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If you can do HCG which means NO HEAVY EXERCISE of any kind at work or play... this diet is for you... how cool is that! You cannot do HCG if you do heavy work or exercise. The only exercise recommendation is a short walk daily and nothing more. The HCG regimen is not for everyone so buy this book to see if it is right for you before you buy any HCG. The creator has written from real life experience and will honestly tell you how to avoid the problems that many will fall into. So buy this inexpensive book to also avoid any pitfalls that can stall your weight loss progress. HCG has become inexpensive to get at Wallmart over the counter. Used to be you had to visit a clinic daily to get injections and it was expensive. Now you just put the drops under your tongue, no tiny needles and you do it at home. HCG is now for the public rather than the wealthy elite so check this sweet book out and if this looks like your weight loss savior then do the HCG regimen which will keep you from being hungry and target those bloody fat cells somewhat than muscle too., We enjoyed reading this book due to the ease of reading it. The book supplies the readers with much needed information concerning the HCG super diet. I recommend anyone thinking about beginning the HCG extremely diet read this guide before buying the HCG supplements., Get the best info and updates on Dr. Simeons HCG diet. I love that the creator included the great doctor's original manuscript as it gives useful understanding to the HCG regimen. There is good advice within the pages of this guide how to the actual diet well as well as how to avoid the pitfalls. This diet is not for those who labor seriously at work and the author is honest enough to point that away. This is NOT just another bandwagon book but is based on reasonable advice from practical experience with HCG. I would very much recommend this book to anyone who desires to rapidly loose "Pounds and Inches"., This creator really brings the HCG protocol to this century with simplicity! RECOMMEND! Includes the original protocol with Christopher's TODAY insights!, You really can loose about a lb a day on the HCG. It is so much easier to do than in the past when you had to visit a clinic and get daily injections (I've done that). Today, you buy the sublingual drops at Wallmart for under and place them under your tongue 3 times a day. The diet plan is simple and easy to follow. The top thing to know is that you will NOT be hungry thanks to the HCG. The actual simple instructions in this book and avoid the problems this author outlines. Quickly, you will see a slimmer you. Well done book and We loved reading Dr. Simonton's original Pounds and In . manuscript on this diet plan which is included. The sincere thanks to creator Christopher David Allen and 5 STARS!, This is the most effective way to lose fat there is. Maintain your new body and tone it with the sensible advice in the two included exercise books. I whole heartedly recommend this 3-book combo to anyone who wants to get back in condition that is certainly the majority of us., Very good information for following the diet., This rapid weight loss diet is the real thing but as the creator points out, it is not for everyone. He discusses the huge benefits and disadvantages from real life practical experience. The creator is a #1 best selling author who has many successful books and he has actually done this diet himself (twice). Very good advice here and I highly recommend the book. He also includes the original manuscript (Pounds And Inches) on the HCG diet by Dr . Simeons and that is nice to possess included for a broader perspective on the HCG regimen. Again, this book is the REAL DEAL so buy it if you would like to loose pounds and in . FAST.

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