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" The Map Thief” by Michael Blanding (2014). The sooner reviews have pretty properly covered the plot of this book: a vendor of old maps, that has fallen heavily in to debt to pay regarding his lavish lifestyle, stole old maps from aged books in old colleges for re-sale to those who collect very, extremely expensive historical maps.

Apart from discussing how the robber was caught, the creator adds much to this specific book by detailing several of the political shenanigans of early 16th Century cartographers: drawing fictitious limitations on New World maps to back up their nation’s political goals of claiming bigger swaths of land than what their explorers experienced actually discovered.

Besides outlining the swashbuckling, good-time party-man, back-slapping personality of typically the map thief, this book can almost stand alone as a book discussing the historical development of maps concerning the New World.

This is not a book about how to lay out hair strands of chain-links in how to map as the budding land surveyor, but it is definitely an informative look at the development of cartography of New Globe maps. Why, two books for the associated with a single! An insight to typically the insufficient security at several big-name libraries.

The creator was able to arrange only one meeting with the thief, before he or she clamed on with good -- the author speculates that will perhaps the thief failed to want to become responsible for more prison period if he were in order to reveal that perhaps he or she hadn't been fully future in his admissions in regards to what more he might have purloined. Although the robber admitted to stealing several 110+ maps, several librarians thought that he may have stolen more -- since many other maps faded from their libraries shortly after the thief experienced visited them. A good enjoyable, interesting and helpful read by a determined author who doggedly had written a fine book., WOW! Never knew the " map stealing" was such a big industry! Stimulating book with regards to a flawed personality who gets trapped in his misguided quest for taking maps and selling these people. Good lessons for many who may be tempted by avarice. Our book club talked about this book and delivered out many aspects of typically the map industry. Had all of us wondering how many ancient and valuable books have been desecrated by people taking maps from them.
Give this a single a try to get a subject matter you probably have never thought much about. The pictures of old, aged maps are most interesting also., Excellent story in addition to insight into how/why At the. Forbes Smiley III not really only betrayed himself but how he screwed those that had put their trust in him and made his / her career successful. Hat's away from to rare maps extractor Graham Arader for calling a spade a spade and recognizing early upon that Smiley was absolutely nothing but a sweet discussing, criminal con artist at heart. Unfortunately, nobody paid attention to Arader until it had been past too far. Author Michael Blanding's many interviews and analysis in to the crimes, plus doing his historical homework upon the rare stolen maps themselves, made this an deeply intriguing and emotional publication to read. As a map illustrator and map lover myself, I really enjoyed how Blanding paralleled typically the map histories with Smiley's crimes to give these people context and importance in history. It angers myself that Smiley got away from so easily at sentencing, too, as the dealers endured the worst financial strikes. Smiley's Martha's Vineyard home should have been seized by the government in addition to sold to pay away from the restitution to those he hurt financially. The punishment doesn't do proper rights to the crimes Strichgesicht committed and in our opinion little of the deterrent for others, which includes Smiley himself, to re-engage in these thefts., WOW What an amazing publication. There is some exhilaration, and there is several very sad times whenever items are identified since lost or stolen, in addition to the legal ramifications are phenomenal. Smiley is pretty the guy. Very enchanting and quick witted, he is able to do amazing things. Proper it comes back in order to bite him, he pays dearly for your mistakes he or she made. Like another readers said, the details really are a lot overwhelming. Had problems keeping up with almost all the good guys in addition to bad guys and who had what and so forth. Very fascinating. I actually enjoyed the photos integrated of the massive maps that crossed their hands. If you like high detailed books, this will be the one for an individual!!!, Using a master's in geography, I discovered this a excellent read. For those who have an interest in antiques and adore a good crime story, this book is regarding you. It covers typically the history of cartography in an easy to go through manner. I didn't recognize how valuable some aged maps could be. Best of all, he conveys typically the fascination for maps that I have had my entire life., Forbes Smiley will be a dealer in pricey, antique maps. He will be a specialist, a connoisseur, in addition to a family man; the generous friend and the civic-minded citizen. Oh, in addition to he's a thief. Welcome to the true story of a map dealer that got lost and violated the trust of typically the very industry and organizations that once made him or her a success. Journalist Michael Blanding tells the story as equal parts narrative and history of map-making, so right at the end of typically the book the reader not merely knows the very amazing story of Smiley's rise and fall but provides also received an education and learning in cartography. The publication is an excellent go through, a strange tale deftly informed. Strongly suggested., The Map Thief had me enthralled through the start. This guy: therefore educated, knowledgable, passionate about his / her field, respected, successful, well-raised--- to succumb to typically the immoral depths of taking and selling the greatest of his trade had been so sad, hard in order to fathom. The trail of who he betrayed had been so lengthy, from typically the institutions that were main to his core of experience, to his family and closest friends, was the heart-breaking read. Hard in order to accept the defensive pose and self-justification. Very illuminative about the field, in addition to great at explaining exactly why this type of art/history crime is constantly on the exist since we see why coming forward exposes vulnerabilities within the libraries and museums that will house our heritage in addition to history.

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