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This guide, although roughly written or translated, tore at my heart.... the poverty and the inhumane treatment of the peasants... shocking. Sicilians should check out this book., Through Amazon - Excellent service, prompt delivery, excellent condition
as referred to, packaged well.
Would use again., In 1883, when LITTLE WORKS OF FICTION OF SICILY was first published, literacy remained a mark of privilege, which is why so much 19th century literature concentrated on the upper class. In Giovanni Verga’s SMALL NOVELS OF SICILY those gilded trappings are peripheral, and the reader is immersed in hard scrabble slivers of Sicilian typical life. Verga’s Sicily is rife with gossip, lower income, violence, brutality, and large, moving beauty.

All of these stories swell with originality and heart. Typically the people are small, but the thoughts and conflicts are incisive. Each story contains the best quality of good fiction - the ability to sweep you away. Take “Malaria, ” a tale about a village devastated by the disease where the trains still move through the blighted train station, trains filled with healthy, wealthy people. “The Gentry” is a tale that could have already been written by Cormac McCarthy as it unflinchingly describes Garibaldi’s Expedition of the Thousand and the weakling purges it inspired.

The last story in this series is “Across the Marine. ” This is the story that shows why DH Lawrence loved SMALL NOVELS OF SICILY. It’s that perfect dirge of affection unrequited and love disrupted - the love that is constantly on the orbit even when the star has died. The supple descriptions of scenery are redolent of Lawrence’s best work.

A new recurring flaw shows itself when way too many characters are packed as one story, with very little to differentiate them other than a name. It’s a puzzling technique that results in some overcrowding.

Despite the age, there is absolutely nothing genteel about the character types in this volume. It’s a revolving cast of corrupt clergy, backstabbing neighbours, and striving heroes, all united by the haunted speck of land on which they make their lives.

LITTLE NOVELS OF SICILY is truly a forgotten gem., It is a wonderful art in order to write short stories in which there is a detail of thought, real life and characters which come still living.
Giovanni Madero achieves this with differentiation. one gets an actual understanding into the time and circumstances of the people described.

I recommend this book!

Gordon Hay, Verga's Little Novels of Sicily, actually titled Novelle rusticane, or Country Stories, was translated by D. H. Larwrence who no question saw in Verga's character types and themes an indicate of his own earlier fiction. The tiny Sicilian cities of Verga's stories are going through the pain of moving from a feudal rural life to an uncertain modern one; in the process, all the corruptions of southern Italian language society are exposed. Typically the peasantry is preyed after by the priests and gentry and even by their own kind, the growing class of abundant peasants. Verga's stories catch a unique time and place in Sicily's history. The stories are abundant in loving detail and color even as they are scathingly honest and critical., This guide delivered what I seek in reading books actually written in Italian or Sicilian dialect about Sicily -- more insight into my heritage. I enjoyed it and read it in one day., I, really liked this guide, I am Italian language, and it cut back many memories, for me, We are now giving it to my Mother to read, and I am positive she is going to enjoy it, as much as I have., Reading this article collection of tales about rural Sicily (in the last few years before Italian unification) was a sobering reminder of how difficult life used to be for so many. The farmers and peasants are beaten down and battered almost endlessly. Typically the culprits could be the landlords and the local priests who exploit them or the weather which determines the outcome of the farm labors. But together with that you also see the steadfast dedication and courage of a people who refused to give up; they refused to give upward on living and they pushed through, passing down the same hardy features to their own children. Giovanni Verga grew upward nowadays and his affection and love for those people he knew is evident in these tales.


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