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The most crucial book one can read in early recovery! I was a substance abuse counselor and " Living Sober" is one of the main books that my clients could read. It literally instructs them step by step and day by day how to live dry. Stopping drinking or medication use is merely the start. When you take away the one thing that taken every minute of your waking day, you are left with an emptiness that's hard to describe. " Living Sober" shows you how to fill that emptiness with healthy activities and daily living skills therefore you can resume a well balanced and rewarding life. This has gotten me through many a rough day and I think it is invaluable as an instrument among those in early on recovery., I feel this guide is a fantastic companion to the 'Big Book" of AA. This book moves between the lines of the Big Book, in supporting
people new to recovery, and provides in sort of easy layman's words what happens in early days of recovery. This is a simple guideline
of subjects related to the Large Book, after the first 164 pages, you find stories written by people that have been sober for a few years.
It helps gain some strength & hope that the LUKE WEIL 12-step program does work., Highly recommend this guide for new comers to the AA way of life, and old timers who might need to be reminded of " what it was like"., My favorite recovery book because I didn't know how to live sober. This guide offers tips on dwelling clean and sober, methods AA members have used for not drinking., I purchased the eBook as a supplement for my e library. I take my device to mtgs and am able to carry many pounds of books with ease now.
My third sponsor used to seat a MTG that concentrated on this book, and am have fond memories with this book in early recovery.
It has good advice for the newcomers and old timers. I can pull up diuring times of crisis, and even enjoy an essay during times when I am not in crisis., This is one of the classics for learning to live a new lifestyle of sobriety. Suggestions for creating new habits and insights for handling possibly difficult situations., Besides big book it is one of the most essential texts I have seen particularly for freshly sober people. Some people say its too simplistic, but I disagree. Perfect refresher and good for new people., An excellent staple of recovery literature. Paginated properly, and looks great on my Kindle.

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