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One of many great dividing lines in American life today is between believers and non-believers. This division is seen in a variety of ways in our politics, and popular culture.

Perhaps inevitably given our either-or, binary take on so many issues, many believers and non-believers appear to stereotype and stigmatize those on the other side. In politics, for now, this is often at the cost of non-believers. In popular culture, for now, this is progressively at the expense of believers, especially Christians of varied denominations.

Sociologist Phil Zuckerman sets out to correct the record. In particular he would challenge the idea that those who identify as non-believers inevitably decline the moral teachings discussed by various religions. Their anecdotes are informative, easy to follow, and interesting.

Zuckerman also challenges the favorite notion, propagated by politicians, that the United States was founded as a Christian nation. That topic is so large and debatable that his discussion is unlikely to hold the day. Nonetheless, he presents a concise case for the proposition.

With the amount of non-believers rising—and with anti-religious sentiments being observed in various quarters—everyone can benefit from clear pondering about the link between religion and morality.

Zuckerman is eloquent, emphatic, and effective in making the case that those who identify as religious, as well as those who identify as non-believers, can guide moral lives. They value respect as well as tolerance.

‘Living the Secular Life’ is a timely contribution that will, with any luck ,, spark discussion and soul-searching on the sides., In contrast to some of atheistic literature, this book concentrates what non-believers are or can be, instead of what they're not.

Some of the topics:
Morality - Morality is developed from socialization, culture, intelligence and experience. Faith may or may well not be included.

Societies - Is exploring the correlation that high-end societies tend to be better places to live

Trying times - Looks at the myth " You will find no atheists in foxholes" and provides several example of how secularism helps people deal with entrée

Death - You failed to exist 100 years ago and won't exist 100 years from now -- so live NOW!


" Atheism" - Describes what is missing

" Agnostic" - Either too wishy-washy or too academic to be useful

" Secular humanist" - Celebrates the positives about life

" Aweist" - Even more!, What a fantastic book. Zuckerman doesn't try to convert anybody but demonstrates through statistics and anecdotes that being secular can not only be filled with meaning and wonder, but occasionally it can leave you better prepared for what life throws at you. This book is extremely well crafted, moves quickly, and is filled with heart.

I actually not only recommend it for us secular folk. Our religious others who live nearby who are considering understanding the now 25% (and growing! ) of Americans who are not religious will come away with less fear of us. That knows, they may even find some things to take into account., The wonderful piece of writing by a wonderful Secularist. This is a guide that ought to be read by all those moving into the US ALL. It has great information how secular societies are leading the world in just about all aspects. It also shows who live wonderful lives without the religion at all and that is something of great value. This book is not hard to read and very straight forwards. Get it! You won't be disappointed., A great book to describe being non-religious to the religious who cannot understand how the high-end can have morals and an ethical way of living. To me, it helped me better identify who I am and how to express my views., Excellent and quick read. I'd highly encourage people who ARE religious to learn this book as I actually think it does an outstanding job of dispelling the many unfortunate myths and presumptions religious people make (or are brainwashed to think) about non-believers.

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