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Historic fiction and back-story to what is becoming one of my personal favorite series.
The ninth legion is to create a push north, risking all of it to further the career of an inept commanding officer. Karus will be able to keep control of his men in the face of imminent destruction and winds up in a strange " new world ".

Note- this is the second guide I've read recently that refers to Xenophon, so after searching through my collection I've found an old copy of Anabasis (now I've got a digital copy of a different translation too)., Before I read the first page I understand I was going to hate this one!! WRONG!! In the past week I have read it 3 x. About the first pass, I used to be a little confused (and maybe a tad disappointed) but on the second and subsequent readings a LOT of questions about Stiger were answered. There were Numerous hints in this book about where Marc and the Romans have been and where they are headed in future textbooks. Lost Legio IX is the Silmarillion of this author's writings. Marc, quit your day job and just WRITE!!, As I stated in my review for Mr. Edelheit's first guide, I rarely write a review for books I have read because 1. there are professionals who get it done for a living and much better than me, I'm positive 2. Simply because I like a book does not mean you will. That will being said this guide "Lost Legio IX: Typically the Karus Saga" was written with well developed figures who are easy to empathize with, and a storyline than failed to lose it's way. The storyline moved along it's timeline in a manner that kept you reading without dull you or giving you that feeling that the author was searching for a method to connect each chapter. Appear epic fantasy with it's foundation in history, then you should enjoy this book/series., well once again this author has drawn me in. The brand new series looks to be on par with his other roman legion series. Well written with figures you care about and in a position. Now I have the situation of what series I want another guide in first guess that is a good problem to have. A high level00 fan of fantasy and roman enjambre history give it a shot you will not be disappointed, Awesome book! Highly recommended for fans of the Stiger Series. I don't want to get into too many spoilers about this book but keep in mind that it is an amazing book and it also helps give you some background info on the very starting. I went and started out re-reading Stiger: Tales of the Seventh and found a reference to people in this book. Its quite amazing. Can't wait for more from Mr. Edelheit!, The prequel book/series to Stigers Tigers. This is a good book, laying the basic info for what we know from the other books.
I’m looking forward to reading the next guide in the series as it I’m sure it will have more action and conflict, as we have now been introduced to the gods, orcs, dragons, and we have the gods champions alongside with our Legion., I love this author's mixture of solid Roman Legion knowledge and background blending together it in with high fantasy. I've read his Stiger series of 4 books twice and cannot wait for a fifth one. It can a cliffhanger and I'm chomping at the bit for it. I feel like his writing brings me characters in the vein of Hornblower or Sharpe where you like the person being portrayed and their growth as a leader. The action is written in believable style when legions go to war. When if you're suddenly confronted with fantasy it's met with Roman discipline. I'm not effective in reviews, but I understand what I like, and Marc Edelheit writes a damn good story. I always find myself wanting the next book immediately., Am enjoying Edelheit's series very much. If you like history, the Roman army and some fantasy thrown in, you will like this guide and this series. I think the novels get the professionalism of the Roman army and especially the Centurians. Such as this back story novel and feel eagerly looking forward to another in this series.

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