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Listen to the Cries of your Heart will likely be the last personal development book you’ll ever buy. I received this book as a birthday gift from a dear friend to know me well. Only after being harassed and quizzed about how precisely did I like the book…and the procedures, did I finally choose it up and become absorbed in it.
I’ve read and studied numerous personal development books about healing child years trauma & dysfunction; tried out and worked at so many strategies, therapies, hypnotherapy, etc. -all to the same end. I still had a knot in my stomach most of enough time. I had a brain filled with techniques, strategies, procedures and hard drives filled with meditations. While I may have come away from these well meaning therapies using conscious knowledge of what We endured and survived- there was no relief of the void. There was still the smiling face that dealt with the entire world from a place of kindness and gentleness, and there was the facial skin that no one saw-save less than a handful- that really viewed others with a sense of obligation to surrender to their agenda as fast as possible and escape to my place of safety alone with my animals.
The things i learned about love very in early stages is that people who claim to love you-really imply that you’re obligated or obliterated. From this level of view, the relationships that We was capable of appealing to and recognizing as potential were those with unable to start patterns of addiction. Being faithful to the role We learned, I was the enabler, and finally the should be; by addict, meaning duplicating the pattern of connection that would never guide to any satisfaction, connecting, or safety. Addiction and insanity are kissing friends; both involve repeating a pattern and expecting different results.
Most of the cerebral pursuit of alleviation generated the conclusion that whatever pattern I was repeating could not be accessed or changed from the thinking point of view. Access to the unconscious is allowed when communicating the language of the subconscious. It’s been declared that 95% of the function of the mind is subconscious. It’s the part of us that can drive the car when we’re deep in conversation with a friend, it is also the part that will drive past the exit we meant to take while deep in this conversation. The subconscious feeds the kids, does the dishes, puts the clothes in the appliance and finished making the school lunch while we’re phoning around with a friend. When we’re really deep in the conversation, it puts our shoes in the freezer and the ice cream in the closet.
In one line of personal growth work the subconscious is known as the “the two year old” this is because the brain is usually in “Theta” upward till the age of 5 and your brain is recording every bit details about surroundings, behavior and also being socialized. It absolutely was recollection of this data that made me really take notice of the information of this masterpiece- “Listen to the Cries of your Heart”.
The job is brilliant simple, easy to do, and effective. The processes cleverly slip around the cerebral defenses and engage the subconscious with the language of experience. The 5% conscious mind is secure in its role of the adult, while engaging the dissociative parts of the wounded personality and allowing it the voice it never got, the inclusion it never experienced and finally to the safety of that belong.
This isn’t one of those textbooks that will drag you back through the episode and trauma again, it is going to lead you to wholeness if you allow it. It requires gentleness with yourself, dedication to your inner self, and will give you a a full but light heart., Anne’s publication supplies a technique of undoing the wounds that universally take place during childhood. These privately fester and influence our life’s choices impacting us to develop patterns of dysfunction and limitation. Numerous systems have developed to treat PTSD and childhood stress. Most depend on training and protocols that can be daunting as well as not easily available. Anne’s recipe for healing involves the simple skills of paying attention to the whispers of the hurt child we carry within, building connection, and growing a relationship to provide what was missing. This publication is approachable, sensible, and effective. If you are a novice and this is your first attempt for considering that childhood pains are influencing you now or you have used other methods of healing, this book is indispensable., LISTEN IN ORDER TO THE CRIES OF YOUR HEART by Dr. Anne Uemura explores a unique strategy for attaining self awareness. Before the publication arrived, I had done Child Heart work with Anne in an organization course and later, individually. The consequences of working with Anne were extraordinary: healing wounds and resolving issues that many years of other remedies and practices were not capable to touch. The exhilaration and gratitude I sensed to Anne and the woman work was boundless, yet I had been not able to put words to the experience to share it with others.

The publication does what I could not. It gives words to the experience. That provides the context: the chronicle of self exam and growth Anne grown in order to develop the woman own Child Heart method. It reveals her restless explorations. And it evidently explicates the Child Coronary heart process itself which centers on the “imaginal space”, the magical gem at the center of the task. And which I have had the opportunity to take with me to use on my own as both a healing tool and a tool for manifestation.

This publication will entertain you with the story of Doctor. Anne’s touching journey of discovery and synthesis; most importantly, it will advise you with regards to a method of healing that can lead you out of suffering into your own empowered imaginal space, In my years as a highway developer and community volunteer, We was taught to concentrate on the present and (especially) the future. The previous was often considered something of any nuisance, little more than a facts what is no longer done: that has been then, but this has become. As such, We forgot the very thing We should have remembered: what I am now is a result of the experiences of my youth. As We read Dr . Anne Uemura’s book and considered the journaling questions and exercises at the finish of each chapter, I became reacquainted with someone I had developed long forgotten…my inner child - the young me. I learned how occasions that occurred when We was three or several – and how We felt then - have helped condition the “me” of today.

Dr . Uemura has a unique point of view; she has not only studied the case-studies, but in many instances she has experienced them in person. She sympathizes because she cares that you harm, but she empathizes because she has felt your pain. Listen to the Cries of Your Coronary heart is a practical, practicable guide to finding and knowing the inner child that knows more than you think about who you are today. --Michael Rankin, Presentation and Leadership Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Far more than self-help! Dr. Anne Uemura teaches a revolutionary technique of personal transformation on how to permanently rid anxiety, fears, and unhappiness from our childhood to make way for love, joy and peace within our lives.

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