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I recently finished reading this book cover-to-cover today. I are likely to do that with cookbooks anyway... but that one was especially fun, having its content as much enjoyable anecdotes about family and cooking as it is recipes... including whether or not to raise chickens, goats, turkeys, bees... (I do have 3 beehives, and better good fortune with them! )

Whilst I have not yet tried any of the recipes per se, the recipe for ricotta is very near the one I always use with my raw milk. I'll be considering trying the fat free yogurt, since my raw-milk fat free yogurt is usually really watery (though bread and our dog love the whey! ). I've also made a lot of sauerkraut based on Katz's recipe, just one recipe of kimchee in the same way based, and several of the cured meats dependent on "Chaucuterie", and all sorts of these have been delicious. Thus giving me faith in the girl other recipes. (If, when I cook more specifically out of this book and they do not work out well, I'll update this review. )

I was VERY appreciative of the girl personal approach to the perennial DIY question "Is it worthwhile? " I am rather a DIY nut- as the previous indicates- so my answer is usually "Of course! inch even when that is not a particularly sensible answer! And personally, I was itching to have the freezer space to make and freeze croissant money and puff pastry. In addition to I wager I could make a mean Napolean with that puff pastry.

If you're a DIY lover, I think you'll love this book, even when you disagree with her assessments. it's just so much fun! In case you're not- well, this is probably not for you, unless you want to read it as a horror story and thank all relevant gods that you are not enticed to buy ducklings on impulse.

Edited to add: I just made the marinara sauce out of this and put it on other. Wonderful! A very clean flavor, and a very straightforward recipe., So We ordered the book again on October 21st and am devouring it. Is actually one of those truly good books that makes me feel like I just got off the telephone with a close friend -and does actually make me "laugh out loud". It's joined the rates high of a small number of books good enough to make me buy multiple copies to give to friends, family, and total strangers (I've acquired 3 copies of this book in the last month). Just what I needed after the let-down that was  Chicken and Egg: A new Memoir of Suburban Homesteading with 125 Recipes . Even better than  The Feast Nearby: How I lost my job, buried a marriage, and found my way by keeping chickens, foraging, preserving, bartering, and eating locally (all on a week) , though We loved that book, too.

The book is most powerful when it compares a finished product from your local store (a loaf of bread) to what she can make at home using store acquired staples (flour, salt, yeast). Since store-bought cream is more expensive than store-bought butter, the lady concludes it is not necessarily cost-effective to make your own rechausser. This in turn works best with products that were once homemade (hummus, peanut butter, bacon) and less well with items that are an commercial creation (poptarts).

The book does not work as well outside of this format, such as when the lady discusses gardening, bees, hens, and goats. These chapters are entertaining, but not as well constructed from a cost-benefit-analysis point of view:

The fruit and vegetable sections are shockingly short (vegetables is 6 pages; fruit is seven pages, 2 of which are to make lard). We try to get all the produce as possible from the backyard (and it meets her conditions of "cheaper, better, and less hassle than a trip to the grocery store"), and especially love the ultra-cheap orange juice and pomegranate juice, so I was surprised at the omission.

The chickens, bees, and goats sections make amusing and thought provoking reports, but are incomplete in answering the question: "Make or Buy? " SPOILERS: Regarding eggs, she does not compare the cost-per-dozen of store-bought eggs versus yard eggs. Rather, she compares what she was spending at the store a year (about 0, it sounds like) with the expense of housing and looking after 19 birds at a time (she seems to have acquired a total of 29); the former provided her the exact amount of eggs she needed while the latter remaining her drowning in ova, even with giving them away to all takers. Take away lessons: when you build a run, allow it to be predator proof (see  Making It: Radical Residence Ec for a Post-Consumer World   for good advice here) and don't buy more hens than you need. three to four is plenty; they reside in a lot less space and require only 1 nesting box (resulting in MUCH cheaper building costs), they use considerably less feed, straw, and wood shavings and thus your continuous costs are less, too. Because we garden, eggs not necessarily all we get from the chickens. Each chicken produces 45 pounds of manure a year, which mixes with the deep-bedding straw in their run to make wonderful compost (which we muck out once a year).

SPOILERS: Regarding the bees, I was surprised the lady didn't have any use for the beeswax. With  Making It: Radical Home Ec for a Post-Consumer World , We use beeswax in concocting deodorant, lip balm, decongestant chest rub, furniture shine, lotion, and more. Is actually what finally convinced me personally I need to get some bees. She says she got 3 gallons of honey in 6 months from 2 urticaria and that it would "last her family a decade. " But what if you took the numerous quality recipes in this book that call for sugar and reformatted them to work with honey? And she said her "bee folly" cost , 200 or /cup of honey -but that includes Hive 3 and Hive 4, which the lady had to know were doomed to fail. In case the original 2 urticaria cost 0 and they also provided all 3 of the gallons (she says the lady got nothing from the next 2 before they died), that's *really* . 50 a cup. Typically insane, but if they had survived... And in cases where a job was too productive (eggs, honey), she *could* recoup costs by selling the excess (she says the bees and chickens were the 2 projects that ate up the savings created by other projects).

SPOILERS: Regarding the goats, the book is published before either gives delivery and therefore before either gives milk, so there is not much information there. And she doesn't talk about what she might do with the 2 kids (the original pair of goats -the mothers- cost her 0 and so i ponder if she could sell the babies for 0 and recoup some costs? As is, she concludes that goats' milk is "buy". January 28 up-date: I recently finished  Small House in the Suburbs: Backyard farming and home skills for self-sufficient dwelling   which had this to express: "The first rule of selecting a goat is don't buy pedigree unless you're going to breed for profit. There is reason for a pedigree goat. It's like paying for a show dog when you just want a friend to take on walks. A great mixed-breed goat costs between twenty and fifty bucks. Pedigree goats can be in the hundreds or more. " (p. 89) "Goats typically give delivery to two babies at any given time. " (p. 100) So , if you pay 50 dollars each for a pair of goats and can get even each for their four offspring (which would almost recuperate the stud cost expense), the math shouldn't be devastating.   Small House in the Suburbs: Backyard farming and home skills for self-sufficient dwelling , incidentally, would make a great companion to this book., I really like this book and it was just what I was looking for in conditions of a breakdown of what I should make and what I should just overlook about putting any work into other than choosing the item on a store shelf. I have done enough experimentation on my own so to be able to learn from they've mistakes is an excellent change. The stories were enjoyable and I could so relate to the very expensive homegrown eggs. Also with my own hens eventually costing more than I am going to ever get again they still add so much to our lives and the author was able to express that idea so eloquently. We laughed at the storyplot of the goats, the bees, and the turkeys, and then I got influenced to actually work through quite a few quality recipes. All turned out great and the notes of the thing that was a hassle or what wasn't turned out to be very energize. Sure I could get a lot of the recipes in any amount of places but We would not have had all the fun nor would I possess learned as much or felt I had a kindred spirit watching over my successes.

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