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I absolutely want to know how to become an honorary member of this party of seven. The more of these books that I read, the more that I desire to be a part of them. I'm experience left out!

Caitlin has had some hard times, but she is very driven, especially as the girl tries to discover who she is deep down and what will really make the woman happy is obviously. Her parents situation was a little worrying and the way in which she deals with their circumstances and helps them is heartening. I love how she is willing to make changes in her life when she steps back to carefully observe and evaluate.

Shane really does have a heart of precious metal underneath his jokes and charm. It's like he or she tries to hide that creamy, nougat center, and he or she definitely doesn't flaunt it, but rather tries to discompose others from seeing it. The sparks immediately reignite as Caitlin and Shane banter, while they tentatively explore rekindling their friendship. I loved the romance--the sparks almost leapt off of the pages a few times. Just imagine--all of this started with simply a simple question.

I actually haven't ever read anything at all by this author before, but I loved the woman style and the design of these great characters. The story is filled with judgements to be produced and the emotion behind the choices is tangible. You will find a sentimental feel that is gently threaded throughout the guide, which is constant with a small-town story. I love how each of these girls (so far) will something to make things better than we were holding before the girls came back again to town.

Content: slight romance (swoony kissing, slight innuendo); one instance of underage drinking.

*I received a copy, which had no influence on my thoughts and opinions. *, Caitlin Cook left the small town of Christmas Falls, TN 8 years in the past to attend Harvard and hasn't come back home too often since then. Within the span of a week she's lost her boyfriend and the woman job so she has no reason to stay in Boston when the girl receives a letter from Miss Anna Cate, the woman school choir director. The girl finds things at the woman childhood home have changed quite a lttle bit from the woman last visit 2 years in the past. Her parents antiquing infatuation has overtaken the property and is spilling onto front side porch, and it's affecting her teenage brother, Nate, who still lives at home. Shortly after arriving back in town the girl runs into Shane Mitchell, the school band movie director and the boy who admitted he loved the woman before she left for Harvard.
Caitlin feels as though she's on an episode of hoarders when she sees her parents house and it only obtained worse when she ultimately made it with her bedroom. Boxes of stuff from estate sales are everywhere--she has a hard time finding her bed, but when she finds out there that her mother and father are also putting their antique locates in her younger brother's room and closet the girl realizes she's going to have to have a talk with mom and dad.
Shane Mitchell has cared for Caitlin for years but doesn't tell her until the night before she leaves for Harvard. She's been gone for 8 years and although he's changed, his feelings on her haven't. Shane is a great guy--he music Caitlin's piano so the girl can start playing again, he lets Nate do his homework in his office at school due to hoarding situation at home, and when Caitlin talks to her parents about straightening up the house he or she helps out with this too.
I experienced for Caitlin when the girl arrives home to find her parents have hot way overboard with buying things for their antique store. Growing up with the adage " a place for everything and everything in its place" Now i'm fairly certain I would've turned and run away, but Caitlin helps the woman parents see that it can hurting her brother who can't have even friends over.
I love the idea of the Miss Anna Cate having the girls exchange friendship bracelets in a wedding ceremony and them staying in touch through the years. Also i loved the advice she gives to Caitlin that helps her decide whether in which to stay Christmas Falls or come back to Boston. I comprehended Caitlin feeling the need to prove her Harvard education was worth something--she did work super hard to get a scholarship and keep it--but sometimes when we're trying to demonstrate something we're just being stubborn.
I actually laughed aloud the two times Shane uses his dad's model skeleton to prank Caitlin by dressing it in clothes and leaving a note fastened to it. I would've been scared witless, but it was fun reading it occurring to someone else.
This is certainly my first book by Beth Labonte but I liked the characters in this guide and the humor that was in the tale although it had some serious themes too. I'm looking forward to reading the other books in this course., I received an ARC of Love Notes in Christmas Falls, which by no means influences my view of the book.

Love Notes in Christmas Falls follows heroine, Caitlyn Cook, who left the woman hometown, Christmas Falls, for Harvard and Boston eight years ago. All those years ago, she left behind her parents and their obsessive antiquing, a more youthful brother and outgoing bandmate, Shane Mitchell, who advised her he loved the woman the night before the girl left. Now, she’s back again in Christmas Fall in love with the holidays, unattached to the woman life in Boston, after obtaining a distressing page from the high school coach and unfortunate thing concerning the community center, where the girl bonded with her nearest friends all those years ago. While she’s back again, she incurs Shane and as the two take more time together and face how things were left together, Caitlyn questions if the girl should return to Birkenstock boston and focus on building a life there or give love and Christmas Falls a second chance?

I actually absolutely adored Love Records in Christmas Falls! The heroine, Caitlyn Cook, is a true introvert ~ having faced questions, like “Why are you so quiet? ” to opening up to select people to feeling drained when the girl talks for too much time to preferring nights in as oppose to out on the town. She’s also quirky, funny and sweet. I loved the woman and completely related to her as an introvert myself. The romance was sweet and endearing, displaying the leads relationship in their high school years to emphasize their intimate chemistry in the present. Shane Mitchell is a hero to swoon over – kind, funny, charming and supportive. And I actually loved him and Caitlyn together.

Overall, a beautifully, clean romance with a natural pace and loveable characters. 5 stars.

L. S. Since this guide is a part of a series, readers will experience character overlaps, such as Miss Anna Golpe, who I imagine is a staple in each book because she is part of the reason they all return home. And Olivia, who is a aspect character in this tale but has her very own book in the series as well as the other close friends of Caitlyn’s. However, this book can be read as a standalone but I’m definitely thinking about reading the others.

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