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This particular little black book is quite resourceful. It has many links and websites to attend and lookup. Such as recipes, resources, music, movies exc.
It first gives you a rundown on a quick history of it by telling you that on how far it dates back, and how it was used in some spiritual rituals and so on.
It goes further by hinting how it was adopted through one country to a different, then eventually making its way to America and through generation movements through the 60's, Vietnam war, (famously remembered for) all the way up to now.
Throughout the book and it'll provide you with links to each and every article each chapter.
Then it adopts music and movies, and at the final, it gives you a whole listing of links and sites to attend, to checkout.

To me, I'd have to say the first half of this guide was what I was really looking for. It proceeded to go into... somewhat... of a social debate on why the substance is questionable.

I think the message that the author Steve Elliot was trying to get at but unsuccessful to say was, each generation has it's own 'ethical' viewpoints. You look at the baby boomers that rebelled against their own parents, which their parents once thought that it's unethical to claim. Now the baby boomers rebelled against them, and not only swear, but used drugs to P*** them off too.
Now you see the Baby boomers having kids of their own, and telling them not to do drugs, (namely MJ) because they don't want these to rebel against them. And not only that, but it reminds them on who they once were, and how they behaved.

I take it you're beginning to see a routine here?
The particular only difference here is, that the 80's gen on up, are mostly aiming it at MJ and never the others because, based to both research and analysis admit it's perfectly safe.
Throughout the 60's little research was aimed at MJ, and that generation wouldn't much care about the results either, because they were going to do it regardless whether its be healthy delete word.

Right now you see the granny and grandpa Middle-agers and their ideologies are falling out of the way, (good riddance) and now you see 80's and your millennials steadily coming up in the world with their own 'ethical' viewpoints.
That's how a world works.

MJ was famously known for the *PEACE* mark not war. Those which declared war on serenity, were brainwashed at an early age by the rhetoric and hatred which kept them ignorant and bigoted from the facts.
And because of those boldface lies which have been passed on from one generation to the next, it hurts to those that actually need that medicine.

Thus whenever I realize a cop on TV burning a pile of MJ in a bond-fire, I think of a hairless child lying in a hospital bed dying, and expressing to myself, " He could have used that. ", if you would like to get good and mad; READ THIS SPECIFIC!

I use medical Cannabis to control my Crohns disease.

Without MMJ I had been having Crohns flares every 2-3 days with pain YOU DON'T WANT TO THINK ABOUT.

After finding this miracle four in years past. all that pain is gone, muscle cramps gone, and the flatulence and uncontrolled diarrhea is 95% GONE. I have only had 3 very mild flares in the past 13 months!

5-8 years ago Sometimes I had that many flares in 7 days.

I am a health/fitness fanatic. hold martial art belts in Karate, Aikido, Got Waza, Jiu Jitsu (Japanese version) The Kwan Perform (black belt). the other belts are purple and lower. I always remained away from weed (even though weed was for sale almost every day on the school bus.

Practiced Ba Dan Jin, Nei Dan, and Zhan Zhuang forms of Qigong since 1974, and taught Chi kung in Tennessee, Ellensburg Washington, Portales, NM, and I taught Qigong at the Armory Park Senior Centre downtown Tucson, AZ. Right after I had taught for some months at the armory Park Senior Center I developed the Mato (Bear) form of Qigong. Developed especially for Senior residents. My spiritual name (Mato Nupai) Two Bears was given to me by a medicine man after under going a vision quest in 1998.

now I am 62 years old with a stress of 96/76 with a sleeping heart rate of 59 BPM.

Using cannabis as medicine was the PREVIOUS thing I expected!

I have a love/hate connection with the plant.

love that MMJ gave me my life back by controlling my Crohns.

I hate the high so I micro dose. 13-14 mg cannabinoids daily is all I need to stay healthy.

this book can be read in one sitting lasting about 90 minutes.

within the last few years I have bought about 30 publications about MMJ. This book is in the top ten and perhaps top five of the books I read.

this book provides a lot of content in a tiny size.

I HIGHLY recommend it!, I got this to give as a surprise and really enjoyed giving it. It is rather nice, high quality book. Gift quality. Extremely interesting learn about the historical past and ins-and-outs of the worlds favorite plant., Enjoyment Little Book!! Full Coloured Pictures, Touches The Understanding of Cannabis everywhere from Where weed comes from - To Politics - To Easy to use recipes, And Beyond.. This particular IS an all around great Hand Book.

It's WEED for Dummies.

- BruhMonJee (YouTube - DJ - Entertainer), I have been told that this little black book "covers the significance of the culture war of which cannabis has become emblematic; that is one thing that's a key to the intransigence of anti-marijuana forces, it can feel like a surrender to the damn hippies. inch It did indeed and more.

There is a surprising level of information in this short book, introduced in a mode that scans with ease. This may be a great introduction to cannabis and an enjoyable read for the informed viewer as well. Multiple sources to find out more are included.

Having enjoyed Steve Elliott's work on TokeOfTheTown. com for a few years, this was a fantastic purchase to make and worth every little silver dime! I plan to make it consistently as I pass this gem on., I have hard copy of this book but I needed one for my Kindle fire Fire. This book is for anyone who isn't all that educated on the production, use and storage of cannabis. It is also a good guide for those in the know but say has become a long time since you've grown. Very simply put. Has detailed explanations of the subject matter. I would recommend it to users and the curious alike., The book is dope! It is small and compact like I was hoping and it doesn't feel flimsy or anything. I can fit it in my jacket pants pocket or in my backpack without it taking up any space at all. The pages are of good quality and details, and the information in the book is overwhelming (that's good). Definitely worth the price., A good read

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