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An excellent book for anyone who studies WW2. Manstein's book covers many interesting subject areas including what he thought of the German army organizational structures, different army strategies that he recommended to the staff plus Hitler to employ which some were followed plus others were not. The author also gives interesting insights into what it was like to work with Hitler plus what he was great at and where Hitler received in the way. The only thing I experienced was lacking in this book was perspective regarding What was taking place inside the other theatres, This book is excellent if one likes personal memoirs. Manstein explains war from typically the German perspective and cites numerous military strategy, troop movement, logistics, tactical programs, victories and, defeats, whilst providing the reader a private account of war. This book touches minimally within the politics of war plus, there is no point out of the holocaust... major is on war waged by Germany.
Lost Victories is well crafted and transcribed from typically the German language.
Manstein provides an unvarnished picture of war plus, engagement with all the Russians on the eastern front. The reason why and how Stalingrad was lost is clarified, although through Manstein's view regarding world war II.
Hitler is likewise described (not in depth) from Manstein's personal look at, which, will intrigue typically the reader. Manstein who was arguably Germany's best basic shares a glimpse regarding his personal bias, prejudice, allegiance to Germany, and, duty being a German Officer.
As one who reads historical nicely researched military text, publications, biography, and memoirs I highly recommend this guide., If you're going to read this book I recommend (unless you have intimate understanding of eastern front plus its geographical layout) retain a map convenient so that you can place where they are while reading. Easy in order to get confused without that. The map can help typically the book come alive to suit your needs as the author presupposes this understanding. Terrific read free from political opinion. While I must assume that will Manstein knew of some of the atrocities being committed he was not necessarily a Nazi sympathizer as evidenced by his explanation of Hitler's military prowess. Smart military man, great thing he had a great idiot for a employer., Upon looking over this book that would appear Manstein not necessarily only had a talent with all the sword but likewise the pen. Manstein's book is a very understandable account of his battle time experiences. Included inside his book is typically the demise of the OKH ( General Staff in the Army) through its not enough decisiveness in making a military decision. The ingredients, acceptance and implementation regarding the " Mainstein Plan" which was adopted with regard to the offensive in typically the West as other programs would NOT acheive total victory. Mainstein shares their simplistic but interesting views on how the Battle regarding Britain should have recently been fought.
He then takes us via his brillant victories inside the Crimea that were acheived againsnt overwhelming numbers plus where his successes had been largely acheived through getting a free hand with no interference from Hitler. Mainstein devotes a chapter on Hitler as Supreme Leader and analyses Hitlers talents and many weaknesses.
There is a fascinating detailed account regarding the German tragedy from Stalingrad and how typically the beleaguered Sixth Army got the chance to break out there towards Mainstein's relief causes. However the ability was dropped due to the Army's hesitation and Hitlers insistence Stalingrad must be kept. The sacrifice of typically the Sixth Army however offered time for other Army Groups to leap frog back to safety plus deal a counter whack at Kharkov.
One diappointing feature in the book is the quick chapter devoted to functioning " Citadel" ( or the battle of Kursk). This is for the reason that translators of the book possess taken a far shorter translation than what was orginally contributed by the author. I would be most enthusiastic about obtaining the orginal full length translation.
Mainsteins views on how functions ought to be fought subsequent to Kursk were continually at odds with Hitlers views on holding on to everything. This along together with some other top Nazi Party members insistence that will Manstein was a defeatist guaranteed his dimissal inside April 1944.
This book is a MUST READ and vital to anyone with an interest in the Second World War., Great read, nevertheless THANK GOD those victories were lost! I am usually amazed at military men in Hitler's Reich had been so focused on their profession as soldiers, as if fighting a battle was no different a career than being a doctor. Manstein could possess saved the Reich, plus thank God he didn't!, Very good insight regarding the War from a high ranking General- Hitler4 failed to listen to people that had the understanding that the war was lost in 1942., Excellent read! Realistic narrative just how Hitler was Germany's greatest enemy in losing typically the war. My own dad was in Russian attention camp for 5 yrs., If you've ever doubted why Germany lost the war this book will sort that will out. Written by an outstanding enthusiast who maintained respect with regard to Hitler to the end, he regardless constantly points out there the facts about typically the decisions, or lack regarding decisions, produced by the 'supremme commander' which directly brought on battles to get lost plus in the end the war. His / her account in the disaster regarding Stalingrad is fantastic from typically the perspective of the reducing force, and how typically the relieve effort was successfully sabotaged by Hitler by his orders to not necessarily give up any ground won. But he gives the background to typically the whole situation and just how the window for breakout of the 6th army was really so as minute as to be almost difficult. The discussion and explanation of the war inside Russia after Stalingradares each concise as well as immensely decriptive. I completely enjoyed this guide, both as an account in the background as well as a memoir of any great enthusiast.

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