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The one trip to The southern part of Africa three years back continues to haunt myself with its natural beauty so reading the writers story adds so. A lot more understand ing of the huge continent that we saw so little of.

The author's remarkable experience s are past my understanding.. Compared to my youthful chasing of young beautiful women i amazing he and Courtenay remain married still in Nairobi.

The "Africa" tale is a strong one that all readers need to see and absorb

themselves. You never forget it., A lively, engaging memoir that beautifully describes how Pulitzer Prize winning correspondent Jeffrey Gettleman came under the spell of both Africa and the woman he loves. His narrative takes us along the dusty and dangerous path of a compassionate correspondent in an often war torn region. His love of Africa is strong and is felt even when he describes hopeless and tragic situations. A must read., I started this book during the memorial day holiday and didn't want to place it down. I was traveling with family and the book kept absent as my brother shifted from his book to mine. I finally had to give it to him and order a new copy for me as well as for a few others. Their a wonderful read that goes there and experience events with Jeffrey! a fun read, a great way to have a taste of Africa, love and life beyond the norm. I desired to be Jeff for a little while. I can't wait to get my second copy and have friends check out this book. Thank you so much Jeffrey for all of your work to make the world the place and bravo!!!, I purchased this book not being aware of what to expect, and I actually couldn't place it down once I mentioned reading. Jeffrey Gentleman writes honestly and brilliantly about his experience as a journalist masking some of the most difficult events in the Middle East and The african continent. In particular, he shows both sides of the coin that is modern East Africa, and it can feel like most likely there with him when he navigates through it. This individual has the outstanding ability to weave different designs of politics, world turmoil, personal/career development throughout the book's narrative, and it will leave you with a feeling of awe and ideas., I read many publications in support of a handful of them keep my attention to the very end like this one. Jeffrey Gettleman's book isn't just beautifully written, is actually also honest and insightful, a classic coming-of-age book. He seamlessly weaves components of his moving life with his amazing professional experience while also illuminating a continent I have found few Westerners understand---including me. It's also an e book aspiring journalists NEED to read. " Love, Africa" is all about love, Africa, and so much more., Amazing book. Gettleman truly enjoys East Africa. Icanunderstand why having spent 4 yearsin Uganda myself in the 1980s. Mzungos either enjoy it or hate it in my experience. Brought back to an old man some wonderful memories. " Le mal Afrique" "!, This guide!!! This kind of a good read. It will hook you from the first sentence. It was recommended from a podcasting I listen to, " Pod Save the World" (highly recommend that too). My daughter has the same love of The african continent as the author and his stories, experience and love of Africa helped myself to understand how she can feel and why. The writer weaves his personal life that evolves as his career does the same and just how his love of Africa first hindered his personal life but then became such a huge part of it., Very well written. I only wish there is more about the politics and history of the places Gettleman had written about and less about his love life. However , I think Gettleman records well not only the tensions inherent in being a white, American correspondent covering a region usually depicted through simplistic tropes and narratives, but also the contradictions present in the experience of wanting to be a progressive pressure as a white man surviving in a region that still is entangled in its colonial past. General, it is a good read.

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