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Hungarian author George Zelina is a certified life trainer. He writes self-help books on self-confidence, motivation, getting stuck in life and the way from it, writing mostly in Hungarian but now also in English. George and his wife, Nora, are now living in Budapest. George’s first book available in English - SELF-HELP SELF-CONFIDENCE BOOM - has already been so successful that a motivation group based on the message has already been formed!

As George declares, ‘I’m a certified life coach, and I think that parenting and coaching are incredibly much the same from a lot of aspects. In case you want to do it right, you have to be strong, creative, and a good listener. You need to be caring and let your kid experience the life in his or her very own way while being in the shadows and act or react if he or the girl needs you. When you are not the trainer, you have to be a mentor and a informal man who shows his child the rules and joy of life and the values of your family…In this book, I will share with you some of my life experience, describe techniques which have helped me as a dad, and ask you different questions in order to to find your own way as a loving dad. The first three chapters are getting you prepared to be equipped for the big day. Following that, we will deep jump into the true that means of being a dad. The role model who was there seeing his kid grow up and not the one who seems back and doesn’t know how the whole thing occurred in a blink of an eye. Or more serious, doesn’t look back at all because he just doesn’t care. ’

George speaks frankly and supportingly to fathers and their major role as a dad. And keeping with modern times he refers us to YouTube videos with QR codes to increase the prevue of his information. ‘Parenthood is already an enormous challenge, but with community changing the way it has, we face fresh challenges. We are between the advancement of technology, with social media an ever-present threat, along with smartphones and tablets. Let’s face it, fatherhood has changed, and with times changing, so has the concept of fatherhood. ’

George addresses the significance of building self confidence by grouping his instructions and help into the following categories - Fathers and Soon to get Fathers, Bring together, I Will Be a Dad, What’s Going on With Her?, The Day of the Birth, Let’s Get the Party Started, Family Bonds, A Confident Youngster, Baby Blues, Hard Days and nights, Work-Life Balance, Be Right now there, and Bond of Rely on.

But the most considerable chapter in this fine book is the previous chapter in which George expresses the significance for fathers to keep in mind ‘to be true to yourself. ’ A good excerpt from that chapter bears quoting – ‘Take a look at traditional ethnicities. In Africa, children are a property; it’s simply a continuation of life, there is no need to lose you as a result. The difference in Africa is that parents are parenting inside a community, rather than beside it like in the , the burkha. There are closer family ties, and parents often have their children with these all the time. We possess lost that, and we’ve replaced it with something different: Child-centeredness. Since we can’t spend our every moment with our children, we make the most of enough time we do have. We sit with them, play, and read them stories. This is certainly natural, and healthy, but we cater to every whim of our children’s wants, desires, and needs. Kids thrive with lively parents; they can have a tendency to themselves and function not having their parent at their side constantly. How can you parent and be true to yourself? Provide a safe environment for your child to explore and roam free, Trust your child, there’s no need to fret and float, Be active, and follow your passions, Don’t make room in your own life for your child; it should be the other way round, Build a community of care around you, and Having kids shouldn’t prevent you from doing anything, it will just require additional planning and audio judgment.

Throughout this very accessible book George uses quotations from famous people that reinforce his thoughts and manages to keep the complete book in a one-on-one basis, securing our attention and trust. George writes so well and shares their own journey to keep us connected that by the end of the book we want to meet him in person. But then as George would probably choose, take the time to look in the mirror to see the new informed and happy dad you have become! Grady Harp, April 17, This is a wonderful reality check on raising children. George Zelina gives upfront, no holds barred, information on becoming a father. We loved how he incorporated the videos to provide a humorous visual to the information he was providing. The details he gave were enough to get his way. He tells his story much like a conversation between two men. I found that he was dead on with regards to a great deal of aspects and supplies some great helpful information for both the pregnancy and the birth. Is genuinely a should read for those expecting and those who have already been fathers for a little while. I as a mother of 3 children found his book helpful the other that I will be increasing my husband’s reading list soon. We might even be buying some hard copies for baby shower gifts in the future. I highly recommend this book for all parents., Information, internet and inter-connection everywhere, a part of me is glad that we finally are living in an age group of frequent information modernizing practically every day, the other part, not really.
Not everything is scripted and that’s fine, being a parent is one of the very most amazing experiences we all could fantasy, because there is no guide, is something completely unexpected and there is no problem with that, naturally , not all of us are meant to be good parents, some don’t have the guts to be an inspirational source for their kids, and there is no way to blame anyone for your, because is a different experience for everybody.
With all that said, I genuinely enjoy this book, it has some good and proper information you should always give a look or two, some good advices and most important, to be prepared for what is coming. I have been babysitting my goddaughter since she was two months old, and several years later I’m still looking out for her, it offers really help myself to grow and today We have a better viewpoint about parenthood, the result? Usually give your best every day., George Zelina’s short but informative book for men is an excellent primer to help new (or not so new) dads find their bearings. No doubt parenting is a life-changer, but it is the most satisfying and challenging role in life. Zelina’s conversational tone and helpful information make this book a joy to read. Every page has a nugget of useful information to apply in every day life.

The guide covers basically all aspects of fatherhood, from learning that you’re going to have a baby, to preparing for delivery, to the newborn stage and beyond. But what We found most helpful is the relationship advice : how to nourish the relationships that mean the most to us, between spouses and between partners and children. Zelina’s advice is meant to make you not just a better father, but a better person.

I hugely enjoyed the book. But there are issues with some of the grammar and syntax. The book is in need of a good editor and proofreader. That said, it may be a deal at the price and you can’t go wrong with the advice., I happen to think that all soon-to-be men should read this book. Possibly the most considerable section was the last one, in which the creator pointed out that, in certain cultures, children are an integral part of life in the sense that it's considered normal for children to accompany their parents in their activities. That's just the way it is. So " in order to child to work day" should not be considered something that happens maybe once or twice a 12 months, and when children are incorporated more, we don't feel like we need to make up for it by catering to our children's wish for gleaming new toys. And, even when you absolutely can't be there, the child will be okay with that as long as you always come back. Since the child really wants two things from the dad: To know that the dad is obviously going to come back, and to have room to explore and grow as a person. The Youtube videos that mcdougal links to are helpful and point.

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