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I actually first read A Long Way Gone as an assignment for school. I actually started out just annoyed with my teachers for assigning me work over the summer, but before long I was a long way gone into the guide. Ishmael Beah is a fascinating writer with an enwrapping story to tell. That tells the story of Ishamael, and ordinary boy, dealing with the terror of the civil battle in his country. The concerns brought up about child soldiers are something everyone should know about.

Overall, I give this book four stars away of five for the great story but could be improved-upon writing., This specific novel is very interesting and a good read all around. It has a very heavy subject matter matter and for those with more tender minds I would not recommend it. However, if you can get past this, it is a great story and also to think that all of these terrible events occurred to the author is truly eye-opening. To give a quick overview, the novel is all about a young boy who is away from home from battle his expereince of living and he or she deals with the loss of life of many people in his family and many of his friends. This leads him to have a a sense of self doubt and a loss of purpose. This all changes however when he realizes that there is hope in other regions of the world for him to find purpose., A page-turner of the exceptional survival and rehabilitation of a child soldier in a civil war in his native Sierra Leone. Almost incredible horror confirming that battle is bell. But Ishmael, the child is given chance to escape for an eventually new life., This is an autobiography about a boy who loses his family and purity to war. He becomes a child-soldier in the SerranĂ­a Leone Army, in order to have some spot to belong, and participates the killing that causes other children also to lose their parents. He gets rid of to be able to stay in existence, and in order to kill his mind is numbed to violence. Right now there are a few people in this world which have the courage to help others without asking for anything in return, and UNICEF is one of them. They showed Ishmael that love still been around and that he was not accountable for reacting to this around him. Ishmael has a lot of valor to be able to see that life got more to offer than becoming a product of his circumstances. For anyone who has been through a lot of pain in their early life and it is not easily inspired, this guide is an inspiration., I actually remember watching this battle on the evening news. How incomplete the confirming was and still is about situations we plan on doing nothing about except watch. I guess I actually shouldn't be that glib about it but it is the truth. I actually only hope as global communications continue to increase we can prevent battles like this but really we should strive to stop all wars. I'm 57 and remember the Vietnam Nam war. Obviously I actually didn't know anyone who actually lived there and existed and fought through it but I do remember that just about everyone I knew did not "believe in the war". What odd words to say from someone who does not believe in any battles but I luckily did not live like Ishmael where there really was no choice. I thank and recognize Ishmael for telling his story no matter how difficult those truths were to tell and my hope and dreams are that no children have to live with battle. It's a dream that we all need to have. Thank you Ishmael for telling your tale no matter how hard it was to tell. Is actually not your fault, please always remember those words., My daughter had to have this for a school project. She was not looking forward to it. At the end she actually loved it., This is an eye opener to the life span and trials for anyone residing in Africa. How a 12 yr old boy was able to survive after being caught and forced into fighting. It is hart breaking to a parent to read a first hand account of the way in which he was treated and the fear he had for so many years of being shot if he didn't do as he was advised. To be forced to kill people and also to know that it must be wrong but to survive he previously to do as he was advised or he would be shot. This narrative is well written and interesting and provides us a different perspective to the civil wars in Africa., This specific book was a great read and an eye opener to what others are facing on earth around us. This book while saddening opens up so many doors for conversations and learning. Many can read these types of books that share such a powerful and private tale but without learning from them or taking away something they truly do not share their messages. We all hear about other countries at all times and how many of the " armies" have children in them which have been taken from homes and compelled into a life they might not want, but hearing one people story and having you take them day by day what they faced and decisions they'd to make, shows that it becomes a its going to be a you or me situation. Ishmael stocks some of the same thoughts I think many humans share, that something such as war is incapable of reaching where I am. That I would do not have to revert to more primal instincts. This guide is great to think of globalization and how the planet is connected, and we all need to be aware of everything happening. The story truly makes you think what would I do in this situation? Could you go through what Ishmael performed and make it out the other side? I would recommend this book as it opens your eyes to many different problems going on on earth and makes you ask yourself questions, dig deeper.

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