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Julia caught her ex-boyfriend infidelity with two girls. After getting burned so many times by guys who were only to be able to please themselves. She vowed to stay away from memory especially the good looking ones.

After graduation, Jules lied to her father about being offered an internship at a newspaper in Maine. When in fact she was working as a nanny ti earn enough money during the Summer before heading into the real corporate world. She found herself working with a sexy as sin man by the name of Liam who was testing her in so many ways.

Liam Hollowed out was obviously a prick to Jules the 1st time they met, this individual wonderful friends met Jade (Jules' best-friend) two weeks prior to meeting Jules. So Liam just thought that the besties were alike but he couldn't be more wrong.

Jules and Liam got to know one another better, the powerful of their relationship began to change. They both noticed that they were wrong about each other. Liked the way they were with little Dylan and the connection they shared with Samantha.

I loved the twists and turns, it was obviously a delightful pleasure to be able to relate with the characters. After the actual all went through it was great to see them make through the other side together as an extended family that they were.

MANSERVANT is a standalone romantic comedy by Sahri J. Ryan. It was funny, riveting, sexy and a must read. Shari J. Ryan did a magnificent job.

****ARC given in exchange to have an honest review. ****

****Teasers courtesy of Shari J. Jones. ****, Folks, I think we certainly have a wiener, I mean winner here! Talk about a book packed with funny moments, hysterics at times and a heck of the lot of serious mixed in after some bit of intrigue. One girl, the girl little friend and a summer she will never forget are before you. Adopt the pages, engulf yourself with some fun in the sun and lots of filthy innuendos. And, dudes, we have hot surfers.. #NuffSaid

On a serious notice, this book is like a person. There are several layers, and as you get into them more and more things begin to go one path, then flip around, slap ya in the face and haul their butts the other way. I laughed, cried (once, dang you Shari) and then laughed some more. Typically the balance of serious, crazy and wtf times is great. Both Julia and Liam are both stubborn, snarky, yet intelligent somewhat adults. I say somewhat cause, can occur, they are like children at summer camping a few times. Not really that that is bad. Heck no. It was entertaining for any woman.

There is a serious side to them both. Julia sees it in Liam when the lady pulls a 'Grace' and busts her butt on the stairs, and then again when he saves her from drowning... We come across it in Julia when she knows something is bothering Liam and the lady is there to help him. They are both from different sides of the track but in the ending they are just what the other needs.

This story is fast paces, a little on the crazy, naughty side, yet hysterical just when you need it to be. Watch yourself though, there is Surfer talk which in turn causes a few problems to come up. Any one else may have gotten involved, but not me I laughed so hard at Julia that I dropped off the bed... so her 'Graceful' times are catching. Watch yourself., Manservant is an entertaining read with characters that are endearing and antagonistic. Julia is hired as a summer nanny for a wealthy family where Liam is the housekeeper or " manservant" as the lady calls it. She problems to connect with the boy whose care she actually is entrusted with and it only serves as a bone of contention that Liam has a connection with the boy. Liam and Julia just appear to push each other's buttons and annoy the hell out of one another. As Julia and Liam push and pull at one another's thoughts and patience levels, the angst of this tale grows. Julia's inner conversation is amusing and as well as her deals with Liam. This an enjoyable, sexy story about friends, family and love with some comical elements that make it highly pleasurable. I highly recommend this book!!, I don't know how Shari confronts these ideas, but Manservant is brilliant! At first I wasn't sure because the title of the book is quite unusual in my opinion, though the blurb's pretty interesting. But it's Shari we're referring to. And nope, not disappointing at all. Like I said: amazing. It's hilarious, sweet, swoony, sexy, and hot. I like the banter between Julia and Liam through the book and was enjoying the chemistry growing between them. And Liam.. sigh. I would ditch my other book boyfriends for him. I also like the fact that the secondary characters are of similar importance.

You searching for a light, good read? Look no more, read this book!, Ill be honest and say that I wasn’t really sure what to expect with this book. I’ve been reviewing very long that when you’ve got a hot guy on the cover, coupled with a. 99 release price, it can be hit or miss, but I was more than amazed with Manservant.

I loved the again and forth banter between Liam and Julia and the slow burn it provided. The characters were witty and their deals were fun. I could did with a little less of Julia’s buddy Jade; the relationship was a little of a muddiness from the story. As soon as Liam and Julia move past their shared antagonism, the chemistry between two was off the charts. Liam was the typical, swoony, alpha male, but it was his conversation with Dylan, the child whose care Julia is charged with, that truly makes him desirable.

Typically the story is told from a first person POV from both characters’ points of views and the storyline is one of those that holds you immediately and would not let loose.

Manservant was a great read. Sure, it was a little fluffy and was an HEA that was tied with a bow at the ending but it made for a great afternoon escape. It is going to make for that perfect pool or beach read, particularly when you can set your sight on some surfers.; )

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