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For those who have a child who loves puppies and who will be welcoming a new sibling to the family, this is a wonderful guide to increase your family catalogue. Poor Bowie (a dog) is having it challenging supporting her humans watch over the little puppy they are pet-sitting. Sometimes her steps are misinterpreted, sometimes the lady doesn't understand what the woman humans want her to do. Then, her dog-friends start sharing what has happened in their houses - it shouldn't match what Bowie's humans have told her, and she worries!

I loved how the author did a great job not only of illustrating the confusion and insecurity a child may feel when a new child is introduced to their family, whether a sibling is being given birth to or two families are being blended. Bowie has to deal with occasions which, although are dog activities, lead to situations we humans can all relate to. I really, really adored how, in the end, Bowie acts from her heart and, even though there's the risk of her humans not understanding her causes, acts from kindness, and is rewarded with a new relationship with the puppy... and a clearer understanding with her human being.

I received an electronic copy with this title at no cost for review purposes. Any view indicated is mine alone, and influenced by no other., This is a great children’s guide by author Yael Roseman. I absolutely enjoyed reading this book with my great kids and it also brought a few smiles to our faces. They loved not only the story, but in addition the illustrations by Rino Adi & Lintang Pandu P.

I thought the text and illustrations worked very well together. It communicates important life classes that 'teaches children how to be kind and considerate, how to be brave and solve the condition at hand. It also introduces them to the concept of jealousy and exactly how it can have a negative influence on everyone around them and, primarily, by themselves. '

It seems in my opinion that this book has been created with a lot of love and pleasure and it is very obvious that the author really enjoys creating such wonderful books. I have shared your stories with my own family and we have all found great enjoy them. Thank you for sharing with all of us the gift idea that you have obviously worked so hard to refine. Several stars from us. We will be looking forward to seeing what’s coming next., My children simple adored this story. The illistrations are brilliantly coordinated with the storyline.

I have read this story and another one by the same author every night during the continued hurricane we having in our area. To see my children grin while hunkering down in a little closest during our numerous tornado warning brought both a smile to my face and tears to my eyes. Seeing how a simple story can ease the fears within my children brought my to tears during this devestating storm.

Thank you for your stories that build character, morals, lessons and values for our children., *I voluntarily read this book*

This is the second book I've read in this children's series. Once again Bowie and her friends are back for another day at the park. This to e they're joined by a new companion, a tiny puppy that Bowie's family is taking care of. Through the words and illustrations, you see Bowie's feelings transition from jealously to love for the little puppy.

I liked the story, the one thing I actually would suggest is maybe have one scene with the puppy showing affection towards Bowie. Aside from that, this was a adorable story with a strong message about love., This particular book targets jealousy and the outcomes of most of it. It helps kids evaluate their anger and jealoud emotions while training them there are other ways to express yourself. I feel like this book is vital on training how expressing yourself in a more positive way as a child., This particular book was a little weird to me, I actually was constantly getting puzzled with all what they are called of the characters and i also failed to like how the big dog kept hurting the puppy unintentionally. I imagine is a good book if you would like to teach your child about what not to do with other vulnerable/small creatures or people. If feel like the finish of the book finish too all of a sudden without describe the way the dog learned to love and manage the puppy. Excellent pictures though., Me and my 5yr old love reading about these interested dogs. The series offers important life lessons in ways children can understand. I like how this one in particular made my son see that its ok to be curious but in addition be compassionate and responsible. My son loves to check out this guide over and over. Best for any childs series., Its a good story about being jealous of the new child and receiving the pup into their family. I liked it.

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