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I used to be a large fan of Jonathan Stroud’s Bartimaeus series when I was in (the Indian native equivalent of) high school, so I’ve had his new Lockwood & Company. series on my wishlist for a while now. I’ve been reluctant to actually read it, though, because things I liked in school don’t always keep up when I read them now, and I actually didn’t want to tarnish my memories of Bartimaeus. My pal Sashank recently requested me to learn and review the series on my blog, so I made a decision to take the plunge.

Typically the world of The Screaming Staircase is very much like our very own, except that for the past 50 years, dangerous ghosts have been haunting the world at an alarmingly high rate, and only children have the psychic awareness necessary to sense and fight them effectively. We follow Lucy Carlyle, a 14 yr old Agent from the country that moves to London and joins the small Lockwood & Company. company. After one of these ghost investigations goes unbelievably wrong, they are pressured to carry out one of the country’s most haunted homes.

I read this book by flashlight at night during a energy outage, and although it was fun in a terrifying kind of way, I don’t recommend it. I wouldn’t call the genre horror exactly – it’s supposed to be middle-grade, and it generally focuses on the experience, but there are some nail-bitingly creepy parts that Stroud really brings to life. I thought Lucy was a great protagonist, she’s earnest and vulnerable, she doesn’t take any junk from anyone but she’s not showy about it, either. Lockwood is apparently reduce from similar cloth as Nathaniel in the Bartimaeus series, he’s self-possessed and precocious and you neglect that he’s young until he does something preposterous that makes you understand how young he is. I desired to know more about George, but he appeared to get the short end of the adhere (primarily because Lucy and Lockwood thrive on action, and George is the researcher they often ignore. )

I wasn’t that excited by the story itself. There wasn’t anything at all notably bad about it, but I just wasn’t attracted into it very much. I actually was willing to forgive that because it’s obviously setting up a greater world and mysteries to explore. Overall, I’m happy to report that rather than tarnishing my memories of Stroud’s previous works, reading The Screaming Staircase just made me want to reread them., This is the first book in the group of Lockwood and Co.

In a time when children are the only ones that can see and feel ghosts, and grownups can't, come groups of ghost fighters in the heart of London and surrounding areas.

Lucy has just joined Lockwood and George. They form a small group fighting all sorts of ghosts: specters, screamers, and more. Lucy can hear and feel the ghosts, Lockwood can see them and George, well George is a slob but he really does a lot of the background history of the ghosts they go after.

After burning down a house and putting their company in jeopardy, Lockwood takes on a circumstance that could finish them for good. Lucy has taken something from the burned house and it might have something to do with the next circumstance. Will Lockwood and Company. finish off the ghosts? Is there something hiding behind the object that someone wants and the ghost that inhabit it?

I started this publication while working in a school library and was so caught up in the story, I got my own copy to finish. It held me on my toes and I had to end the story when I actually had time for you to read. Jonathan Stroud has written an exciting ghost hunting publication. I can't wait to get to the next one., I actually love this book series, if you enjoy Harry Potter, you will probably enjoy Lockwood & Co. Typically the Screaming Staircase is the first book in the series, and a perfect introduction to the enjoyment and chills of this book series. Set in modern day London and areas around England, this book offers an alternate place where ghosts arouse, rouse, stimulate evening. Dubbed " Typically the Problem", all of Great britain has had to change to the new actuality that deathly haunts show up every night, and can only be perceived by children. Enter Lockwood & Co, a small independent company eager to produce a name for themselves as they battle specters and ghosts and try to find the source of the issue once and for all.

Lots of adventure, the settings will take you to darkened halls and spooky rooms. The character types are fun to enjoy and the primary protagonist is conflicted and interesting. All in all, I actually loved this series so much, that I just went back and re-read them all., My daughter got to read a publication on the summer while school was out to be tested on after school restarted in the drop. This book was one of the books that was on a listing of books she could read, she looked at sooo many books and ultimately decided on this one and so i downloaded on my Kindle and she loved it and it kept the girl interest which is not a simple task since she has A. D. D after she was finished she ask if I actually would get the other books in the series. Would recommend for a good child read., The granddaughter and I loved this book, so we read The Whispering Skull, Typically the Hollow Boy and are just starting on Typically the Creeping Shadow., excellent textbooks for all those ages. The reports have enough twists and transforms to carry this 56 month old grandma's attention and moves along fast enough to carry my 10 month old gran daughters attention. Recommend this fun, fast moving - " just spooky enough" series.!!, I actually really like this publication and recommend this to anyone who likes the ghost/mystery gander of books


✌ -peace

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