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Generating Bad Choices by Rita Stradling is a YA/NA modern romance. The guide is narrated by Cassie whose mom has been in a long battle with cancer. After losing the woman mom when she's 18, Cassie had to move across the country to live with her Father, stepmom Jen, half-brother Josh, and step brother Culter.

Now, Culter used to treat Cassie badly when we were holding young, or so Cassie thought. But when they met again after Cassie's mom's death, Culter looked like an entirely different person. He treated Cassie with care and always put her first. Cassie was actually cautious with your pet, wondering when this " peace truce" would end. However it turned out that really is how Culter is.

School wasn't exactly pleasant for Cassie, being in the same school and sharing many same classes with Culter. Weird and forbidden thoughts were in Cassie's mind but she always tried to push them to the back of her mind. Being around Culter looked to do things to her.

As Cassie and Culter got closer, Cassie tried to keep things under wraps but whispers started flying around school. Also, there was some mysterious thing going on between her Dad, step-mom and the other grown ups. What exactly happened that Cassie wasn't aware of? Since things started spiralling out there of control, more was revealed and it was jaw-dropping for me.

Overall this was a really well crafted story in the true Rita Stradling style. I am a fan and will gladly read more of Rita's works.

(I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book), Oh the cute YA drama!!

Making Negative Choices is a sweet, mature YA story about first love, grief and friendship. I read a lot of fantasy stories so sometimes it's nice to concentrate on a tale about ordinary teens and their more normal problems. That being said I am not sure too many teens will have been through as much as Cassie but I'm also sure many will also being dealing with their own grief.

I might have made it sound like the entire plot is about loss and although this is a large part of the story, it's about so much more. Cassie's and Culter's romance is sweet and charming, whilst their family situation may be particularly unusual.

The secondary characters including Tyler and Cassie's Aunt are really interesting - I'd love to read more about Tyler, who totally charmed me with his street smarts and weeknesses.

I enjoyed the guide and felt Rita Stradling tackles a lot more traumatic issues with grace and sensitivity.

4 Stars in my Skies!

I received a review duplicate, A step-sibling romance? This particular somewhat trendy, buzz-word-search-friendly, oversaturated sub-genre is likely to instill some quick pasional reactions, but, in this instance, it's worth disregarding your gut and partaking in some guilty-pleasure reading.

This is a sweet story with realistic character types in realistic situations, with a little bit of over-drama that, as one of my own step-brothers has reminded me, is simply faithful to newly-eighteen-year-olds. Right now there is a lot going on behind the romance -- and I would have liked these subject areas to have been managed more directly, as Cassie's feelings on death, love, and morality sometimes felt a little superficial.

Overall, though, this could have made a great made-for-tv drama, and We will be reading the sequel., This is the story of Cassie. A girl whose family tree is a little complicated. Oh, scratched that. Not necessarily a little complicated but really complicated. At a young age, her usual hang out there is the hospital to care for her mother who has cancer. When her mother died, she had to move from Oregon to Bulvin, Colorado to live with her Father. In Bulvin, she will be living with the woman Dad's new wife Jen, her step-brother Josh and the other step-brother Culter--Jen's son from another man. Cassie used to have a crush on Culter but he broke the woman heart.

Making Bad Choices. What kind of bad choices? Intriguing right? Precisely why I signed upwards to review this one. I used to be drawn in by the intriguing title. In addition to the story didn't disappoint. It was packed with scandals and dirty secrets. Like a can of worms just waiting to be opened. More like cans of worms.

Cassie thought that developing feelings for the woman step-brother was complicated enough, little did she know that her life in Bulvin is getting more complex as she gets to know the dimensions of the people. The next days of her life are like accidents holding out to happen. Having to deal with the loss of life of her mother is difficult enough, fitting into a new school and meeting new friends is also tricky. Will she survive the cold weather in Colorado and the snowstorm that is holding out to blow her life away?

This story means complicated in capitals. We felt sorry for Cassie having to go through all these difficulties in her life and family. She thought her mom dying of cancer was the worst she had to deal with but she still have a lot learn. Her center not only got cut into pieces but it also got pounded to pulp. But out of all the shocking facts, she found strength and happiness in Culter and in some of the new friends she met. Regarding the first time in a long time, she feels happy. Like she is able to breathe after holding the woman breath for like permanently. After a long time, she gets alive.

This guide attempts to research the relationships in combined families. The tale poses a very sensitive and difficult question. Will be it still taboo to have feelings for your step-sibling even though you are not in anyway related? Like in this story, even if Culter's mom and Cassie's dad are hitched, when you really look at it, Cassie and Culter are not really related. They are both products of their parent's previous relationships. They may share a common sibling--in this story, Josh, but still, that does not get them to any more related. For me, I believe Cassie and Culter's feelings for one another is not incorrect. Love is never incorrect. Besides, the two increased up in various households. These people never grew up in the same house together. Their own situation may be odd but not as unusual as a guy marrying his dead wife's sister. Sister wives, right? I believe the situation gets unreliable when and if these two grew up in the same house. Definitely, them developing feelings for one another would be awkward and would really be an issue that would be quite delicate to understand. I will let their parents worry about it. I wouldn't even effort to decipher the difficulty of the implications.

We give the book 4/5 sticky notes. The Cassie and Culter's situation is definitely not the usual teen love story we hear. I think Cassie warrants to be happy after all the heartbreak, loss and shit days she had been through. She deserves to feel like a adolescent even for only a instant. She deserves to make mistakes, make bad choices and learn from them. Although, from this tale, she choose to be happy. I believe choosing to be happy, as long as you are not harming anyone is always a great choice.

The thing about shit days--I mean, the most detrimental days of your life--is that they end.
... as mentioned, shit days always end, for better or for worse.
- Rita Stradling, Generating Bad Choices -

Say thanks to you, Giselle of xpressobooktoours. com, for the duplicate.
This is a voluntary review. I used to be gifted a copy.

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