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A unique read - told from two perspectives - a suicide survivor and his supervisor from work who was mortified to uncover the severity of this man's depression. There were no outward tell-tale signs prior to the very nearly-successful attempt. Now these two have paired up to offer hope and encouragement to the people who struggle with thoughts of ending their life or helping a adored one who is considering suicide. Very compelling, well-written and engaging. As a specialist who has had only one former patient successfully complete suicide, I find this valuable to better understand those clients who continue to struggle with chronic feelings of emptiness and self-contempt. I applaud Ben for his courage and determination to fight back, recuperate his dignity and reach out to help others fighting similar emotional pain. Sheila called me to interview me about some questions she had while writing this. She is deeply sincere in the woman desire, like Ben, to aid those who might otherwise feel they have got no other options. I have not been paid, neither offered payment to write this review., This publication is captivating from the very first sentence. Typically the co-authors do an amazing job telling the tale of someone struggling to show his life around and the impact his attempted suicide has on those who care about him. Because Ben authored this publication during his recovery and so soon after his attempt, readers get a fresh and unique view into his thought process and emotional landscape as he spirals downward and makes the decision to take his life. As Ben's determination, self-reliance and dealing strategies wear thin, the need for intervention, lively support systems, and the healing of old injuries becomes apparent. The capability hurting people have to wear the mask and appear okay even while their lives skyrocket out there of control helps all of us understand how loved ones can " miss the signs" even while watching behavior that is carefully concerning.

The insights, stats and helpful pointers weaved into this story make this book a real reference for those facing the challenges of depression and anxiety or the consequences of suicide., I lost my brother to suicide in 2010 and this book helped me to understand why he did it and that his depression was too much for your pet. I was very furious at him and this publication showed me the sunshine and gave me more consideration and understanding on those who commit suicide. I'm not angry at my brother anymore. Sheila did an awesome job in 'promising' what her book would entail and delivering on it. I do now understand the warning signs of potential suicide that I missed within my brother's situation. Now easily were faced with a similar situation I understand what to do and exactly how to begin the conversation with that person and also to help people fighting depression. The book was written very well and the suicide prevention resources are precisely what people need. I actually stroll inside the AFSP suicide prevention walk yearly with my family. Great job and a Great reference!, Being from a tiny town, you think you know everything about everyone. Large mistake. You go along day by day, not thinking a family associate, a close friend or a neighbor may be surviving in a private turmoil. Coauthor's of " Live In order to Tell" brings to light, sad and frightening details and events that were not recognized initially.

Depressive disorders can hit anyone, whenever, any kind of time age. Why and how this happened to Ben were brought out there and pinpointed. From how everything began, escalated, and finally the downfall, were exceptionally explained by the coauthors.

Knowing there are many ways of support and how to access these, were made available in Ben's story. This is crucial. Awareness is the key note. In Ben's case, it was a long process. Fortunately, he was able to look out of his turmoil and start his healing process., Highly recommend!

I acquired this publication because my brother lately attempted suicide after with regards to a 2 year struggle with depression. Having never really understood what could make your pet do it, I acquired this book hoping to understand him a little better. I was blown away about how precisely honest and real this book is. I not only feel that I can understand his depression better, but I actually started to personally understand many of the struggles in the storyline.

If you or a loved one have struggled with depression you should absolutely pick up this guide, it is amazing how Ben's tale is so relatable.

I am going to give this to my brother and I think it ought to be a standard in depression support groups. My hat is off to the creators for bringing this issue to light in such an honest and relatable way, This book gives a look at depression and the downward spiral that may follow if it’s not treated effectively. The authors provide a compassionate and insightful view of the inner life of someone who’s depressed to the point of destruction - and Ben shows his story with valor and a refreshing lack of blame or creador. In spite of the stigma around mental sickness of just about any kind, Ben manages to go into great detail by what drove your pet to such an act of desperation, describing the occasions leading right up to the moment he taken the trigger. I thought the parts where this individual pulls back to discuss about how precisely he might have managed things differently were very valuable, as well because the discussion of how one can recognize signs and symptoms of an imminent suicide attempt. In spite of the difficult topic, this is a quick and easy read. A must for anyone fighting depression or expecting to help someone who is struggling with depression.

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