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A huge fan of Jennifer Comeaux's first series, the " EDGE" books hooked me personally on her world of competitive figure skating, with characters and plots thus well crafted they resided on in my brain long after I'd reluctantly study the last page. Her Ice Series Trilogy picks up several years later, continuing Em and Sergei's story, focusing on students we'd met first as young skaters in the EDGE Series, Courtney plus Mark, now the older skaters wishing for their chance at Olympic Gold.

I actually binge-read three Ice Series books during a recent seaside trip... yet again the figures captured my heart plus the story kept me personally reading " Just one single even more chapter" late into several nights.... Each book may be read on their own, but reading them in order in just a number of days was a treat! Yet again Comeaux's world offers an inside view of the sport of competitive determine skating, the sacrifices plus dedication of the skaters, parents, and coaches, and the realization that not even those who work toughest are guaranteed the accomplishment they seek.

Courtney plus Josh's relationship develops plus grows over the about three books. Through the initial sets off in Crossing the Ice, through the early inconsistant emotions of becoming involved with your competitor within chasing the same prize, I actually wanted Courtney and Josh to make it. Losing ice (book2) takes the couple through a specifically difficult time within their partnership, while adding depth to both characters. The next guide, Taking the Ice, (no spoilers! ) concludes the trilogy wonderfully, but hopefully this is NOT the last time Courtney plus Josh play a function in one (or more) of Comeaux's future books. Sure, this reader is excitedly anticipating future series! Taking Ice (Ice Series Book 3) , Losing ice is an outstanding novella. Seriously, it’s simply so, so excellent: exactly what I’ve grown to expect from Jennifer Comeaux. Courtney plus Josh are interesting, split characters, and their tale is told through very clear, engaging writing. Jennifer excellent at writing both nice moments for the figures and total crises. She’s a pro at making the woman readers feel the emotions of her characters. Anytime I pick up a guide from her I completely identify with the figures and feel like I’m around the journey along with them, feeling their anguish and their love.

One more thing Jennifer is fantastic at is writing times off and on the ice that have to do with skating, training, etc. An individual can tell that the author is a very fan of skating, since all the descriptions of Courtney and Josh’s function feel real. Admittedly I’m not into watching ice skating, but I love books about any type of sport, plus Jennifer’s works always attract me into the competition plus artistry of skating.

This particular book is a sequel to Crossing the Ice, which is definitely something a person should read to obtain the full picture of the characters and their situation. Here we have Courtney and Josh partnering within skating the first time, but it's not at all hanging around for them. Beyond ice skating issues and emotional problems which I won’t get into (because reading about them yourself will be so much more fulfilling), Jennifer has done the most amazing job at generating a character you'll favorably loathe. All Josh’s loved ones is pretty terrible, nevertheless no one can beat his mom. I currently knew that Jennifer was a pro at writing characters you absolutely dislike (see: Elena, for the majority of of Edge of the Earlier ), but Josh’s mother takes the cake, since I can’t find anything at all redeeming in her. She’s not exactly warm plus welcoming to Josh, nevertheless she is beyond evil in her dealings with Courtney. As hard as these scenes are to read, I love that they show Josh’s loyalty and exactly how much he’s grown as a character. He stands upwards for Courtney and he’s strong in his vérité, no longer prepared to sit back and let life happen to him.

If a person hadn’t already gathered, I actually absolutely loved this novella, probably even more compared to first book in the series. Its short duration just realized me want even more of the characters, thus I’m glad that there may be a third guide featuring Josh and Courtney. I enjoy these books, simply as I loved Jennifer Comeaux’s Edge series. If you haven’t read the woman amazing novels, I highly recommend you start with Life on the Border and go from there., I really enjoyed Losing the Ice. It may be personal preference nevertheless I've enjoyed ice series even more than the original Edge series from which it spun away from. I enjoyed the fairy tale romance of Sergei plus Emily but Courtney plus Josh feel more actual somehow. You can observe yourself or your best friend very easily in Courtney and Josh is the shy, nice guy that your mom told you to date within high school and a person probably should have listened. And that makes me personally a little more spent in them.

The guide is a novella, which often is a change from Jennifer's other books. While I missed the exhilaration of going through an entire competitive season with the skaters, I liked that this zeroed in upon one specific period of time where they truly showed their particular mettle as a pair and then as competitive athletes. It felt really focused with little to no filler paragraphs.

I actually really enjoyed the figure growth for Stephanie nevertheless appreciated the realism that the family issues that were presented in Crossing the Ice weren't fixed here and will most likely enjoy into the following book. I missed Controversia, who I felt genuinely popped as a character even with her limited helping role in the 1st Ice book, but I feel like there's more ahead with her in upcoming books. As always, the ice skating related details were upon point and there's a few fun little jokes that will make skating followers smile although it's not necessary to follow high level skating to enjoy this story.

In all, I actually really enjoyed catching upwards with Courtney and Josh and seeing this new chapter in their ice skating lives really begin. I actually already can't wait for the next part of the series.

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