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This is an excellent book if you're a new Top Gear fan or a fan of race memoirs. Collins' writes along with a nice humor great life is interesting enough to merit a publication. The only issue I have is that every other chapter skipped again and forth between their time as The Stig with Top Gear in addition to his more normal lifestyle of his childhood, getting in the army, their family, and his race and stunt driving career. This isn't enough to be able to dislike the book, inside my opinion. I have two degrees in English in addition to I thought it has been better written than a new lot of other items I've read recently, yet perhaps I'm biased dependent on how much I really like Top Gear. Like I said, I enjoyed the humor of his stories and his writing " voice. " I study where some individuals considered his voice was a little egotistical or cocky... he's a racing driver, in addition to from what I've noticed of racing drivers, he's on the humble side, so this aspect did not bother me. In case you like Top Equipment, you'll probably like this specific book too. It gives an interesting insight in addition to even though you're not a new fan of Collins, it's fun to play Devil's Advocate either way!, Typically the Collins book is surprisingly entertaining, as it information not only the function of the Stig, however the life of a man who came late to be able to racing and struggled to be able to make a career regarding it in a industry it does not always reward the gifted, which he genuinely is. Collins appraises themself honestly and we find out that his television job, movie stunts, military support etc. are all pursued inside aid of supporting themself while awaiting his next possibility to race. The Best Gear sequences are incredibly interesting and, sometimes, laugh-out-loud amusing. He goes to fantastic lengths to credit the creativeness of the employees, camera men and speakers, who did so much to be able to create this phenomenal series. HIs struggles to achieve a new place in the top notch military unit he has chosen are truly impressive and described in gritty detail, however, with zero self-pity. The man's relationship with his father is also a welcome human touch, that may have many nodding their own heads in recognition regarding the complexities of the dealings of men inside families. I enjoyed this specific book and recommend it., Great book! I couldn't get enough of it. I read it cautiously like it were a new textbook. Ben is very helpful in performance driving in addition to made me feel like now I really understand what it's like to competition professionally and stunt-drive. A new highly-recommended book!, The Guy in the White Match

I have been a great avid fan of Best Gear since i have first noticed an episode a couple of years ago. Fifth Equipment, albeit a similar plan, was never quite because entertaining as Top Equipment mainly due to the chemistry involving the presenters and since Top Gear is even more focused on entertainment. Dan Collins' book is not only an autobiography, but also a behind the displays look at Top Equipment. As I suspected, Best Gear is more regarding entertaining the audience than a new factual car review display. Ben Collins revealed that a new lot of the driving sequences, like the Corvette in addition to Fiesta duel in the mall, was mainly action sequences taken in part meal with the presenter driving sequences cut/pasted into the whole affair to be able to make them look good. I understand that there usually are a lot of men and women there heavily criticizing Ben regarding leaving Top Gear in addition to the "best job in the world", but I read this book and reviewed it objectively as possible actually though I will be a Best Gear fan and gearhead/petrol head. As an example showing how Top Gear's ultimate production sequences are directed at entertainment, Ben Collins said in a South African interview following the release regarding his book that away of the 3 speakers, the best driver has been James May. The reason is that May posseses an engineering background and is usually more sorted out. Inside the book, Collins described May as always deceiving to be a poor driver to provide some touch of comic relief. Inside stark contrast, Fifth Equipment is too heavy on professional drivers. I've noticed episodes where Jason Escenario, Tiff Needell, Ben Collins, and Victoria Butler-Henderson uninterested me to sleep since there wasn't any "cocking about" or entertainment : it was too truthful and precise.

So why don't start from the start.

Ben is actually a well-articulated presenter and writer. From their presenter segments on the latest season of Fifth Gear to his selection interviews, he is a knowledgeable and well-spoken individual. His description of vehicle characteristics is nearly on-par with a few of literatures greatest masterpieces. His line-by-line recital regarding track experiences and races is not only captivating, but also very descriptive. As a reader, I may visualize what was happening at the track. It aided that I watched some of the episodes (e. g., Best Gear 24-hour British touring car race at Silverstone with the diesel BMW) but his writing took that experience to another degree.

Some examples of their story telling technique usually are exhibited in his driving role for Ascari at Le Mans and Catalunya, as well as their military training. His writing is easy to understand, in addition to although I have never ever met him in individual, his ability to describe events would make him a great outstanding instructor. Depending on a few of the comments in addition to feedback drivers have made about Ben, it shows up this is the case. I also learned something technological and useful - I have wondered why a great deal of the open wheel racers tended to water pump their brakes or jab at them periodically. Webpage 34 describes how braking system pads could possibly be knocked farther away from the disks while driving over kerbs, leading to excessive pedal travel particularly when the fluid could possibly be hot - thus requiring a periodic jab or pump to seat the pads.

Ben Collins did not start driving or driving motorcycles before he may walk, unlike famous Formulation 1 and MotoGP bikers (such as Valentino Rossi, Michael Schumacher, or Jorge Lorenzo). Ben actually began driving or rather competitively driving at 18. The very fact he started at these kinds of an "old age" in addition to the level he's accomplished almost 20 years later on gives hope to all and it is a testament of which one could in reality begin later and attain a new level of success.

One of the most controversial aspect of this specific book and Ben's stint at Top Gear has been how he revealed themself to be the second Stig. Many, including the BBC, argue that the Stig was meant to be able to be anonymous and to current a sense of croyant and entertainment to the show. However, as Dan mentions in the publication, having been close to being uncovered as a result of considerable digging by simply journalists. Some of the other racers, like Mark Webber, already knew it was Ben Collins yet didn't reveal the key. As a Top Gear lover, I had seen the You Tube videos where followers did comparisons of the Stig with Ben Collins about a year just before this book was published. Honestly, I didn't proper care too much either approach. The Stig was part of the entertainment, in the same sense having a new Stig might keep the mystique proceeding and present something fresh to Top Gear. That will keep the audiences guessing about the brand new Stig, and perhaps draw even more viewers. It is just a win/win scenario. I hear lots regarding rumors about Sabine Schmitz being Stig's German Aunty or even perhaps the new Stig. It's items like this that can draw viewers returning to the show.

Based on the reasons Ben gave regarding considering leaving Top Equipment, I don't blame your pet. Most of his driving is usually displayed publically as Typically the Stig, but he can't use that on their resume. He must eat, and his raw talent would go to waste materials like a side act on Top Gear. He mentions numerous times how this individual wishes to race appropriately. His job as a new stunt driver looks to be able to be going well. I saw some YouTube video clips of him on the set of the brand new Batman movie (Dark Knight Rises). His role because the Stig obviously opened up doors, and from just what I recall having been able to leave on amicable words with the speakers according to the book. Something need to have changed during the time between the statement from the book and the BBC's lawsuit.

From my perspective, Ben Collins is usually a knowledgeable and well-articulated professional driver that illustrates what one could achieve with mental focus in addition to energy. I highly suggest this book to any gearhead/petrol-head that has enjoyed Best Gear and is thinking about cars.

Overall: 5/5 celebrities, highly recommended, You might not expect the absolutely silent Stig to be a good writer, however, you would be surprised.

Ben's articles are clear and steady. He could be a fantastic story teller, and it has lots of fantastic stories to tell. It has lots of great information behind Top Gear of which add some great circumstance to a lot regarding the better moments. Dan writes in perfect fine detail, providing just enough technicality to keep car knowledgeable readers engaged, without studying just like a tech manual. Whilst recounting very memorable races, and periods in their life beyond Top Equipment, you really obtain a feeling of the person, and never merely a semi-sentient suit.

In case Ben comes to the states, he should e mail me. Let me buy your pet many beers., The publication is an easy read. Really enjoyable.

The bonus!
I will be, or has been a Top Gear lover.
While Dan Collins doesn't enter in the inches and outs of just what happened during the time that this individual left Top Gear, in addition to immediatley afterwards, not once during the book really does he say anything negative about the Top Equipment presenters or the Best Gear team.
Quite the opposite in reality!

I recall that just after Ben Collins left Best Gear, particularly one regarding the presenters " had a go at him" under a Top Equipment special in America.
I feel of which Ben Collins showed school in being very positive about his amount of time in Best Gear, and gives a great explanation as to the reason why he made a decision to move on.

Enjoyable book. Well worth a new read.

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