis here by Hapgood is considerable enough to from least point a few missing accounts in the good man. Hapgood being mentioned in the recent film  2012   (actually for another one of his books) has helped bring his ideas back out of the shadows. Will scholars consider up his research or continue to disregard the evidence? There are a whole lot of crackpots on the market, but Hapgood isn't one. Notice also  Fingerprints associated with the Gods: The Mission Continues (New Updated Edition) ., I first learned all about Charles Hapgood's Maps in the Ancient Sea Kings inside Graham Hancock's Fingerprints in the Gods. Hapgood's treatise certainly does not disappoint; despite the fact that technical, it builds their own case step simply by step, and we stick to as if we were Hapgood's students. The conclusion, following the many other 15th and 16th century maps produced to bolster the circumstance, is absolutely spellbinding and amazing. Hapgood doesn't come out and identify the misplaced advanced civilization that left us those maps, but what's left unsaid is more than enough to be able to launch a truth seeker in the proper way., Eye opener for positive!! Recommended highly., When explaining how mapmakers determine facilities for maps and move through the math to generate different projections, the writer must have presented intermediate pictures and calculations to generate home the complexity involved in a more concrete form than the spoken descriptions provided., Dated, but interesting introduction to the topic of a earlier civilization here. Lots associated with good ideas to analyze more. I would like to be able to see a book of which approaches this topic together with more science from our new age of satellites and compute analysis., This publication, if nothing else confirms the very real possibility, of which there was once a civilization which had a high level of knowledge and learning, some 10, 000 yrs ago or a lot more. The author and his team of scientist by means of their studies of ancient maps what is very actual possibility that such a civilization actually existed. Encompassed within the maps themselves there is strong evidence of a higher degree associated with mathematics. This book lends futher creadance to the biblical Genesis tale inside the Bible, as well as other ancient accounts which all seem to be able to point to a once international and highly evolved economy. Rasiing the question: is it possible that history is repeating itself by means of our own ignorance associated with our forgotten past?, excellent read, Charles Hapgood tends to make a strong advantages of ancient civilizations that are unknown to the modern globe. Generally, the book is simple to read. He does not make an effort to hypothesize about who or when the original maps might have been developed. He stays centered on what is known and can be assessed.

The notes and bout are large and the detailed analysis of the various maps that Charles and his associates assessed can be difficult to be able to follow. Nevertheless , if one accepts the notes and appendices as valid, after that his advantages of a misplaced ancient civilization is strong.

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