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Complete, clear, and with a sprinkling of snark make this the best guide I've read on " hygge, " and I've read LOTS of them. Nevertheless looking for someone who is able to translate the concepts of summer hygge-ing from the cool, crisp woodlands and beaches of Scandinavia to the soggy, humid, bug-infested backyards of America though., Having been married to a Danish national for around a decade now, and having made many twelve-monthly (and sometimes more often) trips back to her homeland, it was with equal parts interest and incredulity which i found myself buying this book. Attention because, while Trying to find to Denmark more often than most, especially in winter, I needed to see what a proper Dane would write about the subject. I was also curious because said Dane works for the actual happiness think-tank, so there was undoubtedly some level of legitimate study behind this book. On the other palm, I was incredulous to some extent, because as anyone will find with a simple search on " hygge", there is a textual plethora of tomes on the subject, even (astoundingly) a 3-volume collection! I actually figured if I was going to bother reading a book about a subject I already withought a shadow of doubt understood a lot about, it might as well be the " little guide of" rather than an encyclopedia.

Before going any more, I do want to say which i think many people have vastly missed the point of such a book. I know it may sound elementary, but often times, actually reading the title of the book should be your first assessment of the content. In this case, we certainly have " The little book of Hygge", so I find it both astonishing and at the same time unsurprising which a few folks have bemoaned its brevity and initial nature. Forgive me for saying it, but if the title itself is more or less telling you that this is the quick and unclean rundown on something, it seems particularly asinine to lament which it turns out not to be a dissertation on the subject matter. It never claimed to be, and if you thought it was, that is more an indictment of your own reading understanding than the author's writing ability.

With that out of the way, and I'm sure a few readers' panties in a wad, the first thing I want to note is that this is unquestionably a quick read. I will be quite certain that with a couple hours to kill, you could make it from cover to hide. The writing style is brisk, down to earth and truly lays out the concept of hygge in the way you might try to make clear it when among friends. As I actually said, this is not a dissertation nor is it a chapter in an encyclopedia, but instead (and others have effectively pointed out) pretty much an extended magazine article of sorts. Is that a poor thing? Maybe if the context were different, sure, but this purports as a quick guide and that's precisely what you get. The authenticity is there, and you could tell when you read about things like unscented candles being the status quo, and exactly how the most popular manufacturers may even offer scented products. If only that were true on this side of the pond, but unfortunately, most Americans are generally addicted with stinky candles. Also, the references the ubiquitous mid-century light fixtures, arrival candles and, most significantly, the predominance of wooden furniture over composites or synthetics, all rings true to anyone who has invested any time in Denmark. Additionally, while many casual tourists likely skate right past, I think the regulars will appreciate the discussion of hygge in the Danish workplace as well. Spend enough time there, and you will realize that much of precisely what is mentioned in the book is spot on. One more bit that made called true was exploration of the Danish weather, in particular the fact that some Danes think there are only the gray and green winters. If you've never heard that phrase from Danes discussing the weather with foreigners, you would be the first. All these examples speak to the authenticity of the author and the frankness with which he dispenses his brief but complete intro to the concept of hygge.

Now, you might ask, what does my Danish wife, born and raised, write about this book? Believe it or not, here only real gripe was the tested recipes. I actually agree on this point, because while it might be a regional thing (I spend the majority of my time on Fyn (Funen) when in Denmark), no person and I mean no person I've ever met would make, a lesser amount of eat, any of this stuff in order to get their hygge fix. The truth that I've never been offered any of the food or drink included in this book, after more than a decade of visiting on an at the very least twelve-monthly basis and visiting both in the country and city (Odense) with the in-laws, should tell you something. Again, it may boil down to a regional bias, when i steer far clear of Copenhagen and Zealand in general, as well as Jutland (unless popping over into Germany to shop! ), but if I had developed any axe to work with this book, that would probably be the one and only thing.

Just about all told, I actually think the book lives up to what it purports to be, and that is a simple, quick intro to the subject of hygge. If that is what most likely looking for, then you certainly defintely won't be disappointed. Upon the other hand, if you're after some deep, PhD dissertation style treatise on the subject of hygge, from the footings to modern practices and with every aspect beaten to death for 750 webpages, then no, this is not the one for you. But then again, if you expected that from something called " the little book of", you almost certainly have larger problems, reading understanding being chief among them., This book is simple to learn and is a great reminder of the importance of the "little" things in life., Didn't grab me personally. Wear sweaters and light a candle and become happy? Whatever.: ), Fun little book of Danish practices around keeping your house warm and hospitable, and yourself happy. A good present for a friend!, In case you are thinking about the concept of " hygge" you will love this book! It's a simple read, very informative, includes joy data and research, and provides ideas for incorporating more hygge into your life., great, Lovely and cosy!

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