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As a stay at home mommy of two, my life is filled with munch time, play dates, food planning. Yet Mishka for some reason manages for taking me on this hair raising journey with him... and i also feel his sorrow, laugh, and celebrate his triumphs as if I, too, were there. In the wee several hours of the morning, cuddled on my sofa next to forgotten toys and amidst the soft sounds of my family sleep, Personally i think a kinship with him. I marvel his ability to share his story in such a way we can all at once connect to and abhor. A new fantastic read., Shubaly's tale is worth reading, although you may find yourself asking when the protagonist if this story will probably get his head on straight. Vender alert: he does actually beat his illness the same way his friend beats the 100k competition and earns his sterling silver buckle by finishing in less than twenty four hours. Each single person in this book is so beautifully precious, that you neglect how contagious Shubaly's nihilism is from the words on the page to your mind. No digital problems, no spelling or garammatical errors that I culd find. Reading it went quickly, This was my first experience reading one of Mishka's textbooks. This guy will by no means be departing the literary scene any time soon. He creates with great detail, able to make you recoil with the change of a paragraph, or the turn of a web page. Not just is great at sharing stories, Mishka isn't very afraid to out the dirty laundry which has been under the bed for months, possibly years. In short, this author needs to be read by all age groups. He shows where addiction can business lead and the final results. Although addiction can sometimes seem to be to have no redeeming characteristics, he proves that isn't very the truth, giving evidence with his running activity following giving up on alcohol and drugs. Overall a great story. Last, anyone whom might have experienced addiction personally for on their own or handled someone who has had a lifetime of addiction this is a valuable read. Subsequent, I will be moving onto Shubaly's Beat the Devil and i also expect that this book will simply drop more light in the life and travels together with his band.

If there was one complaint, which isn't really a complaint, I wish the Long Run was longer since it was such a great tale., This book will make you want to run, and if you're struggling with consistency, this book will make you are feeling as though you've got no justification NOT to run.

Mishka Shubaly used running to help him escape serious addiction. This man nearly destroyed his health and, to most people, could have seemed in no way prepared to turn into a long distance runner, yet he did so, and then continued to run ultras. It's a great under dog story.

After all he went through, if he can accomplish these things, we've got no justification. The odds were piled against him in ALL regards but he became a rockstar runner. This book is about more running. It's about the strength of the human spirit, stamina, friendship, and self-sufficiency. In addition to the way Shubaly creates is beautiful. His tale may be gritty, but his words make you compelled to continue reading. In addition to to top it off, he's refreshingly unpretentious. Mishka has every right to be prideful, but he's not even close to it. This was an excellent book. What I took away from it was your therapeutic power of running and fitness in general, and the fact that no matter how bad our lives get or how low we've sunk, there's always a way back upward., Mishka feels like he has come to understand how truly "lucky" he is to be alive today! I'm actually a therapist by training so I've heard it all believe me. Even "I" had to read this tale in three sittings to make it through it. Miskas's factual accounts of how his life went, juxtaposed, with his clear intelligence based on his choice of phrases and words, interjecting a varity of lingo's and foreign phrases only an educated person would know, made for a most uncommon read for any woman, coming from a once hopeless alcohol and drug addict! Generally such as Mishka's, life itself becomes un bad experience leaving a thirty-two year old young man, functioning at a much younger age level if at all.

Mishka's caring for Lon and then going back to rounded up "superdad" was enough to bring me to tears at the finish. In my opinion, this story should be used as a possible inspiration for anyone suffering from an addicitve personality. There are many different addiciton's. Food, glucose, smoking, shopping, sex, you name it,... whatever ones addicition, Mishka has contributed an amazing personal experience that truly should be applauded with extreme admiration and used as a model proving the strength of the mind.

This was incredibly heroic for Miska to possess shared this personal story! This is definitely the sort of guy, should he stay sober, who will end up being the next Steve Jobes. He'll give attention to whatever catches his interest and take it way outside of the box! I can't wait around to read what comes next from Miska!
Kathleen Greenwood

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