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I use read many books on cooking as I meters trying to find out more on cooking. This is the second book on Culinary Schools and by far the best if one wishes for more information about what it like to attend one and graduate. Michael Ruhlman is first a writer then the culinary expert. He invested several years taking notes, making journals and doing interviews with the Culinary chefs. His work and time are evident especially in his interviews. The Cooking Institute of America is not a fairly easy trip and lecture around a selection of burners. It is hard work and prepares the students for their life as a cook at risk and a chef. You really feel the ache in your own bones from the long hours on your feet. Ruhlman conveys the feelings and emotions of the students perfectly. It is almost as if you is in the class. If this is a subject that interests you. Get the book and experience it. And yes you do learn some tricks of the trade, nonetheless they are no short cuts in this school., I've discovered so much about cooking from Ruhlman's descriptions of his time in the CIA. For instance, I have learned from his website how to make stock. In this book, I learned how to identify the success of my stock by your mouth feel. Who would think you might learn something tactile from written words?!?

I've also purchased several of the books he mentions (they were chosen for class or in the restaurants).

If you are familiar with Ruhlman's many books, you'll see the germination of them in this one. < 3, I wish to cook. Constantly have, but never thought I could make enough money at it. Since retiring, I've found my passion in life, but I actually know I'll never be a chef - too old.
That previously being said, THIS book is unique between all those books written by Culinary chefs. Michael Ruhlman's unique strategy - A writer who begins to write about what it's want to be a student at CIA. Along the way we meet the people; students, teachers, and administrators of the school through in-depth interviews and recounted personal discussions the author has experienced together. The author manages to put you there, conveying the regarding each stage of the education of a young chef. As you go along, he discovers the determination required of all cooks and chefs following a blizzard.
I actually HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book to anyone of every age thinking about the culinary arts. I have been wanting to go to one of CIAs Cooking Bootcamps, but now I actually REALLY want to go!, Having trained in the culinary arts myself, I actually know the technical and theoretical details of just about every classical cooking and cooking technique there is. Just what Michael Ruhlman captures in this book (and in his other books on culinary arts training and practice) is the personality of the craft - the precious details of the pros in the industry and of the students who hole through their love of the art and technology of food. Learning how to think about cooking is a lot like shoe camp. But the capacity to come up with boot get away with the lure of an espionage thriller will take an immense talent. Michael Ruhlman is a spectacular journalist - his textbooks give impeccable attention to detail without losing sight of the human element in every detail., Through Mister. Ruhlman's book, I experienced what life at the Culinary must be like. It gave me an appreciation for the planning, commitment, dedication, and endurance that today's culinary specialists must embody. It is clear that Mr. Ruhlman enjoyed his time at the Culinary and he information fairly and accurately. Due to my background in educational administration, the pace of education (students gradutating to be replaced with new students every three days! ) was most astounding in my opinion, as was the sheer volume of food created by the institution. Mister. Ruhlman will be commended on capturing lifespan of a student of culinary education. This book should need reading for all those considering a career in culinary arts arts., Making of a Chef is a genuine, unself-serving account of the education regiment for a student of culinary arts at The Culinary Institute of America (CIA). Unlike the many self-serving books " authored" by celebrity chefs, Michael Ruhlman attempts and succeeds in journaling his experience as an author invited to experience the hands-on cookery training at the CIA. My son is a student at the CIA wonderful real-life experience is tracking the experience referred to by Mr. Ruhlman. Simply no SEX, DRUGS and STONE &ROLL but a real peak behind the drape at CIA. A must-read for possible students and their parents., My relative recently entered culinary institution and so I purchased this book to get a flavor of the experience (forgive the pun). It's a delightful true life account of any student's experience with the Culinary Institute of America. It brought again fond memories of my days in college, although my major was mechanical engineering, there were so many corollaries; awe at the unraveling of technology, the emotional and mental strain, the personal cable connections to students and cultures i would otherwise not have experienced and the novelty, recency of every day. What I enjoyed most was the author's account of daily life and details information involving the information on making a master chef. Have it. Enjoy it. Savor it for the knowledge but also for the reliving of life when it was all about learning.

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