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Fantastic read for anyone in the medical field - especially ideal for geriatric paperwork. Gives a nice review of what couples and children go through with aging ailments. And the fact that there are cats in the publication, concentrating on Oscar is fantastic. Sent it to a hospice worker friend and a geriatrics doc good friend. Heartwarming; I felt like I was there with the patients as Dr Dosa told the storyline., An individual should get this publication if you, a) love cats, b) want to learn more about the lives of men and women with Alzheimer's and their caregivers. Dr Dosa writes in an engaging and accessible manner, peppering the book with balances of his interactions with Oscar, and giving a detailed narrative of his former patients' struggle with the condition. As a scientist and researcher he or she keeps a kind of healthy skepticism about Oscar's " abilities", but I was certain that after hearing so many people identify the same events (they sound quite repetitive after a while) about the cat's behaviour in the face of a human's death, he would have experienced some kind of conversion of heart. When not at the amount of research, at least at the level of faith.

The majority of of all, this is a book written from the heart, with heartwarming insights into death and your spirit. Keep some tissues handy., Sooooo easy to read..... just like a reports account. Factual and informative about the dreaded disease of Dimensia, as well as familie''s reactions to it. Of course, Oscars is the star. Wonderful recount of our 4 footed friends' intuitive forces., This is a wonderful story, whether you have been a caregiver, have a medical, background, are an animal lover, and are just a informal viewer. I read it a few years ago after hearing about the story. I bought this copy to give as a gift to my sister-in-law who will be a nurse., Beyond the draw of a story about a cat for creature lovers, this work has the unforeseen benefits of providing some regarding the development of dementia and Alzheimers. It addresses the concerns over the patient, the burdens of the caregivers, and the issue of the situation for all involved. I can only hope to find a facility like the one depicted here when the time comes for my parents. Composed from the doctor's viewpoint, the true important occasions portrayed are in reality the occasions of diagnosis and of offering assistance to adult children as they let go. Typically the most important lesson was that no amount of memory loss should be thought about normal; that all memory loss should be worked up so that steps can be taken if necessary to get involved in a case of true Alzheimer's. As a result, the story of the cats becomes backdrop and you finds important lessons elsewhere in the text. A must-read for adult children facing the memory loss of their parents., As an owner of five cats, I was obviously a cat person. Because I am very little of a fiction reader, this true life story captured my interest and was a factor in my choosing to learn it.

The publication is well written and tells a story that is broader when compared to a mere story of a cat. In addition to detailing Oscar's gift for providing companionship in people who are in the process of dying, the publication gives regarding the issues and the dialogues that occur between doctors, patients and relatives of declining dementia patients. It offered insights into the problems created by one's or families' finish of life decisions.

I particularly loved Dr . Dosa's writing style that told his story in well organized chapters that allowed a viewer to read a section and then put aside to mull about what the chapter said and than come back to read the next chapter later. It's truly one of the rare books that one can read this way and not lose anything.

Coincidentally, my brother's wife was dying in a hospice from breast malignancy that she had fought for eight years while I was reading this book. During her dying watch, I talked with my brother daily offering compassionate listening. I sent him a copy of this publication to read to help him gain perspective on his experience through the sharing of stories more. He loved the publication as well., Having lost my mom with Parkinson's and dementia I know very well what a roller coaster trip care giving can be. We had a cat in our house or maybe I should the kitty had us in the woman house. Patty Cat could truly be obnoxious at times but not once did she ever lose patience with my mom. She had a dislike of young children and demonstrated her annoyance with hisses and sometimes her attack mode. My mom, being child like at times, made me nervous when she would get too friendly with Patty but it was like Patty just knew this was a different situation. Cats are special!, I had developed read about this cat who seemed to know when patients at a medical home were about to die. The writer, a medical doctor at the home, will go from an attitude of disbelief to one of admiration, when he 'researches' this mystery cat. All together, I learned a great deal about Alzheimer's and how it impacts the lives of patients and their family members. And I emerged to enjoy Jamie, my soon to be 18-year-old woman cat, even more...

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