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Good read on old The show biz industry. It certainly is been a cesspool; just gets darker with the passage of time... If you love reading H'wood history, this is a good one for your library. Louis B Mayer was a mogul, possibly the original mogul with as much power as any so-called 'mogul' operating today. What he had that they don't was a sense of decorum and decency--skewed perhaps in a few areas--but he knew what the country wanted from his product, films, and what he could give them. Time passed and he failed to move with it so he was ousted... Nevertheless you do have to admire him and what he accomplished...

Scott Eyman is very knowledgeable re: the history of Hollywood and its founding denizens and stars. Their research is meticulous and his presentation of it excellent... You won't be disappointed., I was anxiously awaiting the publication of this book, and it was well worth the wait. Finally a book about the much maligned Louis B. Mayer that is balanced and goal.

While the book primarily is devoted to showing the story of how Mayer went from working in scrap metal to running the classiest movie studio in Hollywood (o. k., Culver City) and then describing Mayer's ultimate fall from grace, a wide cast of character types fills out Mayer's tale. This book relates commonly circulated stories as well as some new ones. Nevertheless, Eyman meticulously has researched his subject and allows his readers to draw their own conclusions by evaluating the validity of a few of these stories which would be considered questionable.

Eyman also provides his readers with an exacting description of the dynamics that came into play while Mayer was running a huge movie studio as well since the dynamics within his own family.

The listing of those people Eyman interviewed while writing this guide is mind-boggling. Many of his interviewees have died since this individual started this book making a lot of the information provided in this book even more considerable.

This book was long past due and i also am glad the author took this project on during your stay on island were still enough people alive who could provide first hand information about the subject.

I'm hoping that I avoid have to wait too long for Mr. Eyman's next book., You could call this guide everything you ever wanted to know about MGM and then some. We skipped much of the book as it was more than I needed to know. It was interesting as a brief history of the early The show biz industry days but too in depth for my taste., Good read, long but not boring., Well written, informative resource about the fantastic years of Hollywood., I enjoyed the historical perspective of not only MGM but all of the studios, stars and movie makers., Really like old Hollywood and this book captures it, great read., This was amazing read. Took me a while to make it through due to the size of the book. I had read this after reading King Cohn, and I was glad I did. How Hollywood started is interesting which is a good book to get started on with if you are interested in something having to do with it.

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