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I recall adding Love, & You to my wishlist as soon as I first heard about it and my interest increased steadily as I read glowing after glowing review. But Need to give credit when is actually due and say it was really Amanda's wonderful review that sealed the package for me, confirming just how much I would be able to relate to the poems. And the girl was 100% right. It can been days since I actually devoured Love, & You in record time, and I still haven't retrieved from the emotion excess. Because to say it crudely: damn, that girl can write powerful poetry! Wonderful, emotional, raw, beautiful, powerful, strong, exceptional... Rely on me, I will keep the adjectives going for a long period if you let me. This poetry bundle is all about her experience with a toxic relationship and her slow recovery from it. The poems are highly personal and it really feels you get to know her much better through her poems. I seriously admire her courage first discussing about such a personal topic and then heading ahead and publishing the poems afterwards!

It's not widely known, but I actually was unfortunate enough to have a quite similar experience with a toxic relationship in the past. The important points may really matter right now, but it did mean that the poems in Love, & You made an even bigger impact on me than they would to others who haven't had such an experience. Trust me, the girl doesn't exaggerate the effects of such a partnership and its looong and difficult road to recuperation. Writing (both poems and other forms) can be a very important form of self-therapy and am loved learning more about the girl journey through her writing. I wrote some poetry myself after my experience that helped me learn about the past and accept what happened, but those just seemed like silly scribblings compared to those shared in Love, & You. I loved both the writing style, form and just how the several feelings are voiced. It can not often that Now i'm left speechless, but I discovered myself lost for words after finishing this bundle. Thank you for explaining my own feelings and memories so much much better than I could ever done!, plus reading a whole lot of beautiful poetry collections as of late, which series is no exception. the poems in this series are both heartbreaking and empowering, and it is clear that the author opened up herself up fully, and allowed her words and feelings to flow through the cracks in the girl heart and onto the pages of this book. there was a specifically painful amount of my life where i could buy a book like this, and i highly encourage anybody who has experienced a toxic relationship, or is going through some form of heartbreak, to pick up this series and lose themselves in Gretchen's words. absolutely beautiful debut!, I don't know how to write about the happy parts because all I knew was the sadness.

I have been following Gretchen's blog for a while now and when I discovered out that she was launching a poetry collection I actually had to get a copy, even though poetry isn't a genre I actually typically read, and am am so glad I obtained this. Every woman should check out this collection of poems. It can about heartbreak an losing yourself in someone and finding your way back again to " you". This collection is so real and raw and Gretchen just has a way with words. I can't wait around to read what the girl arrives with next., love, and you is a poetry collection that I read over a month now, and still find personally dwelling on. Self love is the theme of many poetry books, but what I love about Gretchen's poetry is the girl voice. There is no preaching in this collection-only support and care dependent on self-realization. She is at once a flawed individual who has struggled in love and life and a solid woman who too those experience and figured out from them. Reading this collection is similar to having a heart-to-heart with a pal. Gomez ruminates on her experience and transforms them into positives and strengths, room to grow. And that is what I find is most important: realizing that there exists the chance for growth in misfortune and lost loves rather than simply a reason to shrink and call it stops. All in all, I actually felt empowered by the strength so masterfully portrayed in this poetry series and recommend it to anyone who needs reassurance., When I found out there was a book of poetry out there written by one of our very own many other bloggers, I just knew I had to get my hands on it! I was not let down because of it! It was powerful, heartbreaking, uplifting, and thought provoking. For everyone who loves poetry and enjoys reading something written from the heart, this one is for you. For those who do not enjoy poetry or sometimes find poetry hard to understand, you will enjoy these poetry since they are easy to read, heartfelt, also to the point.

Gretchen poured her heart and soul in to this work of art. She is a truly beautiful poetess. You may truly feel her feelings and understand her journey of heartache through her words. Poetry isn't always about perfect prose and rhymes. It's about empathy, feelings, and expression. It's about writing for yourself, no matter the outcome. I recommend this to anyone who has ever been through a difficult relationship, anyone who loves poetry, and anyone who loves reading something written from the center., Gretchen gives every part of her hurt and curing in her poetry. It absolutely was like sitting next to her, and having the girl show me what happened, what went wrong, what gone right, what hurt, what healed, what she was thinking and what she desired to forget. Going through " love, and you" informed me of reading through a vintage journal one maintains when going through difficult parts of their lives. It was all raw and vulnerable, yet strong and powerful. Even with the hurt, there was her. And, she was glowing with love. Her journey was beautiful. Her journey was painful. Her journey was hers and it is here, in this book. Can you imagine what her journey would look like, now, that she's let most of these words out? With light and love, definitely an e book to re-read, given the feelings and resonations. Lovely. Just lovely.

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