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This Kindle short has all the elements for a really good book or convincing news article sharing the experience of the one hundred and first Airborne Division in Kandahar from 2010 to 2011. But this short unfortunately falls short. Too many interesting ideas about the experience of the American Soldiers in Afghanistan are started, but then quickly dropped leaving the reader feeling incomplete. On the other hand, this read is actually long and contains too much detail for a solid report on Kandahar during the early on states of the " mini-surge" of allied forces into Afghanistan. It seems like the author needed to turn this Amazon kindle short into a book or screen play, but simply just ran out of time or energy to complete it., This statement, which it really was at essence, described the abgefahren difference between our way of life and the lives of the Afghans. While it seems critical to us all that people fight the battles we fight to prevent the Taliban killing from continuing, where women are treated horribly as we've come to know, and broadening again beyond the borders. The writer effectively shows life as a enthusiast with its commitment to fellow soldier but in addition to the larger American and Allies effort to combat evil in an continuing reply to an unfortunate modern need, namely, to do their best to limit the damage the 's Qaeda enemy does to its own people and also to limit the potential for outreach to the peace-craving rest of the world. I felt that when the story as statement ended I had already been given a powerful trial of what it's like to be there on our behalf, and that the writer used a minimum number of words to describe maximum reality., An excellent descriptive essay on our operate Afghanistan, and perhaps the best reasons why we should not be there. In the
beginning I actually thought the move was correct. It appears that we have fallen into the same crevase that the Russians did there
only do not know when to say ENOUGH. Their culture will continue if and when we leave and am belive that Alex has
clarified that as the case. Interesting reading that updates my previous 22 years in saving money uniform. History will prevail., I wanted more than a short story. I actually would liked to have gotten to know the soldiers better. more story here than was written., Wonderful, As somebody who has deployed to Afghanistan, parts of this brief book really got the memories flowing. Whether or not you agree with how the author portrays the war, he truly records the mood of a deployment to Kandahar land. He also does it by focusing on the standard Soldiers, not like some obscure and overly tactical General's telling of it might be.

Even the details of moving around the were captured perfectly. Most readers might think nothing of the addition of the bit about Kandahar Airfield (KAF) and its TGI Friday's, and expect the story to commence at the combat outpost. However by including it, he mirrors the particular Soldiers go through. He or she covers it just enough to see the absurdities and make it adhere in the head, and will get you wondering what to expect. The Soldiers feel the same thing- they set up to KAF, get stuck there seeing the excess and the cushy life, then move on to a base in the middle of nowhere.

Within the end, the guide was very short, but presented the setting and Soldiers' attitudes extremely well., It was OK, but not as Good as I thought it will be from this author. His textbooks are much much better, Berenson's account should be read and understood by everyone that our way of life is different than others and that we do not need to try to change the world.

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