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This was a brand new collection book. I think I was the first to break it open and the details are just what I was looking for prior to a firefox to five of the countries I will visit. That is too heavy for me to take on the journey but I needed an introduction to these countrys and it is a good reference for future trips. It arrived immediately., It's a good guide, but it lacks information of many countries.
It is not as complete as other Lonely Planet, Older guide; still relevant., Everything was excellent!, I possess traveled with Lonely Planet guidebooks for over a decade and am understand and accept the conventional guidebook issues such as information that is not up to date or maps that aren't quite accurate, but this guide is unbelievable! In truth, this is the first negative review I have ever left on Amazon for any type of guide or product at all!

First of all, the book does not include BASIC information for every single country that every Lonely World I have ever owned or operated does. Pretty common questions like 'What type of currency is utilized? ' or 'What language do they speak? ' are not addressed for some of the countries, much less more complicated questions about an approximate exchange rate or perhaps what type of budget a traveler might need. Each country's section is set up completely differently to the point where I am not convinced that any individual editor went through the complete book before it was published.

Secondly, and most importantly, the book omits ELEVEN countries!!! I possess IN NO WAY seen a Lonely World book do that before. There are notes on the pages of the omitted countries that describe:
" In the time of research, very few travelers were heading to _____ so wish providing historical and cultural information rather than reviews and listings. "
For a few of these omitted countries, LP goes on to tell readers of the joys of visit that place and how beautiful the country is, but refrain from offering ANY KIND OF further information... I critically can't believe this, are they kidding?!?!

I have owned dozens of LP books and am a long lasting traveler who has backpacked through over 55 countries. I have always used and really adored every LP book I have owned despite the inevitable flaws that they include. I am conscious that by the time any book goes to print (much less by the time it is acquired and used) there is surely an infinite number of changes that have taken place that make a good deal of the guide inaccurate. Still, to leave out things like 'language spoken' and I don't know, a full FIFTH of the nations in the area is inexcusable. I head out for a year-long budget hiking trip this January and when I go, I am taking my previous version with me because while much may have changed on the continent since my well-worn 2010 edition was printed, old maps and old hotel listings are better than none at all!, Although it has some useful information, on my recent trip to core Africa this guide let down over and over again. From simply lazy editing to blatantly wrong information, it comes up brief and should not have been published as it is. The previous version (we traveled with digital editions of both) is superior in every way, yet it also has more than its good share of problems. We all visited some countries not so popular with tourists, so guide book choices were limited. This is why we had to go with the generic Cameras book. Some problems include: every phone number provided for one country is incorrect (not enough digits), one national park listed as a highlight for its country is not open to vacationers, and a border traversing suggested in the guide generated us being held and forced to fly to another part of the country (and no, it was not a visa-related issue). Simply by the finish of the trip I did not trust anything the guide said., Before ordering this book you should be aware of what is not included. In this 2013 edition the coverage of 11 lightly-visited Photography equipment countries has been slice to four pages of Wikipedia-style background information on each. This relates to Angola, Central African Republic, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Guinea, Libya, Mali, Niger, Sao Tome, and South Sudan. For hotel and transportation listings and even sightseeing details on any of those you'll need to turn to the the year 2010 edition of this guide., This is a great book for someone enthusiastic about traveling the complete continent. But a little over whelming if touring to one or two countries. Naturally , with a Ebook, the additional size is meaningless.

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