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Yet again Teresa Gabelman has pinned it!! she has strolled into another authors world to make it her own!! '
Wicked is a unusual, independent tattoo artist who is a witch, she rents the woman shop and home from the Sexy as hell Shifter and has a wiseass cat as her common.
Thorne is, omg how do I actually describe Thorne? HOT SINCE HELL!
Generic, yes her familiars name is Bruce and he listens to rock and Move, wears an earring and plays poker with the other familiars oh ahora and in his free time licks his balls.
What I actually think I love most is that Teresa has had in some of her figure from The Protectors series!! I REALLY LIKE when author do Cross Overs!!!
All I can say is if you need a outrageous and wacky read then this is it!!
Teresa is a one click author!!, I cherished this, what a great start of a new series for Teresa. Wishful thinking. Love how she brought the Steve, Intento, Kira, And Ronan into the story. I really hope Thorne, Wicked, MAC and Zelda will make an appearance in the Warriors stories. This story really relocated fast and as in Teresa fashion had a strong female character and a hot as hell shifter. Hope we will see more of these characters in the future. ❤️, Wicked is a witch and a tattoo artist with ties to VC warriors. But she actually is having trouble with a local shifter but panther shifter Throne is the woman protector, I voluntarily evaluated an Advance Reader’s Backup of this book.

Gableman has once again given us a strong female to root for with Wicked, it doesn’t damage that she also gives us a hottie of a shifter with Thorne McAllister.
Upon the outskirts of Assjacket, Virginia, yes you observed that right Assjacket, there is a tattoo shop run by a witch name Wicked. Along with her familiar, a sarcastic stone loving cat named Bruce, she runs the woman shop and sticks to herself. After all that’s the way it’s recently been all her life.
Once her shop was actually in the city, but since its a shifter town and a lot of human’s don’t come to it she moved so that she would convey more customers. The girl also moved so that no-one in town would get her by her actions of helping a witch friend of her in need. Thorne, ah Thorne, is her yummy panther landlord. She wants to jump and tattoo that yummy panther, but she fights it.
With her last VC Warrior book Gableman launched two new characters, siblings who are witches and now she has given all of us another.
I actually laughed my butt off with this story. Generic keeps Wicked on her feet and when the VC Warrior Steve comes to town I really could not contain the laughter.
Thorne is a yummy shifter that is aware what he wants and what he wants is Wicked, he has needed her from the moment he saw her, but he has a hard time convincing her of that.
This specific step into the Miracle and Mayhem Kindle Globe is a awesome step for Gableman. We get strong and funny new characters and a punch a** story, the one which still brings us a piece of our beloved VC Warriors.
I hope we catch another glimpse of Wicked, Thorne, and Generic in the future., Chaos is what I had been going through trying to understand why this guide was only made available to residents in the US. I actually can’t fathom the reasoning behind it. I mean we do read in britain. Some of the greatest writers were British born and bred. Charles Dickens, Anne Austin, more modern JK Rowling. I mean you can see why I am finding difficult in understanding the principle of only publishing in the US.

Do you know what magic really is? It’s having special friends that live far away like the USA and can gift idea you a book that is not available to buy in the united kingdom. Thus, thank you my special friend Mel for gifting me a book I actually wanted to see by one of my favourite Authors.

Today that I have that off my chest I can tell you that I loved this book. The story was fascinating with a new of complete fantasy. It absolutely was just what I needed to lose myself in. A world of makebelieve in a town called ‘Assjacket’. Yep, that’s right, it experienced me giggling some, Teresa Gabelman can bring great humor to a history when very much needed.

Wicked is a witch, yes her name is Wicked. Obviously it is. She’s a tattoo artist and an outstanding one by all accounts. I mean she could just magically give you a tattoo should she choose to do so, but where is the fun in that? She likes to create, she’s a fantastic artist and what better way than to create by seeing your work on someone else.

Thorne a shifter is Wicked’s every moist dream. He sounds truly awesome as well. I actually do love a solid leader shifter to take my breath away. He is very protective of Wicked and yeah he’s somewhat wicked himself.

Have you read The Protector Collection by this Author? I know sidetracked well not really just because a couple of the VC Warriors pay a visit to this nice little town. Imagine my surprise when…… HA!! Not hinting a thing more.

If you love everything paranormal and fun then this book is a must read. I really hope you stay in the US and have absolutely friends who can gift idea the book., I devoured this guide. OMG. Teresa you have nailed it. You enter in another Authors world and smashed it and made it yours.
Phenomenal Phenomenal phenomenal read
Wicked is hiding. She doesn’t want to be found or noticed. She use a tattoo shop and makes money doing her art. She has a familiar named Generic who is an earring using headbanger cat.
Her landlord well now Thorne is one HOT SEXY ALPHA MALE. A shifter who is not to be messed with.
Trouble comes though and wicked will need help to get through it. In comes a fantastic surprise.
This specific book had me hooked from the title.
If I could I would give 10 superstars and that still isn’t enough

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