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If you want a sexy, filthy discussing tattooed alpha who is now headmaster well then look no further. Christian & Tempest together is smoking hot and their sex DAMN. Once you start reading you will be hooked from the start and will be unable to stop reading. I can’t get enough of Madison’s characters, each book I read is filthy, sexy and will have wanting more., very short but sweet. i really like longer tales, but this one really kept me happy and going. fast moving with good build. is the author really american, or from elsewhere?, Holy HOT head… master that was extremely intense! Not to talk about dirty, filthy, smutty, provocative, decadent and HUGE(LY) naughty… I’m at a loss for words and yeah, that does not happen often. No, wait around! I got more… ex-marine, dominant, authoritative, possessive, long, thick, hard… HUGE(LY) not allowed (did I mention hot!? ) juxtaposed with… smart, tease, pigtails, tartan scialle, knee socks, lip-gloss, not allowed and a good lady gone totally bad!

Hectic and professionally written “His Little Bad Girl” will smoke your kindle, fog up your eyeglasses (even if you don’t wear any) and leave you horny… ahem… We mean, hungry for more. The chemistry is incendiary (if you haven’t pick up on that by now) the romance totally sweet and all with a HEA (sigh)!

If you’re wondering what things to read next try being totally bad… you’ll be so pleased you did!

Disclaimer: Zero Kindles were seriously injured while reading this novel. Kids 18 and also only!

Please note for the Disclaimer… The term “seriously harmed” is not intended to include: overheating, scorch marks, minimal melting or inconsequential fire that can be put out with an extinguisher. Fire retardant gloves highly recommended while reading. Reviewer is not accountable for run-on sentences, misplaced commas, to many of such thingy’s (…) and illegitimate use of overly descriptive language.

RATING INFORMATION (Based on 1 to 5 Gold Stars):

*** We voluntarily received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for my truthful review but great authors are hard (nope, not going there) to find so I purchased my copy! ***, I under your own accord received an ARC of this book. Not my favourite ?nternet site don't really enjoy the whole student/teacher/head learn type of story. While Tempest was 18 and many would class that as an adult, the student & head master relations sets me off and definitely the hot and heavy times in his office. I am far from a prude and love erotic books with lots of sexy, sassy character types but not at college levels. Madison Faye has produced some wonderful publications and she permits her story lines to flow well., Review for His Little Bad Girl

I voluntarily read an arc of this book for a good and honest review. Any time I open an email and see an arc from Madison Faye it's a happy day. Tempest Kensington is the bane of Christian's existence. Christian is the headmaster/ principal of the prestigious Thornbull School, and Tempest should have graduated but she actually is two credits shy penalized able to go off to college, ergo she is in summer school. She's a very intelligent, very delinquent student who is predisposed to mischief. Christian only sees a hot, taboo relationship with Ms. Kensington. While Tempest has a poor girl reputation the lady is still untouched. From least until she's called into Christian Knolls office for smoking behind the gym. After a good ole spanking, things get out of hand. While Tempest craves the attention of Mr. Knolls, there another teacher who has become handsy not only with Tempest but another college student who was forced to leave school. Now Professor Hershman's attention is back on Tempest. To date, the lady has said nothing to
Christian. Yet Prof. Hershman is part of the reason Tempest is in summer school". She failed his course. And thus it begins, a relationship that will eventually expose everything to everyone. I can say, because this book was written by Ms. Faye, it was well done, hot and the pacing was precise... I am not a fan of the subject matter, however, I think there's an " ick" factor to a story about an 18 year old child/woman and a 37 year old man. Will be certainly a Jerry Springerest character to it for me personally., Christian Knolls is a guy of contrasts. He is a major physical man who was previously in the military but has now retired to be the headmaster of a private exclusive college. He had to start out his job early when the headmaster died unexpectedly. A single of the first students he met was Tempest who everyone knows is a poor girl. She has no respect for expert and dresses extra hot. She is so attractive that All Christian can think of is spanking her and bending the woman over his desk. It really is unprofessional, could cost your pet his job but he or she doesn't care. She is 18 and legal and will soon be off to college.
Tempest is not the bad girl everyone thinks she is. Feeling like an outcast after the deaths of her parents, she decided to show everyone she doesn't treatment. After several run-ins with a teacher who made inappropriate advances to the woman and her friend, the lady gets her revenge. In return the teacher flunks her requiring her to go to summer college. She met the new headmaster last spring and can't get him out of her mind. She is determined to be bad simply to gain his attention. When she finally becomes his full attention, the lady is surprised by the spanking and exactly what come after. She decides that the lady always wants to be his bad girl. Items go well until the woman old teacher gets back up to his old tricks.
This particular is a very hot taboo story. I voluntarily received a copy of this story and this is my honest review.

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