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, My go-to guide for pasta making. I have had it for almost 2 yrs now and the pages are covered in flour and spinach puree, but I still use it repeatedly. The instructions are clear, the techniques are on point, and the recipes are tasty time and time again. The book is beautifully imagined, is durable, and is an essential to anyone who loves to cook or make pasta., This specific book is essential have if you love pasta... It is so in-depth in terms of each factor being explained in depth in terms of WHAT ingredients you need to make a succesful pasta dough - for example , she tells you about the several grades of eggs not only in the usa but in Europe!! The same with different tyeps of flours stimulates you to grind your own grains for flour, WOW!!! THiS is incredible! I have not made any pasta yet but when I do i will up-date you!! Incredible book in terms of the HOUSE CHEF who wants to take their skills to a VERY HIGH DEGREE!!! Making Artisan Teigwaren: Steps to make a World of Handmade Noodles, Stuffed Teigwaren, Dumplings, and much more , This particular is an amazing guide. I am 100% Italian language and learned how to make pasta from my Italian parents and family. This book is very authentic, trust me. Not only is it helpful to guide in what type of flour to use, eggs, dough consistency, and so on, but it switches into different methods (i. e. hands rolling and even food processor. ) The pictures are awesome. The ingredients aren't hard to find. You can do many of the recommended pasta by hand, as done in Malta, even without the special stamps the book directs you too.. This can be a book for both beginners how to do basic dough, pasta) and also for pasta maker lovers. Don't pay attention to the reviews that not it's too hard. The recipes are simple. Making pasta takes time, patience, love. This is the best book making book out there., Very nice selection (small collection) of recipes for especially the beginner in pasta making. Got the book for my new sous chef & pasta creator husband. He's very excited to dig in & feels very assured after looking through this book. It's a bulls eye for our needs & anyone looking to get started w/pasta wonder. Nothing created discomfort but increased his confidence which is a huge part of success. So here we go. I would recommend this book, This particular book is great, even for someone who has never made pasta in their life. My husband and I started with a basic pasta menu to make homemade raviolis and they turned out perfect. Yet , the menu we used did not make much pasta at all. It only made 12 small raviolis, which would have been plenty for us, but we invited his parents and barely had enough. This particular book goes into a lot of detail on different pastas and variants of recipes. Definite suggestion for novices!, This book has recipes for a lot of different doughs and pastas, with interesting sounding flavors I tried out the basic dough and was happy with it. The downside for myself was that I don't have any specialty equipment for pasta making and most of the directions in this guide assume you have a pasta roller and cutter. Some other items used are things like a corzetti stamp or a cavatelli roller. I actually have limited storage in my kitchen and I am not a tool person. I guess I was hoping for something on a more introductory stage. I'm hoping to try a number of the several dough types in pastas I can make by hand., I was struggling to review this guide because I am so distracted by the way it displays on different Kindle Upon my iPad the guide regularly has just two lines per page, which is very annoying. It is not as bad on my Kindle Touch, or my iPod Touch, but I wish I could return it for the paper backup. this problem was not evident when I saved the sample.

The guide itself is rich with content and is straightforward to follow. My wife and I have declared 2013 our year of pasta experiments (last year was Dal Bhat). she likes pasta and am love kitchen tools, and pasta. So far we have made a number of different ravioli that we have been very happy with. So, have this book and get it as a paper copy.

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