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Lobster Johnson (more commonly referred to as just " The Lobster" ) is a assisting character from Mike Mignola's Hellboy comics. He has hadhis own solo comic adventures on a couple of occasions, and very little information has been uncovered about the character. Like the old 1930s pulp main character the Shadow, the Lobster works through a network of agents who do much of the leg work in his war against criminal offense.
Anyone looking for more info about the Lobster himself, suppose again. Even without illustrations, the person is never referred to or referred to as appearing without his goggles to hide his identity. The level of his abilities and skills, and his history, are still a securely held secret in the mind of Mignola himself.
Having said that, a great package of this story is artfully told through the eyes of the Lobster's agent Jack Hurley, a wrongfully disgraced former law enforcement officer who is now one of the countless unfortunates on the roadways of New York during the height of the Fantastic Depression. You get a real feel for the period, like the impression that the more things change, the more things stay the same. Kudos to Sniegoski., I struggled with this publication. In my opinion the primary reason was this is a comic publication in text form. Good old fashioned pulp comic. I think part of it was we never delved into the primary figure too much, we discovered mainly about a few of his sidekicks and the primary bad guy but not really too much about The Lobster (such a stupid name btw). I am a fan of Hellboy but not read too many comics in the last two or so decades so I was not really up on who this character was or why he was so damn invulnerable to damage. He repeatedly get his ass handed to him yet he maintains fighting and coming again for more. The finishing was straight up comic book.

All in all a decent book, and the one that I am positive a Hellboy fan would love, but the one that an average reader would think was ok., Lobster Manley: The Satan Factory is a thrilling pulp tale with redemption and rights entwined. You will not find out about Lobster Johnson, but the supporting characters both heroes and villains will draw you in. The plot takes place during the great depression and I was impressed with the description of a Hooverville shantytown and the daily struggle through the eyes of Jake Hurley a brand new addition to the Lobster's sidekicks. The foreshadowing of future events is superbly laid out and you will feel the dread as events unfold. As the plot unwraps brief flashback events from the distant past influence the future like they actually in the Hellboy series. The great has its role in the plot and you easily realize that the Lobster and his comrades are horribly outmatched but similar to good pulp tale they always have one last trick to take out of their masturbator sleeves. A great adventure that you can cheer the Lobster's struggle against mobsters and monsters!, Want plenty of blood-drenched violence, monsters, and an inscrutable main character with a crew of well-meaning henchmen? This is your book, then. Quickly moving and a fantastic nod to the pulps of the 30s and forties, our hero, Lobster Manley, is pretty much the second character in his own book. The narrative mostly involves the unwitting clod who becomes the villain, and our main source of concern is for The Lobster's most recent get, Jake Hurley. All of it ties together, though, and am had a great time reading this book.

I'd never read some of the comics Lobster Johnson appears in, though I am familiar with Mike Mignola and his Hellboy/BPRD worlds; I've read some of the people trades. I dig his little universe, and will definitely seek out more., Really enjoyed reading this. I'm a fan of Lobster Johnson from the Dark Horse Comics and had been on the lookout for this name for some time. I'm glad that I found it and get it., A pulp adventure! Fun, if a little pre-cast characters, if you are into whatever the hell they are contacting the genre now or loved old hero serials, this is a must read for you!, Two-fisted action fun!

If most likely expecting some world transforming event, extended introspection, or for the primary characters to go insane forget it. The Lobster is a Cinematic Action Hero. Your dog is bit grim, but that's to be expected in a never ending mission for Justice., Great publication. Great pulp era tale, really moves along. D. J. is my favorite character from the Hellboy series. Don't miss this one.

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