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This guide is worth more than 3 stars, but in light of all 5-star reviews (written by young blog writers, probably) I find myself compelled to realise a counterpoint. Regarding the Love: Fighting for Grace in a global of Impossible Standards is a fun stream-of-consciousness roller coaster ride through the rants and raves of a Jesus-loving, preacher's wife and mother-of-5, sprinkled with a little minor celebrity glitz. It is, therefore, not the things i expected.

The publication is truly funny, easy to read in small snatches and occasionally makes a great point of practical theology. (“If you can make a pot of chili and use a cell phone, then you can create community. ” Or, “Anytime the abundant and poor combine, we should listen to the person who has the least energy. ”) However, it is not what I expected because the title scammed me. I thought it was going to be a straight-up education about grace applied to ourselves primarily as well as others secondarily, something we all sorely need, whether we are from the get-your-life-in-line ending of the variety or the let-it-all-hang-out conclusion. But it's not. Following the wonderful Introduction, grace is never directly addressed again, and there are whole chapters which avoid use the word. Presently there IS a chapter on fashion, multiple chapters dealing with pet peeves, Jen's life in Facebook posts and several intricate recipes. Yes, there is a couple more serious chapters about missions (seemingly borrowed from When Helping Hurts) and church leaders, but there is certainly approximately one Holy bible reference (ok, I found three more in the second-to-last, confusing chapter stimulating women to acquire more) and for a book offering grace, I felt kind of ragged on a few times.

I really could be the author's mother (if I'd had a few rough and/or promiscuous young years), so there's one other thing I've received to say: sometimes this good-hearted lady knows not of what she speaks. By her own entry she hasn't been through a lot of struggles. She has a adoring pastor-husband, five great kids who are still at home, and she and her friends cheer on one another's published textbooks, released CD's and popular podcasts. Talk to me again when there's only one of you working on your marital life, when your grown child has embraced atheism, when you've had a significant part of your body disfigured, or when your best friend or your dreams have died a slow death. Then you can write a serious book aimed at raising burdens, explaining modern dilemmas or applying grace to self-condemnation. Until then, please stick to truth in advertising by subtitling your publication: Funny Blogs about Being a Middle-aged Christian Mom.

Please buy this publication (seriously, do) if you would like to read some light yet inspiring Christian humor. Just don't be fooled by the title like I was. And, Jen, when you decide to write the book you promised in the Introduction, I'll stand in line for it., You guys, I’m not even sure what to say about For the Love. I read took in to 7: An Trial and error Mutiny Against Excess several months ago and cherished it. Everything from the message to the tone of voice to the audio tracks narrator was inviting. When We saw that Jen Hatmaker had a new publication being released, I jumped on it. I hesitate when requesting religious books for review because while We do read these type of textbooks regularly, I don’t read them frequently enough or fast enough to really feel good about being able to review them by the release date. Yet , For the Love’s release date was so far in advance from when I requested it and the book so quick (only right at two hundred pages) that I thought I could be successful. Small did I know i would read this one just as quickly as a fiction book. That just doesn’t eventually me very often. After reading several books recently that either felt irreverent in general or at least partially irreverent I felt like We needed a good dosage of some reaffirming religious content. Jen Hatmaker seemed like a good gamble.

The first twenty to thirty percent of Regarding the Love had myself highlighting large sections of text a time, emailing them to my good friend Kay (the one who suggested I read 7 to begin with), and generally laughing out noisy. This lady is amusing. And on point. Only Jen Hatmaker could write an entire chapter dedicated to “Leggings are not pants” and “Tights are not leggings. ” But there were serious subjects too, about stress we put on ourselves to be not a jack of trades but a master of all trades—especially in the mom category. Even being an expected mother, We can totally see myself already positioning these problematic standards on myself that she discusses. As well as the first section of “thank you notes” in the style of Michael j. fox were also hilarious. I found myself nodding my head and “amening” throughout almost all of the first half this book.

And then we get to the second half of the book. I won’t say the book took on a more serious sculpt as there were some rather serious matters mentioned in the very first half of the book, but I assume the humor was called back a notch with this second half. Perhaps that’s because this segment was about how exactly to offer with yourself. The sections of the book were about dealing with people who are now living in your house, friends, neighbors, strangers, foes, church, church people, not-church people, and God. It may be easy to laugh at ourselves I assume, but throw other people to the mix and waters can get muddy. For the Adore still had plenty toward the second half of the book that got me nodding my head and amening. It gave me some good ideas on things I’d like to try when dealing with others and several things to think about. But I also found myself annoyed and confused about a few things.

There were a few references to the gay community which is a huge topic in our culture today, but mostly I came away from that subject unsure about Jen Hatmaker’s thoughts or convictions on the subject matter. I feel like the lady addressed this in the manner that she did purposely. It wasn’t the purpose of this guide to discuss this subject in depth, but We wasn’t sure what the message was that the lady was trying to relay concerning this either. I was also unclear about the woman thoughts/definition of the church. This feels as though semantics because there’s the biblical explanation of the word “church”, what it means, and what all is required in it, and then there’s the 21st hundred years American definition of the word. Why the issues isn’t always clear to everyone, but it will. Plus in the end, We wasn’t sure whether Jen Hatmaker was using the word in the biblical way or in the American 21st century way. At times I felt one way and then others times I felt the alternative. 1 last complaint is the fact that while it’s apparent that Jen Hatmaker is familiar with the Bible and what it says, For the Love was a little full of shoulds and shouldn’ts with very little actual Scripture used. Let myself clarify, Dont really think this book was meant to be some big instructional manual (which I actually liked). It ended up feeling like a couple of thoughts and realizations that Jen Hatmaker has had throughout the woman life. Conclusions that she has come to. And so forth

At times, the overall concept of For the Adore felt like it was missing and some of the chapters felt shut off. When I got done I had to stop and really think go back over the book to see if I really could even recognize a common theme. It wasn’t really until I gone back to the table of contents while writing this review that some of it made sense. I don’t know if that’s one of those “pregnancy brain” things that I’ve struggled with or if the lack of cohesion was a real concern in execution.

Favorite quotations:
-Folks who thrive in God’s grace give grace easily, but the self-critical person becomes others-critical.

-We need to stop trying to be awesome and instead be wise.

-There’s a difference between humility and insecurity, and self-effacement does no one any favors.

-How many trot away that tired cliché —“I’m waiting for God to open a door”—and He’s all, “I love you, but get going, Pumpkin, ” because usually chasing the dream in your coronary heart looks surprisingly like work.

-A good parent works on the kid for the path, not the road for the child.

-I worry we consider “success” as a product of the parent’s diligence more than the kids.

-Lean honestly into every hard place, each soft spot, because truthfulness affects for a minute, but silence is the kill shot.

-Married tongues should be shredded with the amount of ugly words bitten back.

-Loneliness can be a prison, but we have keys. You needn’t wait for someone to open up the bars.

-You cannot pour antidote into toxic forever and expect it to transform into something safe, something healthy.

In the end, For the Love is unquestionably a book that I enjoyed and got something away of. I enjoyed the first section the most. And while I find myself wanting to recommend this book to others, We also want to advise caution. I always immediate readers to the Holy bible itself for any “how tos” or “should/shouldn’ts”. In case there’s what you may read in For the Love that you just aren’t sure about, the advisable thing is to bounce what it claims against what the Bible says. The Holy bible always win. The parts that had me laughing out loud helped me want to give this publication 4 Stars, but the parts that left myself confused or concerned bumped that rating right down to 3. 5 Stars. Maybe you have read For the Love? Just what did you think? Let me know!, I listened to my first Jen Hatmaker publication on audio. This was read by the author, which always adds to the audio tracks experience for me. I could instantly tell why Jen's textbooks are so popular; she's funny, sincere, and engaging. Some chapters I could have done without - like why women should not wear certain clothes (I'm not into judging what others are wearing), other chapters were inspiring, and the whole book was enjoyable. I plan to listen to more of the woman books soon.

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