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We have read many UFO publications, but still learned a new great deal of additional information from this book. Therefore in a way it could end up being said to have earned five stars---well worth reading. I recommend it.

Nevertheless, recommend with a caveat. A question should be questioned: Although this book consists of many facts, much information, but how much info? Quite simply, the book is usually detailed and great from conveying who said just what about UFOs, when, and also often asks the reason why, which of course is usually truly essential. But strikes me that a vast amount regarding the views discussed inside the book by supposedly knowledgeable individuals are bogus, disinformation (not from the particular author but from numerous of those whose phrases are conveyed in the particular book).

Cameron has effectively presented a lot regarding inaccurate information (disinformation? ) that has been 'disclosed' over decades. The book, no doubt, contains much that will is accurate as nicely, but the reader provides a huge task of selecting it out., This book has value in that will it presents an enormous amount of evidence that the particular government has been controlling and manipulating the UFO subject for a lot of, many yrs. This in and of itself would raise the eye brows of even a die-hard UFO skeptic. The fact that the government is usually spending so much time, energy and resources doing this strongly suggests that will there is something crucial to cover. That stated, this is one regarding the most poorly composed and (un)edited books We have ever read in my entire life! It scans such as a rambling first write manuscript. Also, if a person do manage to go your way through to the conclusion in the book, you are treated for an substantial Appendix that functions a more sophisticated, methodical bashing regarding current President Trump and how his political planet view runs contrary to the advanced, spiritually evolved aliens that pilot the particular UFOs! Yikes! I for one do not want to see strong partisan political rhetoric in my UFO books! One reason We am giving this book 3 stars (instead regarding one or two) is usually that the cover concept art is pretty well done and really beautiful., Finally, a correct history of the US Government involvement with UFO's. A good explanation regarding the history of the particular phenomenon, why the Government did will not what that did. I recommend this particular book, Once again, a new home run by Offer Cameron. Great research, and timely, as always....... great work connecting the dots.... an elite researcher on this particular subject., Dreadful editing. Over and above that..... I love Offer Cameron. He throws out what he knows and simply lets it get into your brain freely. A person can decide what to do with it. Seems like our company is in with regard to another round of quasi-indoctrination into the UFO Phenomenon via Tom Delonge great supporting cast of figures. Apparently, Delonge is going to introduce a relatively new sort of the evil alien model into the particular debate, more or much less. Using every book We keep reading the subject pertaining to " The Phenomenon" and " The Others", something is missing. The fundamental notion of reality. Without consciousness, what do we now have? Consciousness is the particular ultimate collection system. The particular ultimate navigation system. The best communication system. The greatest " transportation" system. Consciousness may be the ultimate reality/energy that will transcends matter and yet puts in play just what we call matter. Quite simply, Non-Human Intelligences MUST end up being concerning the spurning of awareness as it pertains to their own requirements and abilities to lengthen their existence and ball of influence in it and through it for functions beyond our comprehension. People are residing in a very dense fog. The question to me is; " Whose fault can it be? ", Has large amounts info and contact, gathered more than his years Documenting.. Very good read for slow evenings., An interesting but challenging read because there had been NO apparent 'intelligent life" involved in editing. Performed ANYONE proof this book? Plus considering this given that the 60's but this particular was (apparently) not modified at all! Hard to take seriously someone who would release this.

STOP the Madness! I will proof your next book for free!

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