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This guide should be mandatory reading for anyone who deals with a team of software developers. The same goes for project managers over software development as well. After being in the industry for almost 7 years now, I've seen many of the same mistakes made this guide warns against, and the real costs involved. I have seen software projects bogged down in the same ways that this guide describes. I used to be startled at how accurate the guide predicted the root causes of software debt, and the final results when software debt trouble is ignored.

From a " light " level, I found this book easy to read, and simple to understand. The particular book is supposed for anyone in the software industry, though managers will definitely get more out of it. Despite the book look and feel, is actually not overly technical. Our only complaint is the fact I wish it were cheaper. If it were, I would obtain a copy for my boss... and his employer too!, After spending many years in Software Development, with the last few years managing agile teams, I found Sterling's assessment to be spot-on. The writer did a very good job covering so many different types of software financial debt. As I was going through each chapter I would say to myself, "oh yes, I remember an instance of that". This would be a required read for almost any software development leader, whether most likely in development, architecture or management. If you don't have yet experienced the several scenarios of debt mentioned, you eventually will., I was not personally aware of many organizations that do this well. It is a level of discipline that few can maintain 100% of times. Chris presents a practical, and well reasoned strategy to managing tech financial debt that I can continue to learn from., A must read for every software engineer and manager, This is a good book for anyone who:
just one. Is looking for the way forward with software application using Agile methodology.
2. Wants to build robust yet flexible software.
3. Contains a give attention to long carry software application

I especially like the aspects of technology debt which have been discussed very well.
This is the future of software application as I see it., Technical debt has become a trendy term for an issue that exists since the beginning of software development jobs. It is what happens when you neglect, knowingly or not, the long-term quality of your software to achieve other usually short term benefits. After defining the concept of software debt, Chris Pristine explores the topic of managing software debt in all software development activities. Three chapters are dedicated to the topic of design and architecture, discussing how they should fit in Agile approaches.

As its title suggests, this guide goes even further than the concept of technological debt as it attempt to cover all dimensions of software development debt. My favorite chapter comes at the finish the location where the notion of experience debt is investigated. I have witnessed many projects where the technological or product knowledge was concentrated on fewer and fewer people, due to change in project team composition, effectively thus, making them the bottlenecks where all application evolutions had to be processed. We sometimes create more debt in the heads than in the code.

The book is well written and straightforward to read. Every chapter begins with a mindmap of the topic that will be explored, this provides a huge picture of its content. The material mixes high level definitions with practical examples and real life stories. A summary is proposed at the finish of each chapter

At every stage of the software development life routine, we make choices which have lasting consequences. This guide provides meaningful insights how to prevent creating too much debt and how to reduce the existing stress. I will recommend it to everybody who is focused on software quality with an extended view than the finish of the next iteration., Recommendation: Must Possess

I have recently see the book "Managing Software Debt" by Chris Sterling and must say I was quite impressed. The writer does a fantastic job explaining the subject and provides a lot of advice how to deal with the issue. In order to discuss ROI, this book is so packed with ideas and inspiration, it should cost thousands. The writer maintains an open brain throughout the book, through reading this, you do too.

Mcdougal addresses software debt at many levels, more than I understood existed. This book is part of the Agile Software Development Series, but I think this is a core book everyone involved in a software project should read (chickens and pigs). I was surprised to see so few books on the topic, but this guide is so well put together, I don't know if other books are essential.

Acquire it, read it, follow it., I didn't really understand what to expect from "Managing Software Debt. " It was the first time I've seen the term software debt in a title so I was intrigued. The book would not assume you are a developer or a manager and makes it readable for both.

The information showing how debt creeps into the process was excellent.

My five favorite parts were:
"abuse stories" (anti-use cases)
the last section - people aren't resources and why this matters along with styles of teams
the word "done" repeatedly in quotes and an exercise how to create a definition
the cost of someone else paying the price of your bad decisions
why silos create debt

I made lots of illustrates and was engaged as I read. I didn't make notes in the book because some would be less than favorable to someone that could pick it upwards. It definitely hit home though.

I would have liked some more tips how to deal with debt and how to prevent it. The guide was certainly thought provoking and raised my awareness of debt in day to day work.

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from the publisher as a swap for writing this review on behalf of CodeRanch.

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