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Seldom look to David Soucie’s book for a spectacular play by play of the Malaysian Airlines Airline flight 370 disappearance. Instead, we get a good read that emphasizes the process of examining the huge quantity of evidence and the long and still continuing time line of the lost Flight 370.
Like a collision investigator and aviator, Soucie brings the wayward observer’s eye to the poker site seizures and news sound bites as they emerged to the world on that fateful day in March, 2014. The reader learns a lot about the parallels of this air tragedy and the environment France flight 447 accident in 2009 and other air crashes. Applying the Bayesian formula for giving weight to parts of evidence, Soucie maps out an accident protocol for carrying the information, arranging and weighing the quality and the origin. The writer weaves his own experience as an air collision investigator as he absorbs the unlikely fact that this airplane, may be lost forever. On the way he explains the whys and wherefores of safety implementations with the FAA and makes his own factors for safety tips for future flights. Armed with what facts we know, Soucie does bring his very specific concept of what could have happened to the flight, in his detailed time line, very much his own hypothesis, backed up by answers of other similar airline catastrophes. A good publication that brings the process of investigating an air crash forward as well as the the investigation itself., David's book is a good overview, especially for the non-technical MH370 follower. It contains no complicated BFO or BTO equations, just a simple answers showing how things work that the typical reader will understand. I came across his summary of " what is known" to be well strained to eliminate the greater absurd non-sense circulating on the internet, while keeping an open mind and recognizing that many questions stay. I would recommend this book to anyone enthusiastic about the MH370 story., Firstly, I've read Soucie's memoir 'Why Planes Crash' and brings the same thorough analysis to this one on MH370, but above all he introduces a firm notice of sensitivity and regard for individuals who lost their lives, something missing from many other books and articles on this subject.

Second of all, there is a limited quantity of evidence and speculative theory you can explore with any book about an aircraft investigation that not only is incomplete, but in which the aircraft and its passengers have never even been found. The hardback edition runs in order to 158 pages and is an attractive quick read - I doubt there are much more than 30k words in here. Ten pages only are taken up with a reproduction of the passenger manifest and another 16 colour pages of general photographs.

The publication also doesn't start too well considering there is a glaring factual mistake in the very first sentence:

" It was 1: 19 a. m. in Malaysia on March 8, 2014, when the captain of Malaysia Air carriers Flight 370, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, said good night to the air traffic controller in Ho Chi Minh City. "

What?? The cockpit crew of MH370 never once chatted to ATC in Vietnam, nor was the aircraft ever picked up by them. The captain signed off to Malaysia ATC! Ironically, the sentence is from the opening section called: " Early Mistakes". I suspect David Soucie and his editor read that line hundreds of times over and missed it.

That said, Soucie barely puts a foot incorrect next and offers systematic examination of all possible scenarios, discounting most and honing in on a couple of almost certainly options. He doesn't over charm readers with too much technical stuff (just the right amount), avoids the scrutiny of the Inmarsat satellite data as they is no expert in this area, and provides a refreshing and insightful read based on his experience in the FAA wonderful role as an aviators safety expert.

The publication provides a reliable go-to guide to most of what we know about the investigation into MH370. A few minor quibbles about recommendations towards conclusion of the book, which reference the TV network he will work for - CNN. If you are going to reference critical and factual information, then citing CNN as an origin or the rather general 'Australian Report' rather than the primary report itself or major sources is a little sloppy. He goes into detail about his 'Accident Algorithm' and how he devised it, but I used to be pretty disappointed with the visual graphic on P155 (tiny and unreadable) that aggregates nothing to the imprinted edition of the publication.

Overall, this was an enjoyable but an extremely brief read., David Soucie is a premier crash investagor, and this book shows this, no doubt. Because with all his textbooks, he explores the leads. In this book there is no conclusion. just More Questions than Solutions.., Enjoyed the book, easy to read to make it more understandable for the workings of the plane and just how the tragedy could have happened. Have watched David Soucie on CNN many times and is very professional and knowledgeable in this area. I just hope the plane is found and the truth will be revealed., Poorly written, almost amateurish which is surprising considering the authors background and experience. Not really worth buying, so possibly better to wait until the aircraft is found., The writer of this book the very interesting account of how this disaster could have happened. Also, it reveals how easy it is for this to occur again. And it will. I recommend this book., An interesting book about a unique flight.

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