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I'm a strong supporter regarding the idea of universal simple income, so read this review with that within mind.

This short story/novella/whatever you'd classify it since is one of typically the best descriptions I've experienced of how a system like UBI could potentially function far in the future. I particularly liked how the author increases to the introduction of typically the story's UBI system by first describing his perspective of what creates typically the need for UBI - a " slow boil" of advancing technology within unchecked capitalism, steadily but inconspicuously taking over society plus the economy, until it can suddenly too late regarding the masses of regular people who have allowed it to take place via their tacit acceptance and disinterest.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and think of which if one reads it with an unbiased in addition to open mind it will certainly be hard not to appreciate it for, if nothing else, the nicely written description of a future Earth dealing with a combined dystopian/utopian society, whether or not you end up agreeing with typically the underlying premise.

If everyone who was wary about typically the idea of UBI took the time to read and actually considercarefully what Marshall Brain describes in Manna I think it might at the minimum dramatically improve typically the quality of thought in addition to debate to both sides regarding the topic. Being far better informed about the particulars of a topic will be always the best thing, sometimes also more so when a person wish to argue against it than when you help it., I fell of which the technical plausibility in addition to technical detail of this function was spot-on, and that the dystopia presented in the first half of the book was both believable in addition to enlightening. I believe the composing and the storytelling had been better in the starting chapters and degraded slightly over the course regarding the book. I done the first chapter thinking that I could probably write the software for the research-grade prototype of a program like " Manna" in addition to I finished the second chapter well-aware of typically the very plausible dangers of these kinds of a system.

I had been less impressed with typically the second half of the book in addition to feel that, from the storytelling perspective, this book's Moreover should have had the clearer dark side. We think the author still left hooks in the book where this type of thing can have been developed more, even while leaving the twisted utopia that had been better than the entire world offered in the first half of the book. It could also have been written within such a way since to make main figure unaware of the bad aspects of his newfound Paradise while leaving them clear for the reader (perhaps the book had been attempting to do exactly this and am missed it).

We encourage the author regarding this work to write one more book with simply the same premise, but more sophisticated writing and more refined storytelling. I also encourage the reading of this book at technology-oriented book clubs, as it appears likely to produce the heated debate over ideas., By far one of the greatest brief stories I have read. I always share this story with people in addition to encourage them to read it. Anyone who takes enough time ALWAYS loves it. This can be a book that has the potential of altering how you look in your own life in addition to our society. It's on Kindle or if you're really thrifty read it for free on the internet on Marshall Brains web site. Have this book, read it and promote with everyone a person can., Good book together with an interesting view regarding the possible futures from the human race. I'm not necessarily sure the nicer regarding those futures is something that humans can ever achieve as long since we are as we usually are now, but it will be a nice thought. A well crafted tale of which reminds me of typically the early days of science hype - light on figure and long on typically the setting. In cases like this, that matches as the point from the story is to stir up thought on the achievable futures and not the challenge of a particular individual., Manna is unique, as far as I am aware, within offering any type of solution to the dilemma facing typically the US, the UK, in addition to other developed nations, together with growing wealth/income inequality on the one hand, in addition to the rapid approach regarding job-eliminating automation on typically the other. TL; DR: Mind proposes a corporation, together with basically the entire society since shareholders, which owns in addition to operates enough automation resources to provide a high-quality life regarding all.

Discussions of riches inequality and technological unemployment are becoming more common in the wake from the Occupy Wall Street movements and various bits regarding news about new achievements in machine vision, machine learning, factory automation, and so forth. Books by other writers in this space usually command higher prices. Nevertheless these other books are not able to offer any real desire of creating a gentle future. Only Manna presents a remotely credible road forward, and a glimmer of what might end up being done today to start with paving that road.

The writer presumably decided that embedding his / her proposal in a function of fiction would increase its appeal. Regrettably, his / her skills in fiction composing fall short of his / her skills in non-fiction research writing, and public interest in his proposal has probably suffered as the result. That's a disgrace because we don't at present have any serious options to take into consideration.

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