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Enjoyable read. Had this guide a long time ago and re-read it after the entire " Steal Your Face" and " Dead and Company" started. Makes much more sense now. I think Mr. Scully might have some of the facts wrong in many parts of the book even though he was there. I wish he would give greater detail on some of the events/shows but he seems to remember it a lot differently then what was reported in the papers and magazines. For reasons uknown he seems to diss Bill Graham and several other promoters, several key rock artists (Uh... Greg Wier, Phil Lesh, Honest Zappa... and the listing goes on) and simply weep about any law enforcement company in America and others.

The book was funny. A history of the Pranksters, of Mountain Girl, Typically the Wall of Sound, Bear Owsley, the LSD and the astonishing amount of things this band consumed, how they lived, and how they built an audience is amazing. Just reading about their equipment was amazing. You might read this in an afternoon (about 400 web pages. ) Definitely worth buying, Cross the free-associative rambling narrative type of "Clockwork Orange" with some juicy details about what managing a rock band is like and you have a good idea of what this book is about. A single man's journey through the belly of the whale known as the Grateful Dead, told briskly with an abundant spontaneity despite the carnage, makes for an extremely entertaining read.

Some other reviewers here are fundamentally correct about where this book stands in connection to other tomes about the Dead: Jackson's biography of Garcia is well-written but heartbreaking, Lesh's autobiography is gritty but inherently dried out and technical, and McNally's history of the music group is detail-oriented but distant. None of them have the "everyman" quality that this book has, that certain human relatability that draws you in by the lapels and keeps you there with engrossing stories-within-the-story on every page. The result is a 400-some-odd-page book that can be finished within a day, instead of the others which have to be acknowledged systematically like a book if you're going to finish them at all.

A good example is the blow-by-blow account of the Dead's meeting with Warner Brothers executives to tell them that they desire their next live record to be named "Skullf***. " Other books give a shorter version of this story, a paragraph or two, but Rock provides us a website and a half going into moment detail. And the length of the episode does not slow the narrative down at all: it just makes the incident funnier.

McNally and other creators have referenced this guide disparagingly, calling its accuracy into question (without citing specific reasons as to why they hold this opinion), but the reader should keep in mind that each viewpoint of a rolling juggernaut like this would be inherently subjective in any case. Rock's job, being the band's manager, puts him or her as near to the fire as a person can get without being a musician himself. To connect this perspective in an objective way he would have to step back, carry out another viewpoint besides his very own, and with that additional baggage of self-doubt this book would be too heavy to even consider.

One of the reasons this book works perfectly is that Rock holds his very own observations to be self-evident and does not doubt the veracity of his own opinion. He saw what he noticed, experienced what he experienced, and holds nothing again.

Whether Rock is true to the facts is for others, as near to the fire as Rock, to say. Scully is true to himself here and makes no sorry, which is probably the best lesson anyone can take from this book: something Life throws at you, taken with a dosage of humor, can sweat down to an interesting narrative given enough time. There is a certain human beauty there that no goal history can approach., Sex, Drugs, and lots of typos.
Rock Scully, long time office manager of the Grateful Lifeless, gives an in depth, inside look at one of rock music's best known drug band.
Scully holds nothing again as he describes lifespan of Jerry Garcia wonderful band mates. Life as a rock idol is not easy. Especially when you need to deal with the drugs and debauchery that goes with the territory. It is well written, with the exception of lots of typos (in the Kindle fire version). This would be 4-5 stars if not for that. Scully produces of many problems linked to the band; mostly drug related. Problems with customs agents navigating around Europe, drug busts in SF and Fresh Orleans, Jerry Garcia and other band members challenges with Cocaine and Heroin addictions. Unfortunately, he never takes any personal possession for these things. He confesses to his own Heroin addiction wonderful supplying and enabling Garcia in his trip into addiction. As manager of the music group he is responsible for what goes on (as any manager will tell you), He is a drug dealer/smuggler, ban, and enabler. It seems that he never even tries to keep the band from horrible conclusion it comes to. He admits he is lastly fired by the music group members (after 20 years of managing) for stealing money from the music group and for " trimming off Jerry Garcia", which he denies (except for the smack that he steals from him while they share a place in San Rafael). For the tye-died in the wool GD fans, this is a book to add to your library. Lesh's " Looking for Typically the Sound" and McNalley's " Long Strange Trip" are also recommended., Written very much in the prankster-ish " Kool Aid Acid solution Test" style, and apparently influenced by the crazy, frenzied pace of Kerouac's " Traveling, " this is an e book about Garcia and the Dead, explained through the Pranks! Inside doing so, I think it satisfies what many of us past or current DeadHeads have been most interested in - not so much the Dead as people, but the actual Dead Lifestyle... what as it like to be Garcia during the heyday?

It's almost as if each section might have started with " If you think that was ridiculous, wait until you hear what we did next... "

There's a lot about the early days of Acid Tests and People Festivals, which much has been written. But then there's episodes of smaller renown, but equal hilarity, like the night Garcia put up out with Keith Celestial body overhead in a major NYC hotel, or the Dead's " borrowing" of over M worth of equipment as payback for not getting paid. Or, the dosing of Geraldo Arroyo right before his job interview of the band.

Felt like I was right there on the bus with Jerry and the kids... I'll excuse the numerous spelling and grammatical problems on the Kindle version, because this was one extremely FUN read!

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