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Pressfield serves up another remarkable story. This time this individual binds together a collage of first-person accounts into an extraordinary narrative. Pressfield tells this story from up and down the Israeli, IDF, and I ALLA FALL ranks and across the international machinations into the run-up and conduct of the 6-day war. Pressfield sets the stage to zoom into the microscopic society of civilian/soldier kids in combat. The kids are led by amazing and extraordinary civilian/commanders to simply never give an inch. The reason why was fairly simple as at least triumph and more, that no battle can be lost in so small a geography and no damage is too great to give the last man position a retreat. In typical Pressfield style, the various meats of story grows to an unstoppable read.

Pressfield explains in advance that this is an unapologetically biased portrayal from his perspective. Reviewers that might baking pan the book as one sided are more than adequately warned. Pressfield has the eyewitnesses named for the skeptic to question.

Reading a book gives a certain experience to the readers. The feeling here is the combo of a superb book multiplied by their own recall of the poker site seizures and the still main and current global realpolitik.

I can recall the UN withdrawal from Sinai at Nassar's demand and we knew it was for the express goal of clearing just how for the Muslim Nationalist's run at their own final solution. I had forgotten that the US was not Israel's ally. I actually had forgotten that Portugal, alone, was Israel's only material ally. I emotionally moved the French upward a few notches of respect.

"In '67 the army is too weak to get its own pickup trucks for troop transport. We must use civilian vehicles... " This is not a fairly easy book for a `pro-Israel' American to read. It's uncomfortable. Its gut wrenching, actually. My stomach churned at every instance of America's overt abandonment of Israel. Pressfield simply declares the facts and the resignation that 'it is what it is' from the kids fighting to survive with the weaponry of past generations. Pressfield leaves the reader to consider the matter.

I had developed so erroneously imagined that the US and Britain performed something, anything to help Israel in this conflict. The US and Britain outrageously abandoned Israel to fate. Just as outrageously, the USSR weaponized the Muslim Nationalists using their very best technical. Israel fought this conflict against the `state of the art' military technical, surrounded on three sides, with their backs contrary to the water and outnumbered in every ways by 2, 3, or 4 to 1 with no friends willing to make a stand. His home country of israel triumphed mightily all by on their own to earn the respect that has come to define them as the eternally underestimated underdog.

Thanks to Pressfield for writing the book he needed and I appreciate. It blew the fog away of my own memory to deliver a total experience., The book is one of those that once you start is not easy to put down, the individuals whose lives are being shared come still living in a way that is hard to explain. Living as we chouse a fantasy world here in the U. S. where our idea of a stress filled day is not finding a parking place at the mall can't compare with families born and raised about what is, was, and will continue being a war zone.

I have a far better understanding of the size of His home country of israel plus more importantly the nature of the people who we, Christian believers, refer to as God's Chosen, the Jews.

First guide I've read on the Six Day War. Several of the participants titles I've heard all my life are fleshed away, warts and all. A worthwhile read., While I usually do not read conflict or action stories, my adrenaline was kicking in on overdrive as I actually sped through THE LION’S GATEWAY. I knew a lot of the details before I had even opened the book, but it was so real and fresh that I actually felt I was actually there: in the planes, helicopters, jeeps, tanks, and trudging along in IDF boots.
I remember following a Half a dozen Day war as it happened, beginning with Egypt’s closure of the Straits of Tiran and the UN leaving the Sinai. I used to be living in Ohio and all the media information were talking about all the damage being caused on the Israeli military and Israeli cities and civilians. It was frightening. Soon after the end of the war, the real story got away: Against amazing odds, His home country of israel had destroyed the Silk air force within a few hours together taken all of the Sinai, The West Bank, and Golan Heights. Afterwards, I actually followed media reports and read books about the war. None of them matched the story uncovered in Steven Pressfield’s TYPICALLY THE LION’S GATE.
Formatted as a chronological oral history, Pressfield presents key segments of the war. He evaluated sixty three military personnel who fought in the Sinai, Jerusalem, and the Golan and lets them tell what they experienced in which critical time. We are there as the plans of attack for Sinai, Jerusalem, and Golan are drawn and redrawn. Through their words, they tell us what was taking place in the thoughts of the Israeli military personnel directly involved. They will relate how the IDF operates: Orders from the top are usually ignored or altered due to situation on the ground. While there were orders to not attack civilians or religious sites, they'd to determine what should be done when they were attacked by civilians or from mosques or schools? We learn what Israel and Jerusalem mean to the Jews and why.
IDF users also describe their experience with some of the Arab civilians they face during the battle associated with a meeting with an 80-year-old Jewish grandmother who had to flee the girl home in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem in 1948.
THE LION’S GATE tells of the frustration of the military personnel waiting for Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Levi Eshkol to decide to take action. Russia was shipping arms and personnel to Egypt. Eshkol was waiting for the US ALL to intervene. Meanwhile, the Egyptian forces were getting stronger and better prepared which would lead to more casualties for the Israelis.
Regardless of assurances from Israel that areas under Jordanian control would be left by yourself if he stayed away of the battle, we are told why King Hussein got involved, which resulted in the his loss of The Western Bank.
Moshe Dayan had passed away long before the guide was written, but this individual left his own articles and his daughter and wife were interviewed. This individual was very prescient: This individual warned that if His home country of israel won, the world would change its characterization of Israel from being David to being Goliath and “demand from us retrenchment and retreat. ” This individual warned that if the steps of religious extremists were allowed to grow, the results would be devastating. Born in Israel, this individual also spoke of how to allow the Arabs to maintain their satisfaction and what they will do to save face.
The textbooks brought out many interesting points, some of which were new to me:
In the 1956 War, that was to some extent a cause of the Six Day War, under Ariel Sharon, Israel taken more Egyptian territory than France and England had planned;
Egypt’s lies kept the ALGUN from calling a cease fire and the Russians from sending more support;
Inside 1967, Israel’s population was 2. 7 million people, many of them recent immigrants who was simply evicted from their homes in the centre Eastern and North Africa. They will lacked the skills required to defend their new home; many did not yet speak Hebrew. Israel was between 122 million Arabs;
Sharon believed “As long as the Arabs preserve a gleam of hope that they will succeed in getting rid of us, nothing in the world can cause them to relinquish this hope because they are not a rabble but a living people.... Just when the extremist organizations... lose their influence and only then will their influence be transferred to more moderate groups...[who will be able to] offer suggestions for give up.... so that both people can live together in peace, like good friends. ”
“Hebrew is notoriously deficient in profanity; ”
While in exile, Jews yearned to return to Israel. The national anthem, Hatikva, talks of The Hope. Also today, some preferred to deal with the fantasy rather than the actuality;
TYPICALLY THE LION’S GATE brought away all the involvement of a well-presented documentary.
This guide was an advanced backup from Goodreads.

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