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" Shattered are the double-edged icicles of psychological rumination which kept me leashed" Quote by Adam Levin Brown from his composition " Shattered Glass" in this set Living on the Fringe-Poetry for the Outsider. Adam opens his basis for all to bear witness to in these books. He gives his demons, hopes and activism with us. In case you're looking for beautifully constructed wording that is honest and raw I highly recommend " Living on the Fringe" box set by Adam Levin Brown. If you're in for a treat., I have known Adams writing for a couple of months now and have fallen crazy about his words. I love his wide use of vocabulary and his musical way with words. He is a very talented author and I look yes to him tremendously. This specific poetry collection was everything I had hoped for and more. Adam is a very compassionate person who is deep and sensitive, everything a good writer should be. I actually enjoyed this very much. I am very honored to have read this also to call him a good friend of mine., Raw and charged with sorrow. The books are extremely distinct; each one an accumulation of staccato jabs at the tribulations of the life creative but with a carefully curated eye towards the whole. I love the dark gut punches. Will certainly come back to this again and again., It has already been a while since I have read something so fearless and searching with unapologetic honesty, these books take you on a journey, a journey that starts your brain and heart to things the world so insidiously hides, Great, Fantastic to get three very different works gathered in a single collection. The particular first Book is much more metaphysical in approach, dealing with, and returning to common themes of state of mind and madness, " low self confidence and utter confusion", jonction and things seeping etc . There is also a strong historical component throughout from ancient crypts and mausoleums and Byzantine images to St. Augustine. Adam used his words to mine the emotional personal between the demons... and deserted alleys.. and ideas of imprisonment, attaining: moments of painful clarity" as in the poem " Chasing Sanity at seven: 30pm". There are also a few uniquely quirky images sprinkled in such as a " flute [that] drops dead on the iced ledge" and the narrator " hanging my fears on the nightstand". At the heart of this work is ideas of pain and psychic growth and rebirth such as in the composition " Dawn of Dark Gives Birth to Light" and in the poem " Emotional Explosives" with the very perceptive notion that " when you look at death, death looks back".

The Second guide (These Streets Don't Cry for Us) is a much more straight-forward narrative-based offering. Noticeable from the very outset and the poem about America is a strong political component that was absent from the very first, more personal work. This guide is more of an outward glance at the outside environment, though still strongly noting its effects on the internal being. You can find recurring elements of divulgación and words of marketing are utilized by the narrator such as product positioning to drive his point home about the society in which he lives, but from which this individual feels an over-riding sense of alienation from as in the poem " I Am the Fallen" where he states: " I do not fit with this society". In addition to that seems to be the overriding theme of this guide: alienation. And though much of the work is dark, there are some very funny injections of humour as illustrated by the poem title: " The bases are filled and so am I".

The third Book (Queer Confessional) is simply that; highly personal and confessional. In case you enjoy honesty in poetry, then this guide is for you. Since I said, three very different books in one collection, which evidently illustrate three vastly different factors of Adam's work. Definitely well worth the read and for. 99 cents a straight take! Check him out and enjoy the read!, I had already read some of Adam's poems on the internet, but this was my first time reading a collection of his, or in this case, 3! (For an exceptionally good price, I might add. ) I was not disappointed. These poems are unique and confident in themselves; Adam is a poet with a Voice of his own and relentless valor, able to say what many would shirk. These kinds of poems are also inventive and witty, clever in their individuality. Some of the titles alone are fantastic per, such as " Chasing Sanity at 7: 30 pm" in Book 1 . There are some damn good lines also, such as " For what it's well worth, / I did love you / But it was for nothing or because I hated myself more" in the composition " Sweet Darkness. " I've always been a sucker for sentimental, self-deprecating nostalgia, something Adam frequently nails in these choices.

Book 2 has particularly dark tones and images, such as in the composition " Phoenix in Chains" (a personal favourite of mine): " You had no choice / but for sacrifice your / only loved one / to keep the demons at these types of. "

I could keep giving examples but there is no need. Every composition this website sings, sometimes devastatingly, every will linger in your mind after you read it. The title of the box set is fitted, because these poems themselves are on the perimeter of everything conventional, and it's really a massively creative and evocative place to be., It is a decent collection. The range breaks are masterful. Poems just like the Queer Confessional really make reader into turmoil and confusion, to be concerned and hopeful release. That is edgy, and despite the poetical claims that the poet is unashamed, confident, and happily free in today's society, I actually felt undertones of pain and repressed sorrow intermixed with hopeful joy. This specific is a roller coaster. Exactly where some LGBT poetry fails, this book succeeds.

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