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This guide was very well written and simple to understand. As soon as reading the initial few pages, the rhythm of Sitchen's writing style just flows effortlessly through the readers mind. We attached with this publication in a closed loop fashion where the story enjoyed in my mind like a movie while I read each page. Sitchen's unique ability to translate the Sumerian tablets brings a pre-biblical account of male's creation based on the God who orchestrated it. This was indeed a great experience and it offers another interesting view of where we originate from and where the biblical stories originate from., What really surprises me is that the mythology and the history of the oldest civilization on the planet is not taught much in our school system. To really know and understand the successes and mistakes that came before us would venture a long ways in helping us not repeat at least the faults. In America, keep in mind that seem to be that we go there. The actual history, the technology, and the mythology of the Mesopotamian Era can certain help one understand newer documents such as the Aged Testament for example and some of our Human flaws so prevalent in the modern events of our day. Knowledge truly is energy., Sitchin seamlessly stitched together what appears to be clay tablet writings & his own imaginative history telling to create a plausible chronology that could have been dictated by one person (or god in this case). Having read ten other Sitchin books including all of the " Earth's Chronicles, " I felt that " The Lost Publication of Enki" was a capstone of all he had previously written about the Annunaki & their search for gold, the development of recent humans, and their eventual rule over the earth. Particularly striking about this book was the text which mimicked the syntax of the clay-based tablets, but was written in English. If this were actually, authored by an Annunaki god, the same structure would probably have been used. Sitchin's linguistic understanding certainly enabled him to write in this manner. Overall, I thought the work was extremely well done., I know some believe this book is fiction. However, I believe there is sufficient evidence out there to back up Sitchin's book. It is not fiction. It is a translation of ancient Sumerian texts. I love it. I have my own copies in paperback and eBook. Even greater, i purchased one for my granddaughter., After reading this book We have impression that the the book of genesis from Bible is the simplified version with this publication., The Real Truth about Humanity, our world background and who the real GOD is. Sitchin is a Giant who introduced light to humanity about its real history, religious beliefs and all our background, future events, global increased temperatures and cataclysms of humankind all throughout its background. This book jumped me on my scale of knowledge in decades and pressed me into seeking for the reality and Wisdom about everything around me not merely history, but also Magnetism, Electricity, society structure, laws, moral standards etc. This is a Jewel!

Holy more than the holy bible....... thanks to Sitchin's work and our human creator ENKI!
A new revolution for TRUTH.

Looking over this book people will see the grand manipulation structure through the laws, government structure, money and lies in Science (Physics), individual history, religion etc, whoms sole goal is to keep people under lack of knowledge and on modern slavery., Sitchin's work presents new viewpoint of the origins of homo sapiens, and this book is written from the angle of an ET named Enki who gene spliced us as a cross involving the gorillas indigenous to the world and his race, the Anunnaki from the planet Nibiru (orbiting our sun in a retrograde, eliptical routine with a sun routine of 3, 600 years). Reading just like a mystery, I could not put the book down! The whole idea seems so preposterous initially, that these ETs came to World hundreds of thousands of years back in search of gold to send to their home planet to pulverize to repair the damage in their atmosphere.

The next step in the idea does not seem to be so outrageous, that the Anunnaki employees who lived huge life spans received tired of mining rare metal after about a 100 thousand years at the same old job and went on strike. Vulnerable with extinction of their competition on Niburu should they performed not find a way to repair the rip in their atmosphere, Enki took a drastic calculate. He spliced genes together to create a life form that could be a ready worker for the Anunnaki in return for food. Point of view is everything in history, and Enki's point of view was that selection the gorillas more than they had been before.

The situation with the Earthlings he or she created was that they could not talk. One day Enki saw two young women Earthlings showering and, dazzled and aroused by their beauty, impregnated both of them. With the extra input of Anunnaki GENETICS, the offspring of these two Earthlings were then able to talk, and homo sapiens had been created!

I noticed that the Anunnaki leaders vied for power, arguing and fighting over who got claim of succession to the throne and the power of decision-making, just as earthly rulers do. What was noticeably deficient with the Anunnaki was appeal to their creator for help. Only once in all of book did the wife of an Anunnaki King recommend appeal to "The Creator of All" for help with their atmospheric crisis. Help performed come a lttle bit later, in such an unusual form--a dethroned and disgraced leader escaping in a space send, blasting his way through the asteroid belt with nuclear weapons, landing on earth, and discovering rare metal here.

One other factor of spiritual intervention in the destiny of humans came in the enigmatic figure of Galzu, but I am going to leave the readers to discover that fascinating story!

Barbara Stone, author of Invisible Roots: Just how Healing Past Life Stress Can Liberate Your current, This was a gift idea for someone and they love it. Now they want every book written by this author. Lol

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