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We wasn't a huge fan of Dick Van Dyke yet, I found his history to be interesting and told with a smile. This man is probably a better man than actor and I would say he has given which means to his life in a way others could never do. I might be very happy to make his acquaintance after reading his story. I think he would be most interesting and leave me cheerful. Just as his book performed!, As memoirs go, Cock covers it all from birth.

Based on the conversational tone, I'm assuming he influenced much, if not all, of the book. There are places where, as an editor, I would have trimmed and snipped a bit... and other areas We would have had him go further in-depth. Regarding instance, while I came away feeling having been proud of the work he performed with Mary Tyler Moore on 39 episodes annually for five or six years, and in spite of the fact they contributed an on-screen chemistry unlike any TV show before or since, he seemed more passionate about his relationships with Carl Reiner, Morey Amsterdam and Increased Marie. Even Jerry Paris got more props than Mary.

I'm not a Hollywood gossip hound. Perhaps there is/was some animosity between them unknown to me... perhaps he was being diplomatic. I came away feeling he experienced tossed her from his Christmas card list many years ago. And sadly, this book reveals little.

Dick comes off as a really nice guy who will be pretty darn sincere about his human faults and weaknesses. He is fairly honest about his alcoholism, but like the majority of lovers, I felt he probably took some liberties with the truth. (This is a memoir, not a confessional. ) And when I say he could be a nice guy, he seems deeply devoted to family and friends... and shows up to go out of his way not to say a bad thing about anybody in a town famous for eating its young. You'd think after almost 70 years in show biz, however want to get in a single last shot at an individual!

Now into his 90s, sounding hale and hearty, I began to wonder if Dick Van Dyke will live forever. After observing a few episodes of his classic show on Hulu last weekend, Now i'm convinced he will.

Cock... if you are reading this... say thanks to you for helping the world put on a happy face. You might be a value!, This book is actually for fans. There’s not much dirt. Dick Van Fag is optimistic, kind, and modest throughout. He humbly credits his long successful career to luck though he’s evidently extremely gifted. He talks openly of his alcohol issues and the difficult decision to leave his long relationship for another woman. Yet, he or she always comes across as honest, kind, generous, and happy. He decided earlier on to keep his career kid friendly. He started out in humor; then learned to perform and dance and do dramatic roles. I cherished his first show and had a major grind on him. I thought having been the perfect man: amiable, funny, honest, and sincere. He states he or she was playing himself. He worked with some wonderful and talented people and so did they., Basically written, by Van Fag himself, this was a very enjoyable read. Right now there wasn't a lot of dirt or shocking revelations, as some memoirs are aught to do (not sure if it's " aught" or " ought" sorry), but a pretty positive, joy-filled look back on which he sees as life filled with lucky breaks and a life existed fully. He's honest about his very own short-comings, mostly in a sweet, self-deprecating way, but does deal with his divorce, and entrance later in life of the alcohol problem, but overall it's very positive (not that discussing these honestly isn't positive in their own right). As We neared the conclusion We spent a couple of late times unable to put it down. if you're like me personally having grown up with his trademark tv show (which he gives completely of the credit to writer Carl Reiner and his stellar cast-mates), i then think you'll enjoy this book very, very much., I grabbed this publication because I've been quite a long time Dick Van Dyke lover, from his first Tv series and on through his career. I didn't expect a tawdry tell-all, Cock any of Hollywood's true nice guys after all and it didn't fail. The book flowed really well and I felt like I had been sitting down with him and simply being attentive to him tell stories. I like how he or she didn't use this publication as a way to point fingers; nearly all of the time it was indicated back at him. We remember when he became available about his problem with booze, before it became the hip thing to do and I noticed it was a little while until some courage being in the bright lamps of celebrity to take that step. It had been apparent writing about certain life and family situations were not easy, though they discovered evidently as a heavy heart guided by a light hand. No question this had to be trimmed considerably before it visited the publisher, which only makes me ponder what had to be left out. If if you're admirer, read it, it is well worth the time spent., You can find no great revelations in this autobiography; no sordid scandals. If you're a lover, you might not learn much nevertheless the stories he shows very funny and his voice resonates throughout. It reads like you'd expect it to, coming from one of America's " clean", old school comedic actors. Not necessarily preachy or heavy on the " life lessons" that numerous autobiographies fall into, merely a lot of interesting stories about his job and the show biz folks he met along the way. He really does seem to be to hold back a little in the family life, but it is apparently out of respect and not secrecy. I liked this and recommend it for fans of Mr. Van Dyke., The best parts are about The Dick Van Dyke Demonstrate and Carl Rainer and the crew and actors on the show. Otherwise, more of Dick Van Dyke's autobiography strikes me too much "I'm a goody-goody" even though he conned in the wife and shacked -up with his partner. The book did expose honesty about his alcoholism, and confirmed my mistrust that Dick Van Fag has more energy than six ordinary men put together. A worthwhile read only for the chapters about The Dick Van Fag Show.

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