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I actually read this book in one night. I didn't want to put it down. The particular cartoons ranged from cringing with recognition to laugh out loud funny. I actually didn't realize there might be essays and quick stories, but loved them. I was surprised to look for myself moved by the story from the perspective of a fiddle ficus tree at a Celine store trying to figure out its put in place the world. (That's a word I never thought I would write. ) This might be an excellent holiday current for a smart lady who appreciates satire. Or perhaps anyone with a good sense of humor, really., This book is AMAZING. I preordered it, read the whole point the instant it showed up on my doorstep, and am now shipping it off to my greatest friend (we send ?screenshots? of Julie’s Instagrams back again and forth). Utterly amusing, totally gorgeous, and even more stylish rats than virtually any other book! Phenomenal comments on society, fashion, adult life, the challenges of wearing tights, and so much more., So rich., I actually don’t quite discover why individuals receive free content that they are clearly not really interested or familiar together with - and after that proceed to be able to write reviews about not really being able to relate. Like... obviously. Anyway- if you are a lover of Julie on instagram already, or would become interested in satirical and really humorous illustrations and content essentially about being the woman in today society BUY THIS NOW. When none of the above relates to you then don’t? It’s pure gold and truly relatable - I actually found myself laughing away loud at some of the pages. For guide I am 23 and, like Julie, take pride in contacting out the ridiculousness that sometimes comes with getting a woman. Love it, This book is literally me ( no juga intended). I have been a long time admirer of Houts' and have followed her career carefully since she was the designer at J. crew. Having lived in NY & now LA employed in the fashion industry -- this book had me on the floor crying of laughter. it is usually SPOT ON, subtle, tongue in cheek. Those things isolates this trendy and chic " book of the moment" apart from all the others is Houts' absurdly ultra teeny tiny increased details - they are usually what gives this guide the 5 stars - pay out attention and you may notice them. Typically when I buy these varieties of books I flip delete word in under 10 seconds and add them to the stack of coffee stand books. - Literally Me was impossible to set down and I study it in a single sitting. Absolutely my favorite book of 2017 and will become buying this for all my fashion friends for the holidays. Also -- the reoccurring miscreant rats are phenom, I am unable to count number the amount of times I’ve commented on one of Julie Hours instagrams posts tagging a friend and saying “Literally me” she’s got an incredible way of portraying what’s going on in the world and illustrating the feelings that I actually know I’m feeling yet can’t describe until I actually see one of her drawings and think “wow, she totally nailed that, that’s exactly how I actually feel! ” I enjoy her work and this book is an awesome compilation of her talent!! Thanks Julie, please keep upon doing what you are!!, I obtained a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

I actually just can't say for sure what to be able to think of this book. I do believe part of it is that I avoid really have any context for it. Apparently the writer is Instagram famous and an illustrator but I actually don't have an instagram and I'd never heard of her before discovering this title. Because of this it absolutely was a little bit difficult for me to determine in places exactly how... self-aware the girl was being I imagine. And I'm still not really really sure, but I actually laughed aloud a whole lot while reading this thus I'd definitely put it within the win column and actually bumped my rating from three to four stars following thinking about it overnight.

The format of the book is a few longer prose pieces together with lots of illustrations and webcomics in between them. The first story threw me off a little little because like I mentioned, I wasn't sure how seriously I was supposed to be taking it, but it was soon very obvious that the entire point was heavy satire. And by the time I actually got towards the story regarding the Four Horsewomen I actually absolutely lost it. And the whole book is basically that level of ridiculousness, but it is . got the lot of great sociable commentary.

I don't even know, it's definitely as opposed to anything I've read just before. I mean there's the 30+ page criticism of consumerism from the point of view of the ficus. It's either pure genius or the most pretentious thing ever, yet either way it's the trip and I had the lot of fun studying it. This isn't going to be for all yet if it looks exciting and you also like slightly surreal humor and social comments We would give it the try., If you’re not really already following Julie Houts, you probably should be--and then also buy this book. Her illustrations focus upon social satire, primarily upon the conflicting messages that the media + diet market + the culture in general aim at women. I actually giggled more than as soon as while reading it and will be passing it along to a lot of of my friends.

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