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If you believe Trump is " all bark and no bite" then PLEASE read this. Deeply unsettling, the facts and history presented by David Cay Johnston manifest or evince the long history of a shady, greedy, and often sociopathic media mogul and his rise to strength. From half-baked schemes, to false identities this guide reads like a group of coiffed mob companies sitting around a ugly gilded table trying to one-up each other with their stories. Except they're all Trump and they are all his stories and they are all true. This book will leave your jaw dropped as you have to consistently remind yourself THIS IS CERTAINLY GENUINE., This is a often factual journey into the heart of darkness. The particular author knows his subject matter. better than Trump themselves.
Trump has generated a wall between themselves and truth and decency.
A must read. for anyon etrying to get a manage on this election, This specific is the one I actually was awaiting! There’s no flashing lights here, no cartoon versions of real people, no wallowing in moral outrage. Instead, it’s got all the facts you need to explain to your pro-Trump friends (or that weird uncle at Thanksgiving- lol! ) EXACTLY what’s in Trump’s document: and that’s what makes him so dangerous. Total of good detail, with sources noted., This is the third Trump resource which I have read. Although all three demonstrate Trump's lack of honesty and character, this is the most complete and comprehensive. It reveals Trump's cable connections to Mob members and other unsavory characters that are very disturbing., If most likely looking for a concise, compelling resource of Donald Trump, look no further. As opposed to indulging in endless partisan rhetoric, Johnston just gives us all the fact—and they're spellbinding, and damning. This is the book for anyone even remotely curious as to who the His party Party has nominated, and just how he managed to get there., This book is very just what I needed–a detailed investigation into Trump's past, his business ventures, his relationships to other people, and so forth Johnston writes a shocking and gripping account, without devolving into tabloid writing. It's smart, scrupulously researched, and truly a must-read for this election season., Trump - First US Leader who does owe Putin money? Minus the release of his Tax Returns, this is a very real possibility. Johnston's book does a great job of laying out all the reasons Trump would never get a security clearance (yes, I realize the Presidency doesn't involve security clearances) at any level: mobs ties, being found doing discrimination against blacks seeking to rent at Trump properties, stiffing and damaging numerous contractors and Shine employees hired for Trump construction sites, FRAUD stemming from Trump U, SIX bankruptcies which plunged those lenders into ruin and all those " countless numbers of workers" he appointed were left jobless and did they get compensated? ZERO.
Trump has an insatiable appetite for borrowing money (if he really were a billionaire folks, he would not be borrowing all the time) but no-one in THIS country will provide to him any longer - they have heard and seen enough to know better. Who does he get money from now? Is it Putin? Maybe... probably. Releasing his Taxes Returns would tell us all the answer. It is my guess that, yes he owes Putin money and Trump has not paid any taxes in quite a long time.
Read this book and educate yourself on all the things Trump has gotten away with this make him completely unfit to hold any government position., A complete " just the facts" account of Trump's rise. With all the noise surrounding him right now, I found it really helpful in understanding who he could be, and where he arrived from. Quite simple to read style. Highly recommended to anyone curious to know more about the Usa president hopeful.

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