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This book tells an amazing history. There exists simply no other way to describe it. It is the real-life history of Saroo, a five-year-old child in a community in central India, who gets lost and finds himself transported all the way east to Calcutta, some 1800 kms away. Young Saroo, all of five, penniless and illiterate, does not even know the name of his community and knows little more about where he was from. He gets off at the bustling, congested Howrah train station and survives for six several weeks in the intimidating bad and mean streets of Calcutta by his predatory instincts and luck. He finishes up at a benevolent orphanage called ISSA, in which the kindly Ms. Saroj Sood - tries to find his family and re-unite him. But all Saroo can tell was that he was from Ginestlay, which is what he appreciated as his village's name. He also mistakenly states he travelled just over night by train when in reality he previously travelled almost 24 hours to get at Calcutta. After a couple of moths' futile effort, Mrs. Sood pronounces him 'lost' and organizes him to be adopted by Prosecute and John Brierley, a young couple from Tasmania, Australia.

Saroo is adoringly brought up by the Brierleys and he grows up into a happy and well-integrated Aussie over the next two decades. However Saroo always wonders about his origins, with clear reminiscences of his birth mom Kamala, his kid sibling Shekila and elder friends Kallu and Guddu, who he researched to as a child two years before. He starts working on attempting to find where he was from using the weak memories of his child years. All he had to put into practice was that there was a place whose name was something similar to 'Berampur', that it had a normal water tower, an overpass over the tracks and that the town a new fountain around a cinema. His community 'Ginestlay' was somewhere close by and that they were all reachable overnight by train from Calcutta. Progressively, over five years, with incredible patience and determination, Saroo, at 30, using Google Earth's satellite images and Facebook, miraculously discovers the place with the identifying features of his child years. He notes that a close by town is known as Khandwa and that there is a Facebook group that belong to people from Khandwa. He contacts them and gets the key info that there is a close by village called Ganesh Talai - the 'Ginestlay' of 5-year-old Saroo! Saroo soon would go to India and reconnects along with his birth family to the great delight of his elderly mother Kamala and his siblings Shekila and Kallu, that are now married with children. Regrettably, Guddu, his eldest sibling whom he adored as a child, was murdered within an accident just on the same day that Saroo got lost 25 years before. Otherwise, this is a happy resolution for Saroo.

Not only Saroo, but his Aussie parents, Prosecute and John as well, go as wonderful, adoring and caring parents and individuals. Sue herself was a WWII refugee from Hungary and her history is also inspring as told it in the book. Saroo's birth mom Kamala is another remarkable woman, who never gave up hope that the woman son Sheru (which is his correct name! ) would return one day. Hence she never relocated from the shack where she lived so that she will be there when Saroo comes again! The other heroes in the book are the internet, Google Earth and Fb! It is a great tribute to these wonderful technologies which make it feasible for the adult Saroo to sit ten 1000 miles away in Hobart, Australia and exactly find the water tower and overpass of his child years memory and find out the right name of his village. Let no-one denounce technology again!

I found the book moving, inspirational and one of desire and the indomitable soul of the humankind. It is a story of triumph against great odds. Dealing with the early chapters where Saroo survives for six weeks as a five-year-old in Calcutta, I had palpitations as I felt anxious that nothing terrible should befall young Saroo! The book also has a unique appeal for me since I grew up in India and resided for 13 years in wonderful Australia., It's both a heartbreaking and heartwarming story.

When 5-year-old Saroo is accidentally separated from his Indian family at a train station, he eventually ends up surviving on the streets of Kolkata (Calcutta) on his own for 2-3 several weeks before being taken to an orphanage. He's quickly adopted by an Aussie family, John and Prosecute Brierley.

Fast-forward 25 years, and Saroo chooses to search for his natural family, which he really does by making use of Google Maps, Google Earth and Facebook. Within a country of almost one. 3 billion people, he manages to find the three he cares most about.

It's an inspiring story, and something I devoured quickly. My heart broke as he describe the poverty of India, and I cried as he described his adoptive mom and birth mother meeting and embracing for the first time.

The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars is because I feel the writing was bland at times, and some details are repeated over and over again. However, I credit that to Brierly being a first-time writer, and let's be honest—sharing your life's story, especially one as unique as his, can't be a fairly easy activity. All in all, I'd recommend the book to anyone., A wonderful, wonderful story (and unbelievably true! )
that I have heartily recommended to others. The
film version was very well done, though I most
always prefer the 'intimacy' of reader and book.
The young boy who played Saroo at five years
surely captured the hearts of most who saw the
movie, and in the end of the movie was challenging to see
through the holes., This is a unique story about a boy who became lost in India, adopted, relocated to Australia and his, eventual, return back to Of india in search of his birth mother and family. The story documents the various trials, tribulations and triumphs that occur during a lifetime of searching. An interesting story that has a sincere and honest quality about it. It absolutely was a great read from starting to end. Recommended for many who enjoy reading human interest memoirs., Enjoyed reading the book after seeing the movie. It is amazing to think of this 5 year old boy running around the streets alone. I am happy he was adopted & in the end found his biological family., This is among those uncommon stories in which " truth is stranger than fiction. " It would be an interesting hype story to have someone lost, adopted to another country and then find their birth family after 25 years, but this really happened., The memoir details Saroo Brierley's frightening story of inadvertently boarding a train to Kolkata, all the way across India from his small home village, at 5 years old. Lost in a crowded, dangerous and confusing city, he survives by his wits for 5 or 6 several weeks until he is delivered to a huge, also frightening, orphanage. Eventually he could be adopted by a loving Aussie family, but guards his memories of his mom and siblings always. As a possible adult, he decides to look for them, based on a handful of recollections. The particular entire story- of his early poverty but powerful family relationship, of his wandering in Kolkata, his adoption and eventual ability to articulate what had happened to him, associated with his search for his lost family- is convincing., I thought it was excellent. It really made me want to learn how all of them are doing today. I needed the best for all of them and greatly appreciate Saroo posting his story. I would love to read a sequel to find out, as I said, how they are fairing now.

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